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FFV and VI Scan
Just for those who get confuse when they check this site, the site WILL be mainly focusing on Kingdom Hearts news, but at the same time other "Important" news from "Popular" video games will be posted on the front page. Moving on

New scans of Final Fantasy V and VI has appeared, with a release date for japan set as well, being "October 12th, 2006" however, there is no information left on the US release. With the end of the last two installments, of the old Final Fantasy Games, we can only wait to see what game they plan to return next.

Maiki is a GOD, nuff said.
Edit: Due to the sudden probelm with pictures, till they come back the new images are here

Scans part 1
Scans part 2

Yes everyone new images! New Scans! You even get to see Larxene in 3D! and see Zexion much clearer! There's also some interview scans, but it's the same as before so I'll post up the translation, I'm so far 50% done with the interview.
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Our one chance:

Guys, before you say anything.. give this a chance. It's an entire livejournal community dedicated to getting KHII:FM and Re:COM to come to the States, and Europe. Maybe even more.

They have a petition going, which is well over 2000 signatures. Also, they have sent Square-Enix approximately 4000 e-mails, if not more. I say we give this a shot. I have contacted Damien at Kingdom Hearts Ultimania ( and he is willing to help, and maybe get cow to put it up on their main page.

I am taking this very seriously. It's nice to see an entire community, quite like ourselves, working together for something they love. I say we join in. This is important to us. We deserve these games too. Not just Japan. We are a fandom too. So once again..

Show your support. Get this going. At least try! We do have a chance! GO PEOPLE! Do it for your love of this amazing, and worth-while franchise, which we've been dedicating our lives to with these forums!!