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Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD ReMix Trophy List Leaked

News in 'News & Updates' posted by Ami Mizuno, Sep 30, 2014 at 11:56 AM (171 Views / 0 Likes)
With less than 48 hours to go before Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD ReMix's official release in Japan, the full trophy list for all three games in the remaster has been leaked, and can be viewed below:

[​IMG]KINGDOM HEARTS II Master (Platinum)
  • Obtain all trophies

[​IMG]Critical Competitor (Gold)

  • Clear game on Critical

[​IMG]Proud Player (Silver)

  • Clear game on Proud

[​IMG]Ambitious Adventurer (Silver)

  • Clear the game and watch the ending sequence

[​IMG]Level Master (Silver)

  • Get Sora to Level 99

[​IMG]My Hero (Bronze)

  • Get rescued by the King

[​IMG]Lingering Will (Silver)

  • Defeat the Lingering Will

[​IMG]One-Winged Angel (Silver)

  • Defeat Sephiroth

[​IMG]To Rule Them All (Gold)

  • Defeat all Organization XIII Replica Data

[​IMG]Mushroom Master (Silver)

  • Satisfy every member of Mushroom XIII

[​IMG]Rookie (Bronze)

  • Win the Pain and Panic Cup

[​IMG]Novice Hero (Bronze)

  • Win the Cerberus Cup

[​IMG]Artisan Hero (Bronze)

  • Win the Titan Cup

[​IMG]True Hero (Bronze)

  • Win the Goddess of Fate Cup

[​IMG]Coliseum Competitor (Bronze)

  • Win the Pain and Panic Paradox Cup

[​IMG]Coliseum Star (Bronze)

  • Win the Cerberus Paradox Cup

[​IMG]Hero of the Coliseum (Bronze)

  • Win the Titan Paradox Cup

[​IMG]Coliseum Champion (Silver)

  • Win the Hades Paradox Cup

[​IMG]Summer's End (Bronze)

  • Complete Roxas's episode

[​IMG]A Timeless World (Bronze)

  • Complete the Timeless River episode

[​IMG]Above Honor (Bronze)

  • Complete the Land of Dragons episodes

[​IMG]A Budding Romance (Bronze)

  • Complete the Beast's Castle episodes

[​IMG]Hail the Hero (Bronze)

  • Complete the Olympus Coliseum episodes

[​IMG]Lifting the Curse (Bronze)

  • Complete the Port Royal episodes

[​IMG]What Friends Are For (Bronze)

  • Complete the Agrabah episodes

[​IMG]The Gift of Love (Bronze)

  • Complete the Halloween Town episodes

[​IMG]Return of the King (Bronze)

  • Complete the Pride Lands episodes

[​IMG]Electric Spark (Bronze)

  • Complete the Space Paranoids episodes

[​IMG]Always Together (Bronze)

  • Complete the 100 Acre Wood episode

[​IMG]Kindred Spirits (Bronze)

  • Complete the Atlantica episodes

[​IMG]A Taste of the Past (Bronze)

  • Complete the Twilight Town episodes.Bronze

[​IMG]Reunion (Bronze)

  • Reunite with Riku and Kairi

[​IMG]Searcher (Bronze)

  • Collect all Ansem Reports in Jiminy's Journal

[​IMG]Professor (Bronze)

  • Collect all Character entries in Jiminy's Journal

[​IMG]Heartless Highbrow (Bronze)

  • Collect all Heartless entries in Jiminy's Journal

[​IMG]Nobody Know-It-All (Bronze)

  • Collect all Nobody entries in Jiminy's Journal

[​IMG]Treasure Hunter (Bronze)

  • Collect all Treasures in Jiminy's Journal

[​IMG]Puzzler (Bronze)

  • Complete all Puzzles in Jiminy's Journal

[​IMG]Navigator (Bronze)

  • Collect all Maps in Jiminy's Journal

[​IMG]Conqueror (Bronze)

  • Collect all Mission entries in Jiminy's Journal

[​IMG]Minigame Maniac (Bronze)

  • Collect all Minigame entries in Jiminy's Journal

[​IMG]Limit Master (Bronze)

  • Collect all Limit entries in Jiminy's Journal

[​IMG]Craftsman (Bronze)

  • Collect all Synthesis Note entries in Jiminy's Journal

[​IMG]Seeker (Bronze)

  • Collect all Character Link entries in Jiminy's Journal

[​IMG]Pro Skater (Bronze)

  • Obtain 5,000 points with skateboard tricks

[​IMG]Struggle Champion (Bronze)

  • Win by obtaining all of the opponent's orbs

[​IMG]Corroded by Darkness (Bronze)

  • Activate Antiform 13 times

[​IMG]Veteran Pilot (Bronze)

  • Obtain an S rank on a gummi ship mission

[​IMG]Ace Pilot (Bronze)

  • Obtain an S rank on a gummi ship mission for all routes

[​IMG]Top Gun (Bronze)

  • Obtain an S rank on a gummi ship EX mission for all routes

[​IMG]Gummi Ship Collector (Silver)

Obtain all blueprints
[​IMG]Birth by Sleep Master (Platinum)

  • Obtain all trophies

[​IMG]Critical Competitor (Gold)

  • Clear game on Critical

[​IMG]The Lost Chapter (Gold)

  • Complete the secret episode

[​IMG]The Vessel (Silver)

  • Clear Terra's story mode

[​IMG]The Dormant (Silver)

  • Clear Ventus's story mode

[​IMG]The Seeker (Silver)

  • Clear Aqua's story mode

[​IMG]Connected Hearts (Silver)

  • Complete the final episode

[​IMG]A Mere Shell (Silver)

  • Defeat the Vanitas Remnant

[​IMG]Time's Teller (Silver)

  • Defeat the Unknown

[​IMG]Darkness's Will (Silver)

  • Defeat No Heart

[​IMG]Light's Will (Silver)

  • Defeat Armor of Eraqus

[​IMG]Savage Slayer (Silver)

  • Complete all Unversed battle missions with the highest rank

[​IMG]Profiler (Silver)

  • Collect all Secret Reports

[​IMG]Collector (Silver)

  • Collect all stickers

[​IMG]The Adventurer: Terra (Bronze)

  • Complete Reports with Terra

[​IMG]The Adventurer: Ventus (Bronze)

  • Complete Reports with Ventus

[​IMG]The Adventurer: Aqua (Bronze)

  • Complete Reports with Aqua

[​IMG]Perfect Shot (Bronze)

  • Use Shotlock 50 times

[​IMG]Justice & Dark (Bronze)

  • Use the Pete D-Link 10 times

[​IMG]D.J. (Bronze)

  • Use the Rhythm Mixer Command Style 20 times

[​IMG]The Warrior: Terra (Bronze)

  • Learn all of Terra's Finish Commands

[​IMG]The Warrior: Ventus (Bronze)

  • Learn all of Ventus's Finish Commands

[​IMG]The Warrior: Aqua (Bronze)

  • Learn all of Aqua's Finish Commands

[​IMG]Musclehead (Bronze)

  • Unleash Break Time with Terra

[​IMG]B-Boy (Bronze)

  • Unleash Break Time with Ventus

[​IMG]Majorette (Bronze)

  • Unleash Break Time with Aqua

[​IMG]Pâtissier (Bronze)

  • Create all flavors of ice cream

[​IMG]Command Board Conqueror (Bronze)

  • Win each playable Command Board

[​IMG]Maestro (Bronze)

  • Obtain a Fantastic rating for each song in Ice Cream Beat Master Mode

[​IMG]Rapid Racer (Bronze)

  • Finish first in all Rumble Racing courses

[​IMG]Fantasista (Bronze)

  • Beat all opponents in Fruitball

[​IMG]The Journey Begins (Bronze)

  • Clear the prologue, "The Land of Departure"

[​IMG]Pursuit of Truth (Bronze)

  • Clear the Mysterious Tower episode of Terra's story

[​IMG]Defying Darkness (Bronze)

  • Clear the Disney Town episode of Terra's story

[​IMG]Entrusting Power (Bronze)

  • Clear the Destiny Islands episode of Terra's story

[​IMG]Encounters (Bronze)

  • Clear the Badlands episode of Ventus's story

[​IMG]A Moment of Rest (Bronze)

  • Clear the Disney Town episode of Ventus's story

[​IMG]A Friend in Need (Bronze)

  • Clear the Mysterious Tower episode of Ventus's story

[​IMG]Drifting Apart (Bronze)

  • Clear the Radiant Garden episode of Aqua's story

[​IMG]Hopeful Hearts (Bronze)

  • Clear the Destiny Islands episode of Aqua's story

[​IMG]Pawn of the Arena (Bronze)

  • Complete all one-star missions in the Mirage Arena

[​IMG]Knight of the Arena (Bronze)

  • Complete all two-star missions in the Mirage Arena

[​IMG]Queen of the Arena (Bronze)

  • Complete all three-star missions in the Mirage Arena

[​IMG]King of the Arena (Bronze)

  • Complete all four-star missions in the Mirage Arena

[​IMG]Keepers of the Arena (Bronze)

  • Win the Keepers of the Arena battle in the Mirage Arena

[​IMG]Villains' Vendetta (Bronze)

Win the Villains' Vendetta battle in the Mirage Arena
[​IMG]Re:coded Master (Gold)

  • Obtain all trophies

[​IMG]Professor (Gold)

  • View all Character entries

[​IMG]100% Debugged (Gold)

  • Complete all chapters

[​IMG]40% Debugged (Bronze)

  • Complete up to and including Olympus Coliseum

[​IMG]80% Debugged (Bronze)

Complete up to and including Hollow Bastion II

Source: exophase

Tetsuya Nomura to Attend New York Comic-Con

News in 'News & Updates' posted by Ami Mizuno, Sep 25, 2014 at 2:20 AM (266 Views / 1 Likes)
After attending SDCC 2014, the director of the Kingdom Hearts series, Tetsuya Nomura, will make yet another appearance in the U.S., this time at the New York Comic-Con held on Oct. 9-12 in New York City. However, just like his previous appearance, this is expected to be just for signing autographs.


Source: @sqexgal

Famitsu: Kingdom Hearts III Interview with Nomura

News in 'News & Updates' posted by libregkd, Sep 24, 2014 at 1:13 PM (565 Views / 7 Likes)
We didn't hear much about Kingdom Hearts III during TGS, however Famitsu was conducted an interview with Nomura where he shares the latest information about the game as well as the possibility of a HD remaster of Dream Drop Distance. Here are some tidbits from the interview:

  • There have been reports from the media that Frozen was going to be a world in Kingdom Hearts III. This is false as there have been no confirmed worlds for the game yet, however Nomura says that Frozen is neither "confirmed or denied" for inclusion.
  • Choosing new worlds for Kingdom Hearts III is proving to be a difficult task.
  • Square Enix is strongly considering creating an HD Remaster for Kingdom Hearts 3D.
  • There are some engine-related issue that is giving the development team some issues, however right now they have advanced in the scenario writing and world choices, as well as deciding on new designs for Sora and Riku's outfits.
  • According to the the Osaka team, Sora’s mobility needs to be nerfed as he feels almost invincible by his end-game levels.
  • They are currently a great variety of Keyblade transformations and Nomura compared it to Birth by Sleep's original way of fighting with Keyblades.
There is more to the interview, which you can read in full at SiliconEra.


Fully translated interview courtesy of Goldpanner from KHInsider:

KH-Vids Podcast Episode #65: Tokyo Game Show 2014

News in 'Community News & Projects' posted by Misty, Sep 23, 2014 (267 Views / 3 Likes)

This week your usual podcast crew -- @Misty, @Llave, and @libregkd, joined by @cstar -- sit down to cover the East's biggest gaming convention, Tokyo Game Show 2014. It's a video game filled podcast! We begin with some rumblings from Sony, then launch into the meat of our episode, which focuses on Square-Enix's many showings and announcements from the event, for Final Fantasy XV, Type-0 HD, Final Fantasy XIII (Lightning rears her head once again!), Final Fantasy XIV, and Dragon Quest Heroes.

From there on we cover several other games, including but not limited to Deep Down, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Silent Hills, Persona 5, and D4. It's an episode sure to entertain any gamer, whether you've been keeping up with TGS or not!

As per usual we answer user-submitted questions, this time from podcast question veterans @Graxe and @. : tale : . . Our randomly drawn question asks us whether or not we would explore Space: The Final Frontier.

Please everyone listen, comment, and enjoy!


Download Episode #65 (MP3)
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Project Destati: LIGHT Review

News in 'News & Updates' posted by Misty, Sep 22, 2014 (321 Views / 7 Likes)
As we reported when the album first dropped on September 9th, the Project Destati team has at last released their long-awaited homage to the music from the Kingdom Hearts series.

Released 358 days (sound familiar?) after their debut Awakening EP, Project Destati: LIGHT is the first entry in what will eventually be a three volume collection of re-orchestrated tracks selected from the entirety of the Kingdom Hearts musical score. Sebastian of the Project Destati team was kind enough to hook the KH-Vids Staff up with a few copies of the album. We had seven copies, which were randomly distributed to members of our team – except for one that I kept for myself. I’d heard of the project before but never had a chance to check it out firsthand, so I was naturally excited to have a listen!

Beginning with the selection of songs, they start out their project with some really solid and well-known tracks from the series (see below). The main characters’ themes – Sora, Kairi, Riku, Roxas – are all here, with classics like Hikari, Hand in Hand, and Dearly Beloved joining them.

One thing I loved about the album was that they included some more minor tracks from the series – it wasn’t just the ones we’re all familiar with. In particular, Waltz of the Damned has always been one of my favorites from the Kingdom Hearts II soundtrack, but one few people recognize when listing their favorites from the series. I was overjoyed to find that it was not only included, but that it’s been beautifully redone. Mkaukau? was never a track I recognized or had particular feelings about, until I heard it on LIGHT. The Project Destati team has also produced a version of Destiny Islands so enchanting that even me, someone who has historically hated the original theme, has gone back and played the redone track on repeat more than a few times!

I’m not musically inclined in the sense that I understand the particulars of the work that the Project Destati team has put into this collection, only that it has been lovingly and artfully done. For me one of the selling points of the HD Remixes has been the tracks re-orchestrated by Yoko Shimomura, so to add even more redone tracks to my Kingdom Hearts playlists is a welcome notion indeed.

I asked the staff members who received copies to let me know what they thought about the album or, at the very least, what their favorite track was. I’ve included their thoughts below:

“Project Destati has done a terrific job of paying tribute to the Kingdom Hearts series and Yoko Shimomura's music that has captured the hearts of many Kingdom Hearts fans throughout the years. Instead of feeling like simple remixes, the guys at Project Destati took several tracks and made them feel fresh and new. I may be biased here, but if I had to pick a favorite track from their first volume, it would be Roxas/The Other Promise. Listening to that track teared me up, and I truly believe this is the best fan rendition of Roxas's theme ever. I look forward to Project Destati's next two KH albums, and I hope that one day, their take on the music of Kingdom Hearts would be performed live.”
-- @Ami Mizuno

“Favourite song is Lazy Afternoon Streets.”
-- @Karuta

“General about the album: The recording quality is great with the track selection having a little bit of everything for a Kingdom Hearts fan. Project Destati takes rather large liberties with a lot of the tracks on their album. It makes the music selection a mixed bag of goodies and not so goodies, but overall the songs presented on the album are solid and makes Project Destati: Light a good debut for the project.

Project Destati: Light opens with Introduction: It Began With a Letter. The lead off track is a medley of songs that begins with a track with the same name, It Began With a Letter, and slowly builds up to renditions of Dearly Beloved and Dive Into the Heart, at times combining the two. The track flows beautifully from song to song and the arrangement of the songs included are very well done.

Hollow Bastion too is an incredibly well done tribute. The song starts with Project Destati's take on Radiant Garden and flows wonderfully into the field and battle themes Hollow Bastion is known for. Project Destati is able to combine all the variations the song has received over the course of the series and adds their own twist to it. Their version of the track is able replicate the magic of hearing the song when arriving at Hollow Bastion for the first time and I could listen to it on repeat for hours on end.

Rage Awakened is one of the few boss battle tracks on the album but it is the best one of the bunch. Project Destati manages to re-create the frenzied theme and make it even more frenzied and raw. It captures the feeling of the boss fight against the Lingering Will perfectly; it brings forth a lot of background instruments that were not as pronounced in the original song. Project Destati's Rage Awakened is a track that I would insert into the upcoming 2.5 Remix if I could.”
-- @libregkd

“My favorite track was Hand in Hand, which has always been one of my favorite Kingdom Hearts tracks because of the epic emotional feel of it. Sadly, the track is usually pretty short, so of course I was stoked when this arrangement was over five minutes. The whole album was beautiful and creative while keeping that nostalgic quality the Kingdom Hearts soundtrack has always given me.

... Yeaaah! ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ”
-- @Jayn
Overall, Project Destati is an incredible celebration of the tracks – and series – we all know and love, and is, I think, a fantastic testament to the amazing creative ability and dedication of Kingdom Hearts fans. Kingdom Hearts preaches things like friendship and connection and togetherness, and while it might be cheesy and all that, to think that three fans came together to make something beautiful like this… I am overcome. I know, I know. If you’re not into re-orchestrated tracks or fan-projects like this, feel free to pass the album over, but if you’re even at all dubious, I definitely recommend checking it out.

We’d like to thank Project Destati for sending us copies of the album and urge everyone to purchase the album for themselves, DRM-free, in MP3 or FLAC format, from Loudr or iTunes. You can find out more about Project Destati by visiting their website, or by following them on tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or YouTube.

For those who have bought the album – or at least listened to it – what do you think of the project? What’s your favorite track? For those who haven’t yet, stayed tuned… copies of the album sound like great giveaway prizes to me. ;)