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The 'Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link' closed beta for Android devices, which was originally scheduled for January 2024, has been postponed until this spring per the game's official X/Twitter account, attributing the delay to needing additional time to further refine the game:
We'll be sure to let you know as soon as a specific date for the Android closed beta is announced.
As a limited number of lucky fans are currently enjoying the closed beta test of 'Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link', some of them got a chance to sit down with the game's development team (consisting of series director Tetsuya Nomura, producer Ichiro Hazama, and character designer Miki Yamashita) at the Square-Enix ARTNIA cafe in Japan over the weekend for a very insightful Q&A. Some of the questions and answers have been documented by users like @rikunami13, @aibo_c7, and @aitaikimochi. KH13's @RyujiBlades graciously translated and compiled all the answers as well as additional information from the Q&A session, which you can view below:
As promised last week, we were given a major update on 'Kingdom Hearts: MIssing Link' today! The game has been confirmed for release in 2024, as revealed in a new trailer released on Twitter/X:

In addition to the new trailer, fans in the UK and Australia have a chance to sign up for a closed beta test until November 19th. To top it all off, Nomura left fans with a message, which can be read below (translation courtesy of KHInsider):
Earlier today, Kingdom Hearts series director, Tetsuya Nomura, shared a quick message on the official Twitter/X page of 'Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link', where he indicates we should expect some news next week, along with clarification that the prototype demo released earlier this year in Japan was actually 30% complete as opposed to 50% as originally reported:
After close to a year without any news, Square-Enix finally shared a quick update on the upcoming mobile game, 'Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link', posting two new images of Scala ad Caelum on the game's official Japanese Twitter account:


Whether this means some additional updates are coming very soon remains to be seen.