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Recently, members of attended the first Western concert of the 'Kingdom Hearts Orchestra -World Tour-', and it's safe to say they had a blast. Despite the horrific attack in London earlier in the week, the show must go on, and (despite delays due to increased security) the show certainly went on. The tracks played were the same ones that were played in Japan, but Yoko Shimomura treated the audience to an encore performance of Fantasia alla Marcia, as well as signing autographs for fans after the show. Unfortunately, there was no new content/trailer during the show, so it appears it may be a while before we do get something new. Check out a few of the pictures below:

gallery_55795_1731_35322.jpg gallery_55795_1731_67138.jpg gallery_55795_1731_122387.jpg gallery_55795_1731_882144.jpg gallery_65871_1731_105160.jpg gallery_65871_1731_300779.jpg

kingdom-hearts-stand-preorder-bonus-air-600x600.jpg kingdom-hearts-stand-preorder-bonus-bond-600x600.jpg kingdom-hearts-stand-preorder-bonus-Coming-389x389.jpg

As we mentioned quite awhile ago, the preorder bonus for Kingdom Hearts 2.8 in Japan were three Acrylic Stands, created by Tetsuya Nomura, himself.

This stands (pictured above) are now available from the North American Square Enix store. Each stand costs $19.99 and will be released in June 2017. These stands are rather small as the 'COMING' stand is: W 5.9” x H 4.7” x D 0.12”, with the others being similar sizes.

What do you guys think about these stands? Will you be picking these up?
Seth Kearsley, the man known in the KH fandom as the guy who tried to make a Kingdom Hearts show more than a decade ago and tried to pitch the idea to Disney recently for a do-over, has stated on Twitter that, unfortunately, Disney isn't interested in doing a Kingdom Hearts show at this time. Seth's tweets can be read below:

With Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 +2.5 ReMIX coming out next week worldwide, Square Enix has released a new trailer showing off the collection. While nothing 'new' is shown, it is a really well put together trailer, so definitely check it out!

The official English Kingdom Hearts Twitter account has announced that when released internationally, 'Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5+2.5 ReMix' will have a Day 1 patch (as the above tweets state). The patch will match the current Japanese version of the game, fixing things like bugs and other issues relating to the framerate.