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The European Square Enix website has released pre-orders for the following figures at a 10% discount:
Prices and other information can be found by clicking on the individual links.

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Monogram International has revealed exclusive Kingdom Hearts merchandise that will be sold at this year's San Diego Comic Con. First off is a 6-piece pin set sold for $30:

Next is a Keyblade set sold for $40:
Supply is limited, so if you go to SDCC, make sure to stop by Monogram's booth (#3645) and grab them before they're sold out.

Another patch for Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5+ 2.5 ReMix has been released, this time focusing on Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. This patch fixed movement behavior of certain enemies as well as a glitch regarding the Magnet ability. According to the patch notes, other fixes were included but were not specified.
Have you ever wanted a Kingdom Hearts wedding or engagement ring? Well now you can get one!


Japanese jewelry brand,, will be releasing engagement rings, wedding rings, and various necklaces on two online stores, omni7 and U-TREASURE.

008.jpg 012.jpg is releasing multiple different necklaces including: Sora's Crown necklace in K18 Yellow Gold or Silver,
the Heart (from the logo) necklace in K18 Yellow Gold or Silver, the Oathkeeper Keyblade necklace in K18 White Gold or Silver, and the Oblivion Keyblade necklace in K18 White Gold or Silver,


They will also be releasing FOUR different kinds of engagement rings: Platinum 950, K18 White Gold, K18 Yellow Gold, and Silver & Cubic Zirconia


According to the presentation that gave announcing these creations (which 4Gamer talks about), wedding rings will also be available, but are not currently listed on the U-TREASURE website.

This jewelry will also be available at U-TREASURE's Pop-Up shop in Japan until the 30th of September.

Source: 4Gamer
7net, a Japanese retailer that recently revealed limited edition Kingdom Hearts merchandise for sale this year, has revealed a whole lot more merchandise coming in the next few months.

First off, releasing in August 23, 2017 will be smartphone stands, a set of small plates, a stainless steel bottle, and a tumbler glass pair, which you can check out below:

gallery_58812_1824_3721.jpg gallery_58812_1824_3864.jpg gallery_58812_1824_12398.jpg gallery_58812_1824_49818.jpg gallery_58812_1825_10540.jpg gallery_58812_1826_45564.jpg gallery_58812_1826_48410.jpg gallery_58812_1827_11079.jpg gallery_58812_1827_69920.jpg gallery_58812_1827_81736.jpg

Next up, releasing on August 27, 2017 are two A7 size memo pads:

gallery_58812_1823_67664.jpg gallery_58812_1823_82034.jpg

Then on September 16, 2017, a Sora stained glass leather key ring will be available (with the choice of white or black):

gallery_58812_1821_20870.jpg gallery_58812_1821_39845.jpg

And finally, on September 28, 2017, 10 different necklaces will be released, and you can check them out below:

gallery_58812_1822_327.jpg gallery_58812_1822_1892.jpg gallery_58812_1822_2861.jpg gallery_58812_1822_3489.jpg gallery_58812_1822_4424.jpg gallery_58812_1822_4902.jpg gallery_58812_1822_5176.jpg gallery_58812_1822_6326.jpg gallery_58812_1822_6327.jpg gallery_58812_1822_9209.jpg gallery_58812_1822_11862.jpg gallery_58812_1822_11950.jpg gallery_58812_1822_12828.jpg gallery_58812_1822_16511.jpg gallery_58812_1822_17684.jpg gallery_58812_1822_17905.jpg gallery_58812_1822_18264.jpg gallery_58812_1822_18551.jpg gallery_58812_1822_18793.jpg gallery_58812_1822_18988.jpg gallery_58812_1822_21439.jpg gallery_58812_1822_30471.jpg gallery_58812_1822_31071.jpg gallery_58812_1822_31218.jpg gallery_58812_1822_31921.jpg gallery_58812_1822_43785.jpg gallery_58812_1822_47440.jpg gallery_58812_1822_52328.jpg
Source: & @aibo_ac7