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To celebrate the Kingdom Hearts' series 15th birthday, a TON of merchandise has been made available for preorder by Japanese website, 7net.

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These items include:
  • Three Acrylic pen stands, which will cost 4k YEN (presumably for the entire set). These will be released on July 20th.
  • Three Keyblade key covers (keychains), which will cost 800 YEN each, will be released on August 19th
  • Two Kingdom Hearts towels, which will cost 1k YEN, will be released on August 23rd
  • Various iPhone phone cases, which will cost from 2180 YEN to 2,780 YEN, will be released on June 23rd
  • A Lunchbox, which will cost 3k YEN, will be released on July 13th
  • Kingdom Hearts Anniversary Mugs, which will cost 1.8k YEN, will be released on July 13th
  • And finally, Noodle Pots, which will cost 1.8k YEN will be released on July 13 as well.
Pictures of all items not shown in this thread can be found on the 7net website.

Source: KH13

Welcome back to Daybreak Town! With the advent of Union χ, I finally remembered that these leaderboards are due a name change! What do you think? Anyway, everyone ready to see how your hard work has stacked up?

In fifth place this week is KHV_Vulpeus with a total of 843,199 Lux! The top scorer was @PurplePanic with 352,556 Lux—about 42% of the party's earnings. @R3DRAW followed with 161,505 Lux, and @Eric Luna with 104,357 Lux.

In fourth place this week is KHV_Leopardos with a total of 4,753,670 Lux! The top scorer was @KSoleAngel with 4,639,576 Lux—about 98% of the party's earnings. @Scarred Nobody followed with 88,744 Lux, and @Haseo with 17,111 Lux.

In third place this week is KHV_Anguis with a total of 9,338,682 Lux! The top scorer was @GarrettFinch with 4,496,485 Lux—about 48% of the party's earnings. @Explode followed with 3,859,161 Lux, and @Day~Dream with 369,998 Lux.

In second place this week is KHV_Ursus with a total of 29,604,358 Lux! The top scorer was @KHGrl15 with 18,797,282 Lux—about 63% of the party's earnings. @tamale followed with 10,171,783 Lux, and @Stapes with 574,194 Lux.

And in first place this week is KHV_Unicornis with a total of 174,701,268 Lux! The top scorer was @Captain Arch with 159,082,767 Lux—about 91% of the party's earnings. @Bruce Willis followed with 9,695,674 Lux, and @Aelin FireHeart with 5,913,816 Lux.
  1. KHV_Unicornis
  2. KHV_Ursus
  3. KHV_Anguis
  4. KHV_Leopardos
  5. KHV_Vulpeus
Congratulations to the Keyblade wielders of KHV_Unicornis! Master Ira would be thrilled with all your work! This being your third consecutive week at the top, you've qualified for the Party Don't Stop pin! Since your party has earned this pin before, everyone who wasn't in the party the last time will now receive it! Great job, everyone!

Special congratulations to this week's top scorers from each party—PurplePanic, KSoleAngel, GarrettFinch, KHGrl15, and Captain Arch! You'll all be sent special pins to commemorate your accomplishments if you've not yet received one!

If you want to join in the competition, you can still sign up for our official KHV parties here!

NOTE: If your Player ID is not already recorded in the party sign-up thread, please post it there in order to facilitate the creation of these leaderboards every week!

See you all back here at the fountain plaza next week!
Earlier in the year, Diamond Select Toys showed off some Kingdom Hearts figures at New York Toy Fair 2017. The figures were just prototypes, and were waiting for a license approval before being released to the public. While a license approval still hasn't been granted yet, Diamond Select Toys has shown off updated figures at C2E2 2017, which you can have a look at below:

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg
Source: KH13
Community KHV Bi-Monthly Stream - 4/22
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Hey all! I know this thread is late, and I apologize, but at least you all get to see me suffer again. That's right, the winner was (to no one's surprise...

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Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories

As always, you'll be able to sign up for one hour time slots to guest commentate. And after all the slots have finished, you can join back in for a big group commentary - though you need a PS4/Vita and a mic to commentate. Available slots are down below, but they're first come first serve. If you want a specific time, reserve it now.

This time the stream will be on Saturday, April 22nd at 7PM EST.

If you have any suggestions for the stream, or would like it moved to another day, just shoot me a message.

Commentator Spots
7-8 EST:
8-9 EST:
9-10 EST:
10-11 EST:
11-12 EST: @Aelin FireHeart

And as always, the stream will be hosted on our official Twitch channel. Follow us there so you don't miss out!


Recently, KHInsider interviewed Ray Chase, the voice actor of Noctis from Final Fantasy XV and the Master of Masters from Kingdom Hearts X Backcover.

The interview can be found here in which Chase talks about his work with Square Enix so be sure to check it out!

Thanks to the lovely @Zelda for letting us know about this!