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After conducting an initial interview with Famitsu, the publication conducted a follow-up interview with 'Kingdom Hearts' series director, Tetsuya Nomura, where he clarifies comments he made in earlier interviews that may have been misinterpreted in Japan, as well as more info on KH3 worlds in general, including the Toy Story world. Check out the fully translated interview below (credit to Saken of KHInsider):
In addition to the interview, Famitsu posted a reaction video from the D23 panel when the new trailer was revealed. Check it out below:


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Looks like more Kingdom Hearts Funko merchandise is in the works! Thanks to Funkofinderz on Instagram, it looks like Kingdom Hearts Mystery Mini Funkos are currently in the works. For those who don't know, Mystery Minis are come in blind bags and are basically small versions of Funko Pops. Many series, such as Marvel, The Walking Dead, and other Disney properties have Mystery Mini lines.

As you can see in the picture above, the characters which will be included in this line will include: Chip & Dale, Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Sora, Pete, Soldier Heartless, Large Body Heartless, Mickey (Black Coat), Roxas (Org Xlll), Axel, Riku (Black Coat), Roxas, Riku, Kairi, Donald (Halloween Town), Goofy (Halloween Town), Sora (Halloween Town), Donald (Space Paranoids), Goofy (Space Paranoids), and Sora (Space Paranoids).

What do you think about these figures? Let us know in the comments down below!~
In a new interview with Dengeki Playstation, 'Kingdom Hearts' series director, Tetsuya Nomura, got to speak more about 'Kingdom Hearts III' following the major news from D23 last Saturday, explaining more about Keyblade transformations, Twilight Town's role in the game, and a few words on 'Kingdom Hearts Union X[cross]'. Check out the fully translated interview below (courtesy of Zephyr of KHInsider):

As we previously reported, earlier this month, Miyu Irino, the Japanese voice actor of Sora, attended Anime Expo 2017 in Los Angeles, California.

While there, he participated in a panel and autograph sessions. Thanks to Nerd Reactor, there is a summarized transcript available. An excerpt from the transcript (in which Kingdom Hearts is mentioned) will be linked below but I highly recommend checking out the full version over on their site for Irino's other roles, such as Haku from Spirited Away and Yuuichiro Hyakuya from my personal favorite, Seraph of the End (Owari no Seraph)!

Source: Nerd Reactor