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  • Age: 32

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  • Age: 32

Magnanimous Juggernaut
  • Name: Drew
  • Location: Pennsylvania

Hey losers! It's me, your favorite Mod! I often pop on the (dead) forum and KHV Discord to have some fun conversations with folks! <br /> <br /> I became a Kingdom Hearts fan back in 2008, and I joined KH-Vids in 2010. I wasn't active until I came back for good during the summer of 2011. Once I got back into the swing of things, I quickly posted my way to premium. I joined staff as a Moderator in 2013, and was on the team until I resigned in 2015-16 but was reinstated in January 2024. (Nothing like a nearly 10 year hiatus) <br /> <br /> My hobbies include - Graphic Design, Gaming, and staying in my house.

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  • Age: 32