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The Lazy Bum
  • Name: Kyle
  • Age: 19
  • Location: Ireland

Hello, I'm Karuta, an Admin here at KH-Vids. I originally joined the staff team in March 2014 as a Reporter. I've been a Kingdom Hearts fan for as long as I can remember, starting with Kingdom Hearts 1. My main interests are technology, language, graphics, history, anime and video games. If you need to contact me, just send me a message on here or mention me on our discord server.

Super Moderators

  • Age: 25

  • Age: 25

Sectional Moderators

Mistress of the Cliffs
  • Name: Gwen
  • Age: 24
  • Location: Northern New York

Hey, Hey! I'm Fearless, and I'm a Sectional Mod! I've been here on the site a looooong time (since 2006!), but I've only been staff since September 2016. I've been a big fan of Kingdom Hearts since I was 13, and my love for it only continues to grow! <br /> <br /> I recently graduated from university with my 4 year degree, with a major in Cinema and Screen Studies, and a minor in Illustration. Aside from KHV, I have a day job as a librarian. My other interests include cosplay, drawing, and avoiding the Great Void that lives in the center of my basement. I'm always open to chat, so feel free to hit me up either via PM, Skype, or Discord. &lt;3

The Aunt
  • Age: 25
  • Location: USA, East Coast time

A running joke is that I'm secretly a time-traveler from the sixties, mostly because I barely understand the world of technology and gaming and forums and don't know how the heck I wound up here. XD However, I've been a member of KHV since 2009 and have no intentions of ever leaving, so I guess you're all stuck with me. XD<br /> <br /> My interests include writing, and... well basically just that. XD I also love to draw and love to sing, but I write so much that I rarely get the chance to do much of either. I also play a lot of Sims 3, but again, sometimes I write so much that I can't get to it. XD<br /> <br /> But anyway, hit me up here or on Discord if you need to get a hold of me. I'm usually online if I'm not sleeping or working. XD Though I rarely stray from the Fun and Games section...

The Rhapsodic Scribbler
  • Name: Ben
  • Age: 23
  • Location: USA

Hi there! I'm tale, nice to meetcha! You might also know me as tale_wind. I've been a member of KHV since November 2010, and I was promoted to staff in February 2015. A bunch of my friends dragged me into Kingdom Hearts in my early teens and I've been hooked on the series since (though I've only played a few of the games but shh don't tell).<br /> <br /> I'm an aspiring musician and writer, so you'll see me every so often in the Production Studio, the Writers' Nook, and the Role-Playing Arena. If you ever need anything, don't be afraid to ask!~

  • Name: Gabrielle
  • Age: 22
  • Location: British Columbia

Hey, I am Aelin. I came to khv to watch amv's and slowly learn how to make some of my own. Over time I moved into the roleplaying as well and stayed around that section. I am actually an avid reader, and my name originates from my favourite book series, Throne of Glass. Over all I like to see myself as a rather friendly individual, so if you have any questions or just want to get to know me better, don't be afraid to approach me. I don't bite, I promise.


The Magical
  • Name: Sam
  • Age: 19
  • Location: New York

Hey guys, I'm Heart and I'm a Reporter here on KH-Vids. I've been a member since '09 so it's on honor to be working on staff with everyone. I've been a KH fan since fourth grade and my love for it has never died. My favorite character is Axel/Lea and my favorite game is KH 3D. I enjoy reading, writing, video games, and anime. Let me know if you need anything-- Or find something cool that you think should be reported on. Much love!

  • Age: 26