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Disney has announced that the Disney Ambassador Hotel at Tokyo Disney Resort will have Kingdom Hearts themed rooms from March 26th to June 30th to celebrate the release of 'Kingdom Hearts III'! Check out images of what the hotel rooms will look like below (as well as the Keyblade-shaped room key):

room_img01.png room_img02.png room_img03.png key.jpg

Reservations can be made starting January 30th, and will cost ¥46,100 per night (roughly $425). Each room will be 41 square meters, and will contain two regular sized beds and one trundle bed. Rooms will include two sets of original postcards in two different designs (total of four postcards). In addition to the hotel rooms, a Kingdom Hearts themed menu will also be served at the hotel lounge and cafe from March 26th to June 13th.
Earlier today, the official Kingdom Hearts Twitter account tweeted what players can expect as far as patches go during the first few days of KH3's launch:
On January 29, update 1.01 will provide some data fixes as well as adding the Memory Archive option in the main menu (which recaps the story of the series up to 'Kingdom Hearts III'). Later, the game's epilogue will be included with an update on January 30th, while a secret ending will be included on the 31st.

Newsweek got a chance recently to sit down and talk with Tai Yasue, the co-director of 'Kingdom Hearts III', where he discusses certain aspects of the highly anticipated game, such as why certain worlds were chosen, how it feels working with Tetsuya Nomura, and what part of KH3 is his favorite. Check out the interview below:
Earlier today, a trailer promoting the appearance of Sora in the mobile game 'Final Fantasy Brave Exvius' revealed a couple new seconds of footage from 'Kingdom Hearts III', showing Sora with Master Eraqus's Keyblade. Check it out below:

Square-Enix has released three new Japanese commercials for 'Kingdom Hearts III', titled Friend, Battle, and Story. Check them out below: