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In addition to the plethora of new information on KH3, the director himself, Tetsuya Nomura, revealed that we will finally get an actual release date for the game early next month (around the time of E3 and the Kingdom Hearts concert in Los Angeles). Check out what he said below:
Source: KHInsider
KH3 Gameplay Videos
Dengeki released the following gameplay videos from KH3 following the lifting of the embargo for the recent premiere event. Check them out:

As reported earlier, a Kingdom Hearts III Premium Showcase event was taking place this week, allowing notable figures in the online KH community to try out the highly anticipated game for the first time. While some leaks have gotten out, now that the embargo has been lifted, we can finally post what's been revealed:

KH3-Off-Screen-Leak_2018_05-17-18_004.jpg KH3-Off-Screen-Leak_2018_05-17-18_005.jpg
Probably the biggest news to come out of the event, it has been revealed Wreck-It Ralph himself will be a summon in KH3!

Also revealed was what looks like a new blue-haired villain (wearing bunny ears?) confronting Sora and his friends in the Toy Story world. Check out additional images below (which also confirm the appearance of the famous Pixar easter egg in KH3, the Pizza Planet truck!).

KH3-Off-Screen-Leak_2018_05-17-18_001.jpg KH3-Off-Screen-Leak_2018_05-17-18_002.jpg KH3-Off-Screen-Leak_2018_05-17-18_003.jpg
This thread will be updated with any additional info revealed as they come.

Thanks to @Gelatinous Ghost for the info.
Source: Gematsu

EDIT: Some additional tidbits from KHInsider! 1, 2
  • You can switch between Keyblades on the fly in the middle of combat!
  • The Toy Story world is called Toy Box.
  • As his summon attack, Ralph creates blocks across the battlefield (as directed by Sora) and then blows them up.
  • As her summon attack, Ariel creates puddles that erupt into fountains of water.
  • You can see Dissidia Final Fantasy NT toys on the shelves of Galaxy Toys in Toy Box.
  • Rex the Dinosaur offhandedly mentions being stuck on the Bahamut boss in his latest video game.
  • Woody has some trouble wrapping his head around some of the events of the game.
  • Parts of Olympus Coliseum were inspired by co-director Tai Yasue's visit to Yosemite National Park.
  • Originally, Ralph wasn't going to be revealed until next month, but Square Enix decided to add him to the Premiere demo.
  • Predictably, Rapunzel's hair gave the dev team a challenge (it took Disney animators years to figure out). She holds some of it in her arms while the rest trails behind her and interacts with the environment.
  • From KH13's Twitter: The Keyblade from Kingdom of Corona is called Ever After.
Square Enix has also released a slew of screenshots. Check them out!

Hercules 1.jpg Hercules 2.jpg Hercules 3.jpg Toy Story 1.jpg Toy Story 2.jpg Toy Story 3.jpg Toy Story 4.jpg Toy Story 5.jpg Toy Story 6.jpg Toy Story 7.jpg Toy Story 8.jpg Toy Story 9.jpg Toy Story 10.jpg Toy Story 11.jpg Toy Story 12.jpg Toy Story 14.jpg Toy Story 15.jpg
kh3 logo3.png

This Friday, May 18, Square Enix is hosting an exclusive Kingdom Hearts III Premiere in Los Angeles! Over the past couple of months Square Enix has sent invitations for the event to notable figures in the online Kingdom Hearts community—including our friends at Project Destati, KHInsider, and KH13, as well as streamers and YouTubers like ZeRo, HMK, and SkywardWing. Attendance is exclusive to invitees, but none of the information from the event will be embargoed. Though sadly nobody from KH-Vids will be there, we will be keeping up with the event and updating you with the latest news! The event begins at 6:00am PT, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, KHInsider has some pictures of the venue's exterior, and Reddit user GuatemalanWatermelon has some pictures of the interior!
They released the trailer!

During the Kingdom Hearts Union X[cross] Fan Event currently taking place at the House of Blues in Anaheim, California, some details on 'Kingdom Hearts III' emerged, specifically in regards to the Game and Watch style minigame teased during D23 two months ago. It has been revealed that in addition to a Giantland-themed minigame, there will be over 20 Game & Watch minigames in KH3 inspired by old-school black and white Mickey Mouse shorts, and the attendees of this event were able to play some of those minigames:
In addition to minigame news, there were reports from those in attendance that a KH3 cutscene related to the minigames was shown taking place in Twilight Town, with what appears to be the return of Hayner, Pence, and Olette with new outfits:
The event is still ongoing, so we'll be sure to report any major news relating to 'Kingdom Hearts III' or 'Kingdom Hearts Union X[cross]' should they come.