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Both the Dawn Till Dusk and Phantom Green Keyblades, which were previously only available as KH3 pre-order bonuses, will be available for purchase as DLC tomorrow, May 8th! The Dawn Till Dusk Keyblade is currently available on the Australian PSN and Xbox Live store for $4.55 AUD, while Phantom Green is also available in the Australian Xbox Live store for $4.65 AUD.
At the Tokyo performance of KINGDOM HEARTS Orchestra -World of Tres-, series director Tetsuya Nomura came out to give out initial details on the planned DLC for 'Kingdom Hearts III':
The DLC is, for the time being, referred to as 'Kingdom Hearts III ReMIND', and will include:
  • New Scenario called "ReMIND"
  • Limit Cut Episode + Boss(es?)
  • Secret Episode + Boss
  • English VA option (Japanese version only)
  • New Keyblade and Form (Free)
Nomura also mentioned that more details would be revealed sometime around June.
After much teasing on a Critical Mode difficulty for 'Kingdom Hearts III', it has been announced that the much desired difficulty will finally be available tomorrow as a free update:
EDIT: More info has arisen on what to expect from the updates (1.04 & 1.05) in addition to Critical Mode:
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During the 2019 Game Developers Conference in California, Gamereactor got a chance to speak with 'Kingdom Hearts III' co-director, Tai Yasue, where he gives more details about the upcoming Critical Mode update for the game, as well as talking fan expectations and the process of integrating Disney properties into the game. Check out the full video interview here.
The 'Face My Fears' EP, containing both the English and Japanese versions of 'Face My Fears' and 'Don't Think Twice', has been released on vinyl today, allowing vinyl collectors to add a piece of Kingdom Hearts music to their collection! The vinyl can be ordered from Amazon here.