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Hey folks, got a massive update for you today! We're now hosting all the cutscenes from Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix!

That's 13+ hours of cinematics, including a few rare cutscenes you may have missed, which can be found in the "Extra + Alternate Scenes" file. This also marks the first time we've offered the Final Mix-exclusive scenes in English, and I'm happy we could deliver them in such high quality. Captured from the PS4 version, this game is looking sharper than ever. While the PS4 version has some occasional stuttering during cutscenes, I've taken care to edit that out anywhere I noticed it.

And as a little bonus, you can also download a handful of KH2FM's Boss Battles.

Our Cutscene Archive is almost complete. Thanks to @libregkd for keeping all that Data Org'd (get it?). KH1 Final Mix on PS4 is nearing completion, so you should see it very soon. Until then, peace.
The cover artwork of the upcoming light novel, 'Kingdom Hearts II: The Novel Volume 1' (set for release on June 20th), has been revealed, and can be viewed below:

'Kingdom Hearts II: The Novel Volume 1' can be pre-ordered from the following links:
In other related news, the second volume of the aforementioned light novel has been confirmed to be released on December 12 (and can be pre-ordered on Amazon and Barnes & Noble).

Yen Press has announced that they will release the final volume of the Kingdom Hearts II manga and have released the cover. The Manga volume will cost $24.00 USD for the physical version and $6.99 USD for the E-book version. Volume 4 will be released on May 23rd, so be sure to pick it up!
In addition to the Domez Figures, UCC Distributing has also announced a set of KH-themed Rocekrz coming soon! The set includes:
  • Donald Duck
  • Goofy
  • Shadow Heartless
  • Jack Skellington
  • King Mickey
  • Organization XIII Roxas
  • KH1 Sora
  • KH1 Riku
  • KH2 Sora
  • Anti Form Sora
  • Shadow Heartless variant (?)
  • Sora variant (?)
Here's an image showing how the set will look like:

UCC Distributing has announced a line of KH-themed Domez figures. The figures included are:
  • Mickey
  • Goofy
  • Shadow Heartless
  • Jack Skellington
  • Donald Duck
  • KH2 Sora
  • Roxas
  • Axel
UCC Distributing also released an image to show how the figures will look like:


The figures are available for purchase on Amazon.