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Kingdom Hearts III is officially upon us. The release was announced for 2018 in July of 2017. In celebration of the new year, and the upcoming Kingdom Hearts title, we would like to present a new video that focuses on the future of the Kingdom Hearts series.

Christina Arisa returns as our original Aqua, along with Mike Masi as Ventus. Stan "Stanpai" Kuschick joins our team for the first time as Terra. The original script is written by Joseluis Solorzano.
Fandub Audition for Aqua!
For the past eight years, fans (including myself) have dubbed many scenes, promos and trailers from Kingdom Hears 2 Final Mix+, 358/2 Days, Birth By Sleep, Re:Coded, and 1.5 HD Remix. Our goal is to release a couple of scenes or trailers (originally Japanese) and dub it in English before it's official release in North America and Europe. It's a way to hold fans over until the title releases. For years, I've been casting members from here, KH-Vids, KHInsider and KH-recharged. We have well over 80 videos and growing daily.

We're currently looking for an Aqua. We're also known for original scripts. We create original stories with most of the characters from the series. We keep the storyline the same, but we extend the "what if" scenario. For an example, what would Aqua tell Ventus and Terra after ten years being trapped in the realm of darkness? This is where the characters communicate telepathically.

Examples of our work can be found below.

Line 1: I can't help it! You two would make the weirdest brothers.
Line 2: I made us good luck charms.
Line 3: Somewhere out there, there's a tree with star shaped fruit. And the fruit represents an unbreakable connection.

* I'm looking for someone who sounds like Willa Holland.

If you join, you must be active. We also need to stay in contact.

The deadline will be set for Thursday, August 7th. This can change.

Please send the lines as an MP3. Please do not file it as .rar or winzip. Simply attach the two clips as single mp3 clips.
Save the lines as aqua_username_line1.mp3

When you send the email, please include your first name, username, short bio and your lines.

All auditions must be sent to me at

Thank you and I look forward to hearing the auditions.

The future of the Kingdom Hearts series continues with a new video between Aqua and Ven. The events continue from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, which leads to Birth by Sleep - volume 2.

Aqua begins to telepathically hear Ven, who's telling her not to give up. She's suffering from fighting, walking and remaining alone for years without her friends . Ventus encourages Aqua and gives her advice to continue her journey through Birth by Sleep - Voulme 2.

The future Kingdom Hearts videos focuses on a couple of characters that reveal information to each other based on what we know from start to end in the series. This gives a feel for how the character may interact with others if they were able to telepathically communicate. All information is accurate, however what makes theses videos interesting is how they're able to talk to each other even though they are not able to see each other in person.

"1.5 HD Remix - Day 357 (Xion's End)" continues the fandub production for Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix. Our team will be voicing selected scenes from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days up until the international release.

Our second video from the production continues with a familiar scene. Remember the final scene between Xion and Roxas? Yes, it's not a "new" rendered scene from the title, however our team felt that it was worth recording due to the quality of the scene.

Our plan is to release somewhere between 8-12 videos before the official English release. Have a scene in mind? Let us know in the comments section below.
Fandub KH-Vids: We're Looking For An Axel

If you've watched our fandub production videos and feel that you could lend your voice as Axel, make sure you keep reading.

Since I started working at KH-Vids, I've brought my fandub production videos right here. In 2007 I started by dubbing scenes from Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. By the time I started to report at KH-VIds in 2008, I was already embarking in a community project where I would cast members from our own place. This at the time was Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. The production has continued with Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded, Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, the future videos of the Kingdom Hearts series and now Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix. Today the community productions have been scattered across other fansites such as KHU, KHN, and even KHInsider. It's fascinating to see how the community has come together and showcased their talented voices.

Now that Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix has released, I'm looking to dub 5-8 scenes from the title. Depending on the exact release date for Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix in North America and Europe, a video or two will be shown once a month until the release.

Videos will feature Axel, Xion, Roxas, Saix and Xehanort. Newkidaye has been a part of the production since 2009 as Axel/Lea, however he is no longer contributing to the project. We are now looking for someone to play the role as Axel, so please audition for this role.

A deadline to audition for Axel is MONDAY, April 1 2013. You must record in MP3 format. The following lines below are what you can send me if you're auditioning for Axel. Please be aware that it doesn't have to be these lines, but you have to at least send me three lines anyway. Send all lines to me at

Line 1: Roxas. All right. Fight, fight fight.
Line 2: You really don't remember. Its me. You know. Axel.
Line 3: Talk about blank with a capital B.