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Adding another interview to the list of E3 interviews he has conducted, Tetsuya Nomura sat down with GameSpot to discuss all things 'Kingdom Hearts III', such as how his work on the game differs than previous KH games, what Marvel character he would love to include if he had the chance, as well as throwing some shade at the newer Final Fantasy titles. Check out the interview below:
Source: GameSpot
The new issue of Weekly Famitsu has released in Japan, and it featured 'Kingdom Hearts III', as well as an interview with the director, Tetsuya Nomura! Check out scans from the magazine below:

gallery_37033_2301_728634.png gallery_37033_2301_1497286.png gallery_37033_2301_832674.png gallery_37033_2301_56058.png gallery_37033_2301_262651.png gallery_37033_2301_164041.png gallery_37033_2301_483652.png gallery_37033_2301_406255.png gallery_37033_2301_437743.png gallery_37033_2301_625193.png gallery_37033_2301_430841.png gallery_37033_2301_424985.png gallery_37033_2301_498869.png gallery_37033_2301_744958.png gallery_37033_2301_279736.png gallery_37033_2301_252178.png
In addition to the scans, the main point from Nomura's interview have been summarized. While we wait for a fully translated interview, check out the main points below:
Source: KH13

In some of his most recent interviews, Nomura has spoken about releasing a five-part series to recap the Kingdom Hearts series in preparation for Kingdom Hearts III. It seems that this project has just launched with it's very own (Japanese) website! The website includes links to all five videos (all of which are under five minutes long) and are split into various titles.

These videos are titled (according to the YouTube video names):
  • The Chapter of Departure, which summarizes Kingdom Hearts I
  • The Chapter of Memory, which summarizes Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories
  • The Chapter of Twilight, which summarizes Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
  • The Chapter of Dawn, which summarizes Kingdom Hearts II
  • The Chapter of Darkness, which summarizes Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and parts of Dream Drop Distance.
These videos can all also be found on the Square Enix Japan YouTube channel. The videos are (as stated previously by Nomura) narrated by Chirithy from Kingdom Hearts χ. These videos are currently avaible only with Japanese audio and no English subtitles.

Thanks to Project Destati for posting about it on their Twitter!

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As reported earlier in the week, Bring Arts figures for the the Toy Box forms of Sora, Donald, and Goofy would be included in a Deluxe Edition bundle of 'Kingdom Hearts III' that can be pre-ordered from Square-Enix's online store for $229.99. Well, now we got a closer look at the figures' prototypes (courtesy of Reddit's vitela19). Check out the images below:

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg