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In yet another interview at D23, Tetsuya Nomura got to speak with DualShockers' Azario Lopez about 'Kingdom Hearts III'. Not much of the information is different than what's been revealed previously, but it is a nice read nonetheless. Check out the interview below:
The interviews just keep coming! In an interview with Gameinformer Nomura talks about three main points, keyblade transformation, summons, and interactions with the environment.


The first point mentioned is about keyblade transformation, which Nomura had this to say:

Nomura then moves on to talk about summons, which we know will be included in the game, but have yet to be fully seen:


Finally, he mentions using the environment of the worlds that will be visited, saying:

Source: Gameinformer
GameSpot got a chance to talk with 'Kingdom Hearts' series director, Tetsuya Nomura, during D23 to talk about certain aspects of 'Kingdom Hearts III'. One of those things was the development time, which for many fans, felt a bit too long, in which Nomura states:
Nomura then talks about wanting to reveal all Disney worlds in KH3 prior to the game's release (something that has been done for every previous game in the series), saying:
Nomura also gets to talk about potential DLC, stating:
Finally, Nomura mentions how the worlds will have more to them than in previous entries, saying:

In a new interview with Tetsuya Nomura, we learned more about some of the details surround the development of the world itself, its story, and Nomura's love for the Toy Story franchise.

Throughout the interview, Nomura mentions previous plans to include Woody and Buzz since Kingdom Hearts II as well as the fact that the story for the Toy Story world will NOT be taking during any particular movie but will have its own story that takes place after Toy Story 2.

Normura also mentions various other tidbits including the name of the mechs that story can pilot (called Gigas) and that Galaxy Toys will be the main area for the Toy Story world.

There's a few other details throughout Gameinformer's article, so be sure to check it out and let us know what you think!

Source: Gameinformer
Speaking a bit with Game Informer after the huge KH3 reveal today at D23, 'Kingdom Hearts' series director, Tetsuya Nomura, confirmed that the Gummi Ship will return, stating:
Source: Game Informer