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As expected, a new KH3 trailer was released during the Kingdom Hearts event at D23. Check out the epic new trailer below:

In addition to that trailer, a shorter trailer previewing Utada's new song, “Don’t Think Twice”, was also released:


As the Kingdom Hearts event at D23 comes to a close, here is a recap of KH3 information that was revealed during the event:

-Monsters Inc. world has been officially confirmed (meaning those leaked images were in fact real)
-Marluxia and Vanitas are set to return
-Still scheduled to release in 2018
-KH3 will have a new Utada song named "Oath" in Japanese, “Don’t Think Twice” in English
-New clothes revealed for Mickey and Riku
-Summons return (confirmed ones include Ariel and Dream Eaters)

In addition to that, a trailer will be released soon, and will be posted once it is available online.

Source: @aibo_ac7

The first news to come out of the Kingdom Hearts event at D23 involves KH content to the mobile Final Fantasy game, Final Fantasy Record Keeper. Check out the trailer above. No word on whether this content will be available in the international version.
D23 Expo Japan 2018 has officially started! And while the KH-themed event is still a few hours away, a lot of Kingdom Hearts merchandise was on display, most of which have been seen before, and some that are new, such as the rubber clips shown in the tweet above. No word yet on whether they will be released outside of Japan.

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