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A 'Kingdom Hearts'-themed watch has been announced for release by Japanese online retailer ZOZOTOWN under its Rendez-Vous brand as part of the retailer's adult Disney Lifestyle collection. Only 50 of these watches will be available when they go on sale October 28th at 1:00 p.m. JST, and they will each cost ¥ 21,800 (about $193.39). Check out images of the watch below:

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg 8.jpg 9.jpg 10.jpg
Source: DTimes
gallery_37033_1982_233903.jpg gallery_37033_1982_122101.jpg gallery_37033_1982_272133.jpg

Later this month, a bunch of Kingdom Hearts keychains will be made available. They will cost 480 yen each, will be released on Amazon Japan and Rakuten (another Japanese website), and are made by Small Planet.

The keychains include the following:

Source: KH13

jack pixelly.png

Hahahaha! It's that time once again, friends! Welcome back to Halloween Town! It's so wonderful to see you! It seemed like you lovely Keyblade-wielding folks enjoyed our dress-up fun last year, so I arranged for us to once again hold the Unchained C

finkelstein final 200.png

(whisper whisper)

jack pixelly.png

...Sorry? "Union...Cross"? What's... Oh, never mind; that sounds silly! Welcome back to the Unchained Costume Spooktacular, everyone!

As you might imagine if you've not participated before, this is a costume contest! We will have five categories for entry: Coolest Costume, Silliest Costume, Cutest Costume, Scariest Costume, and Strangest Costume! Dress up your avatar in Kingdom Hearts Union x to fit whichever category you want to enter, take a screenshot, and post your picture in the respective thread! Oh, but don't be lazy and just equip an existing costume set for your entry! We all know what those look like; put a little creativity and effort into your entries! Mix and match things up! You can only enter one costume in each category, but you can enter in as many categories as you'd like! You'll have from today until 11:59pm Pacific Time on October 28 to submit your costumes! And on Halloween night itself, October 31, the winners will be announced!

You site members as a whole will be able to select their own winners by casting votes with Post Ratings! You can use a Like to give an entry one point, or a Creative to give an entry two points! Your votes are limited, however; you can only cast one Creative and two Like votes in each category! Costume voting will end at 6:00pm Pacific Time on October 31. While this goes on, we've rounded up five judges who will judge your entries as staff selections! Say hello, everyone!

sally final.jpg

Hello! It's lovely to see you again!

zero temp.png

Arf arf!


Heheheh! Got any candy for me?

finkelstein final 200.png

Yes, yes, hello. Where did I leave that scalpel...?

halloween sora y2.png

Hi there!~ How's it going?​

jack pixelly.png

Some of our judges may also be submitting costumes, but will only be eligible for the Member Selection, to keep things nice and fair. The top Judge and Member Selections in each category will win this handsome-looking pin to add to their collections!


And let's be honest, who wouldn't want this lovely piece of memorabilia? Hmm?

Remember, entries are open from today until 11:59pm PT on October 28! Use the 29th, 30th, and the beginning of the 31st to cast your votes! Put together the most perfect costumes you can and submit your entries here! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Welcome back to Daybreak Town! Everyone ready to see how your hard work has stacked up?

In fifth place this week is KHV_Vulpes with a total of 861,069 Lux! The top scorer was @Lije with 743,612 Lux—about 86% of the party's earnings. @Fearless followed with 101,396 Lux, and @Roxam with 16,061 Lux.

In fourth place this week is KHV_Leopardus with a total of 5,709,577 Lux! The top scorer was @KSoleAngel with 5,651,538 Lux—about 99% of the party's earnings. @Arch Hates Dean followed with 47,193 Lux, and @hazel with 9,378 Lux.

In third place this week is KHV_Ursus with a total of 37,408,039 Lux! The top scorer was @Plums with 22,843,130 Lux—about 61% of the party's earnings. @tamale followed with 14,538,181 Lux, and @O.KnightofTwilight with 26,728 Lux.

In second place this week is KHV_Unicornis with a total of 89,921,700 Lux! The top scorer was @GarrettFinch with 49,144,801 Lux—about 55% of the party's earnings. @Swordsman_John followed with 37,351,128 Lux, and @Aelin Fireheart with 2,364,655 Lux.

In first place this week is KHV_Anguis with a total of 200,110,987 Lux! The top scorer was @Explode with 158,310,046 Lux—about 79% of the party's earnings. @61 followed with 20,934,835 Lux, and @Mixt with 10,928,266 Lux.
  1. KHV_Anguis
  2. KHV_Unicornis
  3. KHV_Ursus
  4. KHV_Leopardus
  5. KHV_Vulpes
Congratulations to the Keyblade wielders of KHV_Anguis! Master Invi would be thrilled with all your work! You've maintained the top position for three consecutive weeks, and have earned the Party Don't Stop pin! Congratulations!

Special congratulations to this week's top scorers from each party—Lije, KSoleAngel, Plums, GarrettFinch, and Explode! You'll all be sent special pins to commemorate your accomplishments if you've not yet received one!

If you want to join in the competition, you can still sign up for our official KHV parties here!

NOTE: If your Player ID is not already recorded in the party sign-up thread, please post it there in order to facilitate the creation of these leaderboards every week!

See you all back here at the fountain plaza next week!
At the grand opening of Square-Enix Cafe Osaka, attendees were surprised by the appearance of both 'Kingdom Hearts' series director, Tetsuya Nomura, and executive producer, Shinji Hasimoto, with Nomura (along with other members of the dev team) providing some new information on the series:
  • Sora's height is 160 cm (roughly 5'3'').
  • As for Xehanort, they can't give an exact height but perhaps more than 180cm (roughly 5'11'')
  • They have decided on heights for the other characters, but are unsure if they want to announce it
  • Staff members usually travel abroad as Square Enix delegates to meet with Disney.
  • Sea Salt Ice Creams at the event have winner sticks among them at the event which are able to be exchanged for a free coaster.
  • They worked hard to host the Café, and maybe there are no more chances to do so, so Nomura asked everyone to enjoy that month.
  • "Firstly, when Mr. Hashimoto went to sign my copy, he said, "Please get a signature from the creators first. I'll write in the remaining gap after that," when I was thanking the developers. He's so nice."
  • "Then, "I love Saix and Axel so we're waiting for more infos!!!" I said to Mr. Nomura in a passionate way."
  • In Union X[cross] Ven is himself (personality and memories). In other words, it is the real Ven.
  • Kairi and Riku's new clothes are pretty similar (There's a hood. However changes are still made daily.)
  • Initial art was only shown here during the short presentation
  • The story of Union X[cross] will not be completed in KH3 (not everything will be addressed in KH3)
  • Like other Disney characters, you can consider Sora's birthday to be the day of his screen debut (March 28)
  • Young Xehanort and Xemnas are still under development since their reveal in recent trailers, so adjustments are being made to their faces. Because changes have been made since KH2, adjustments such as lengthening the jaw is difficult. (Yamasaki)
  • There is demand for figurines of supporting characters and Organization XIII. Nomura will think about it
  • Although it has been confirmed that D23 was the place to present new information for KH3, it is undecided where the next one will be revealed
  • There are no plans to release a Nomura art collection at the moment
  • There are no plans for selling a promotional trailer collection for the time being
  • When asked if any character other than Sora will be playable, Nomura comments that such a world exists where this possible, but he can't currently say who it'll be
Source: & KHInsider