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Square-Enix has announced through its Japanese e-store that an album based on Kingdom Hearts Concert - First Breath -, which was performed in Japan last August, will be released on July 26th, and will be sold for 3,564¥ ($32.01) for a limited time. In addition to the album announcement, Yoko Shimomura posted a message regarding the album, saying:
Credit to's Katie Armstrong for the translated message

Recently, we reported on Square Enix's Fiscal Report, which listed Kingdom Hearts III as 2018 and beyond.

Now, it another report has been released featuring the actual presentation outline. And according to this report, President and CEO of Square Enix, Yosuke Matsuda, said that both Kingdom Hearts III, as well as the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, will be released "in the next three years or so."

So that means that both games will released in 2020 (give or take), making rumors of a 2018 release date maybe false. But hey, we don't know what E3 has in store for KH yet. When we know more Kigdom Hearts III info, we'll be sure to let you know!

Source: Gematsu

Thanks to @C for letting us know about this!
Japanese retailer Ichiban Kuji is selling KH-themed collection cards, with each card containing artwork from the series. You could check out how the cards will look like below:

DAkJDO3XgAIJ22O.jpg DAjB_KrXkAAK1-p.jpg DAfeysOWAAAYGQQ.jpg
The cards will be on sale until August 31st, and will cost 150 ¥ ($1.34) each.

Source for images: @print1KUJI, @ArikaMiz, and @naxkia
Previously, we reported (on two separate occasions) that Diamond Select Toys was working on Kingdom Hearts figures. Well, it looks like they got the license to sell them because according to Gamespot, TWO packs will be coming out this fall.

3236573-set2_final.jpg 3236568-set1_final.jpg

This first of these packs will include Mickey, Axel, and a Shadow Heartless. The second will include Sora, a Dusk Nobody, and a Soldier Heartless. Each pack will be $25 and will be between four and seven inches tall (depending on the figure).

That's all we know for now, but we'll be sure to let you know when we know more. Will pack will you be getting first?(Take a wild guess at which I'll be getting--it's not hard :p)

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