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It appears that the official website of the upcoming mobile game, 'Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road', has gone live, providing us with additional screenshots of the game and preliminary information on the game. The screenshots included (which you can check out below) give us an additional look at the game's main characters (including their Gandalf-esque master), as well as more gameplay screenshots and in-game models of Xehanort and Eraqus:

1.jpg 6.png 9.png 10.png 2.png 4.png 5.png 3.png 7.png 8.png
Besides screenshots, the website also contains the following information in regards to what the game is about, and in regards to the game's main setting, Scala ad Caelum:
KINGDOM HEARTS DARK ROAD can be played easily with taps and swipes on your smart phone and is stress free with no complicated leveling or evolving! Level up through Auto Mode or enjoy strategic battles with bosses. Why did Master Xehanort, a major figure in the KINGDOM HEARTS series, become the seeker of darkness? That very mystery paints the story of his youth as he studies to become a Keyblade Wielder.
A world lined with grand structures cascading down peaks like stairs. Keyblade Wielders and the youth who aim to become such gather here, earning it the name “City of Keyblade Wielders.”
EDIT: It appears the site is inaccessible now, and seemingly went live by accident last night.
As teased two days ago, more information from the upcoming mobile game, 'Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road', has been revealed in the game's Twitter account. This time, the new information comes in the form of new screenshots, giving us a glimpse of the gameplay, as well as a look into the four new characters, and Ansem Seeker of Darkness! Check out the screenshots below:

Screenshot05.png Screenshot06.png Screenshot07.png Screenshot08.png Screenshot03.png Screenshot04.png Screenshot01.png Screenshot02.png
As promised, Square-Enix has revealed new information on the upcoming mobile game, 'Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road'. The game's official Twitter account revealed four brand new characters from the game who appear to be friends of Xehanort and Eraqus. The characters' names are Urd, Hermod, Bragi, and Vor (interestingly, these names, along with Skuld from 'Union X[cross]', have a connection to Norse mythology). Check out images of the new characters below:

Bragi.jpg Hermod.jpg Urd.jpg Vor.jpg
Also, another announcement related to the game will be made on June 10th. We'll be sure to report it once it is revealed.

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For the past few weeks, there have been unverifiable rumors stating that a 'Kingdom Hearts' show was in the works. However, it seems like some trustworthy reporters have corroborated the claims, hinting that there really is a 'Kingdom Hearts' show in the works:
As the above tweet states, the show will be CG animated, with Disney VO actors expected to reprise their roles, and is expected to head straight to Disney's video streaming service, Disney+.
Another interesting detail mentioned in the above tweet is that Square-Enix appears to be animating the pilot using Unreal Engine, the same engine that was used to develop 'Kingdom Hearts III', so expect the show to have similar quality to the game's cutscenes.