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News covering the general Kingdom Hearts series, including merchandise and other miscellany.

7net, a Japanese retailer that recently revealed limited edition Kingdom Hearts merchandise for sale this year, has revealed a whole lot more merchandise coming in the next few months.

First off, releasing in August 23, 2017 will be smartphone stands, a set of small plates, a stainless steel bottle, and a tumbler glass pair, which you can check out below:

gallery_58812_1824_3721.jpg gallery_58812_1824_3864.jpg gallery_58812_1824_12398.jpg gallery_58812_1824_49818.jpg gallery_58812_1825_10540.jpg gallery_58812_1826_45564.jpg gallery_58812_1826_48410.jpg gallery_58812_1827_11079.jpg gallery_58812_1827_69920.jpg gallery_58812_1827_81736.jpg

Next up, releasing on August 27, 2017 are two A7 size memo pads:

gallery_58812_1823_67664.jpg gallery_58812_1823_82034.jpg

Then on September 16, 2017, a Sora stained glass leather key ring will be available (with the choice of white or black):

gallery_58812_1821_20870.jpg gallery_58812_1821_39845.jpg

And finally, on September 28, 2017, 10 different necklaces will be released, and you can check them out below:

gallery_58812_1822_327.jpg gallery_58812_1822_1892.jpg gallery_58812_1822_2861.jpg gallery_58812_1822_3489.jpg gallery_58812_1822_4424.jpg gallery_58812_1822_4902.jpg gallery_58812_1822_5176.jpg gallery_58812_1822_6326.jpg gallery_58812_1822_6327.jpg gallery_58812_1822_9209.jpg gallery_58812_1822_11862.jpg gallery_58812_1822_11950.jpg gallery_58812_1822_12828.jpg gallery_58812_1822_16511.jpg gallery_58812_1822_17684.jpg gallery_58812_1822_17905.jpg gallery_58812_1822_18264.jpg gallery_58812_1822_18551.jpg gallery_58812_1822_18793.jpg gallery_58812_1822_18988.jpg gallery_58812_1822_21439.jpg gallery_58812_1822_30471.jpg gallery_58812_1822_31071.jpg gallery_58812_1822_31218.jpg gallery_58812_1822_31921.jpg gallery_58812_1822_43785.jpg gallery_58812_1822_47440.jpg gallery_58812_1822_52328.jpg
Source: & @aibo_ac7
Game Informer recently got a chance to speak with 'Kingdom Hearts' series composer, Yoko Shimomura, during the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra -World Tour- concert in Los Angeles, where she discusses her work with the series, including her current work on 'Kingdom Hearts III'. Check it out below:
Source: Game Informer
In addition to the Sora SHFiguarts figure revealed recently, Bandai Namco featured more KH figures at the International Tokyo Toy Show, which include:
  • King Mickey SHFiguarts
  • Donald Duck SHFiguarts
  • Goofy SHFiguarts
  • Kingdom Key PROPLICA
Check out images of the newly revealed merchandise below:

201706010115411.jpg 201706010115541.jpg 201706010120411.jpg 201706010115571-1.jpg
There is currently no release date yet for the above merchandise.

Square-Enix has announced through its Japanese e-store that an album based on Kingdom Hearts Concert - First Breath -, which was performed in Japan last August, will be released on July 26th, and will be sold for 3,564¥ ($32.01) for a limited time. In addition to the album announcement, Yoko Shimomura posted a message regarding the album, saying:
Credit to's Katie Armstrong for the translated message
Japanese retailer Ichiban Kuji is selling KH-themed collection cards, with each card containing artwork from the series. You could check out how the cards will look like below:

DAkJDO3XgAIJ22O.jpg DAjB_KrXkAAK1-p.jpg DAfeysOWAAAYGQQ.jpg
The cards will be on sale until August 31st, and will cost 150 ¥ ($1.34) each.

Source for images: @print1KUJI, @ArikaMiz, and @naxkia