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With Halloween about 3 months away, stores seem to be starting to unveil new lines of costumes for this year's Halloween. Some of those costumes happen to be Kingdom Hearts-themed! Spirit Halloween has a King Mickey Organization XIII outfit (in both children and adult sizes), an adult-sized Kingdom Hearts II Riku outfit (wig included, but pants and shoes sold separately), and a children-sized Kingdom Hearts II Sora outfit (Keyblade sold separately). In addition to the outfits, Spirit Halloween and Spencers are both selling props, with the Oblivion Keyblade sold exclusively at Spencers, while Mickey's Kingdom Key D and Pumpkinhead are sold at both stores. The props and children's outfits are sold for $39.99, while the adult outfits sell for $49.99. Check out images, as well as links to purchase all this merchandise, below:

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  • Adult Organization XIII King Mickey (purchase here)
  • Children Organization XIII King Mickey (purchase here)
  • Adult Kingdom Hearts II Riku (purchase here)
  • Children Kingdom Hearts II Sora (purchase here)
  • Oblivion Keyblade (purchase here)
  • Mickey's Kingdom Key D (purchase here or here)
  • Pumpkinhead Keybalde (purchase here or here)
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Although it's been weeks since E3 ended, a new interview with director Tetsuya Nomura from the event was posted in IGN Brasil.

When asked on who his favorite character is, Nomura says:
On dark themes in 'Kingdom Hearts III', Nomura states:
On world selection, Nomura says:
Nomura also reveals a surprising fact regarding world selection, stating that 'Mary Poppins' was actually being considered as a potential world over the years, but he was never able to figure out how to include it in a KH game. Regarding this, Nomura says:
And when asked about the popularity of 'Kingdom Hearts' in Brazil, Nomura replies:
Not too long after a Sora Nendoroid figure was announced, we now have confirmation that a Riku Nendoroid figure is on the way as well (which you can check out in the tweet below):
No other details have been revealed, but it's very likely that, like the Sora figure, the Riku figure could be released in December as well.
Although E3 has come and gone, and 'Kingdom Hearts' fans are still processing the information overload from the event, Game Informer has revealed some new tidbits from an interview with director Tetsuya Nomura on 'Kingdom Hearts III'.

In regards to the premiere event that allowed certain people to try out the long-awaited game for the first time, Nomura states:
On Sora and his positive spirit, Nomura says:
How Nomura recommends playing the series:
Nomura on what goes into creating a Keyblade:
And finally, Nomura reveals what he personally is most excited for in 'Kingdom Hearts III':
Source: Game Informer
During a Q&A session at Square-Enix's Annual Shareholders Meeting in Tokyo this past week, the topic of a 'Kingdom Hearts' presence at one of Disney's theme parks was brought up, with a fan asking executive producer Shinji Hashimoto:
As for Hashimoto's response:
Obviously, this isn't a confirmation that there will be a 'Kingdom Hearts' presence in the near future. However, fans will certainly be happy to know that Hashimoto would like to see this be a reality, and is willing to approach Disney about it.