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News covering the general Kingdom Hearts series, including merchandise and other miscellany.

To celebrate Utada Hikaru's new album scheduled for release in 2018, as well as doing a live tour across Japan in the same year (which she hasn't done since 2006), it has been announced that all of Utada Hikaru's songs from "Automatic" (released in 1998) to her 6th album, "Fantôme" (released in 2016), are now available in music subscription services in various major platforms (such as Apple Music). Spotify, however, will get the songs on January 8th. Included among the songs available are the two main 'Kingdom Hearts' themes, "Hikari/Simple & Clean" and "Passion/Sanctuary".
Hot Topic has revealed an online exclusive Kingdom Hearts-themed pocket watch necklace now available for sale. Check it out below:

11098955_av1.jpeg 11098955_av2.jpeg 11098955_av3.jpeg 11098955_hi.jpeg
This necklace can be purchased from here for $24.90. Also, be sure to check out a bunch of other Kingdom Hearts merchandise from Hot Topic for all your holiday shopping!
Months ago, it was confirmed that 'Kingdom Hearts' will be making an appearance at D23 Expo Japan 2018, which takes place from February 10, 2018 to February 12, 2018. Now, the official D23 Expo Japan website has confirmed that the KH panel (currently being called "Kingdom Hearts Fan Event") will be taking place at the Disney Magical Theater program during the expo's first day, February 10, 2018. The Kingdom Hearts themed event will run from 4:00 p.m. to 5:20 p.m. JST (2:00 a.m. to 3:20 AM EST).
In addition to the Organization XIII King Mickey Funko Pop figure, BoxLunch has also revealed two additional pieces of exclusive 'Kingdom Hearts' merchandise. First off is a woven ring bracelet sold for $12.90 (purchase link):

11151527_av1.jpeg 11151527_hi.jpeg
Next up is a necklace based on the Kingdom Key D Keyblade, sold for $18.90 (purchase link):

11151529_av1.jpeg 11151529_hi.jpeg
Elsewhere, a 'Kingdom Hearts' themed watchman beanie featuring the famous stained art glass of Sora is being sold at Hot Topic for $14.90. Check it out below:

11064911_hi.jpeg 11064911_av2.jpeg 11064911_av1.jpeg
KHSet1_FINAL.jpg KHSet2_FINAL.jpg
The 'Kingdom Hearts' Diamond Select Figures, which have been announced earlier this year, will finally be releasing this week in comic shops and specialty stores, and they will include the two following packages:
  • Sora with Kingdom Key, Dusk with articulated support stand, and a Soldier Heartless
  • King Mickey with Star Seeker Keyblade, Axel with chakrams, and a Shadow Heartless
KH_Select_Mickey_Axel_Shadow1.jpg KH_Select_Sora_Dusk_Soldier1.jpg
Additionally, Diamond Select Toys also announced exclusive packages for certain retailers. They are as following:

  • Sora
  • King Mickey with an exclusive Kingdom Key and an exclusive figurine of Pluto with an articulated neck
  • Axel with his chakrams
KH_Walgreens_Axel.jpg KH_Walgreens_Mickey.jpg WalgreensSoraFront.jpg
Toys "R" Us
  • King Mickey with Star Seeker Keyblade, and Dusk with articulated support stand
  • Axel with chakrams and Shadow Heartless
  • Master Form Sora with Kingdom Key and Soldier Heartless
KH_Gamestopfigures_Mickey_Duskpkg.jpg KH_Gamestopfigures_Shadow_Axelpkg.jpg KH_TRU_Sora.jpg
  • Valor Form Sora with Kingdom Key and Soldier Heartless
  • Sora with Kingdom Key and Soldier Heartless
KH_Gamestopfigures_Soldier_Sorapkg.jpg KH_Gamestopfigures_Soldier_ValorSorapkg.jpg
  • Wisdom Form Sora with Kingdom Key and Soldier Heartless
Diamond Select Toys also announced a Series 2 line of figures to be released in Spring 2018, and they will include:
  • Roxas with Oathkeeper keyblade, Donald with Mage’s Staff, and Goofy with Shield
  • Aqua with Rainfell Keyblade, and Goofy from Birth By Sleep
  • Pete, Chip & Dale, and Soldier Heartless
Source: Diamond Select Toys