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With just a day or two until Utada Hikaru's new album comes out in Japan, we knew we'd be hearing the full (Japanese) opening for Kingdom Hearts III soon, but we didn't realize HOW soon! A video has surfaced online with the full song in high quality thanks to Youtuber htmsd!

Utada Hikaru's album can still be preordered from Itunes Japan over here to check out her other songs on the album when it is released. Still no word on when the full version of the English opening will be released however.

Let us know what you think about the full Japanese opening down below!

And the Kingdom Hearts Funko POP collection continues! King Mickey in the Black Coat with a keyblade will be a San Diego Comic Con exclusive, similar to the Halloween Town Donald and Goofy from New York Comic Con last year.

It has not been revealed where he will be a shared exclusive too as of right now, but we’ll let you know when we know!

Examples of the leaflets being handed out. Photo credit to @seria18 on Twitter!

Similar to Memorial Clock Exhibit in January of last year, Square Enix will be doing another Kingdom Hearts exhibit from June 25th to July 1st. This event will be less 'involved' than the previous event with a special board being posted in Shinjuku Station. These boards show screenshots from Kingdom Hearts III and include the books shown in the recap videos that were posted last week. Leaflets will also be given out at certain times of day during the event. There has also been a special website set up for those for cannot attend

Each leaflet has it's own quote which seem to be lines from Kingdom Hearts III. These quotes have all been translated by Goldpanner:

WOW! What do y'all think about these quotes? Let us know in the comments down below!

Welcome back to Daybreak Town! Everyone ready to see how your hard work has stacked up?

In fifth place this week is KHV_Vulpes with a total of 213,824 Lux! The top scorer was @Fearless with 168,372 Lux—about 79% of the party's earnings. @Lije followed with 42,812 Lux, and @Capt. Jack Sparrow with 2,640 Lux.

In fourth place this week is KHV_Anguis with a total of 1,472,045,920 Lux! The top scorer was @Explode with 1,069,908,340 Lux—about 73% of the party's earnings. @Aurum followed with 356,793,526 Lux, and @Mixt with 45,272,669 Lux.

In third place this week is KHV_Unicornis with a total of 2,673,533,743 Lux! The top scorer was @GarrettFinch with 1,548,223,317 Lux—about 58% of the party's earnings. @Swordsman_John followed with 866,388,937 Lux, and @Plums with 184,397,712 Lux.

In second place this week is KHV_Ursus with a total of 3,871,227,348 Lux! The top scorer was @tamale with 3,871,227,348 Lux—exactly 100% of the party's earnings.

In first place this week is KHV_Leopardus with a total of 14,340,338,392 Lux! The top scorer was @Cat~ with 14,340,176,850 Lux—about 99% of the party's earnings. @Haseo followed with 141,837 Lux, and @Tedium with 19,705 Lux.
  1. KHV_Leopardus
  2. KHV_Ursus
  3. KHV_Unicornis
  4. KHV_Anguis
  5. KHV_Vulpes
Congratulations to the Keyblade wielders of KHV_Leopardus! Master Gula would be thrilled with all your work! Maintain your top position for two more weeks to earn the Party Don't Stop pin!

Special congratulations to this week's top scorers from each party—Fearless, Explode, GarrettFinch, tamale, and Cat~! You'll all be sent special pins to commemorate your accomplishments if you've not yet received one!

If you want to join in the competition, you can still sign up for our official KHV parties here!

NOTE: If your Player ID is not already recorded in the party sign-up thread, please post it there in order to facilitate the creation of these leaderboards every week!

See you all back here at the fountain plaza next week!
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