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Following the release of the finale to 'Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road' last month, a new update for the game has been released today, which takes care of some bug fixes, as well as some adjustments to the story dialogue/cutscenes:

Hey everyone, the next batch of Kingdom Hearts III cutscenes in 4K FPS are out now! This one covers all worlds from Monstropolis to Land of Departure.

To recap what makes these videos special, they feature:

- PC version with Max Settings
- 4K Resolution
- 60 Frames Per Second
- Dual Audio tracks (English, and English without music)

You can download everything here:
Kingdom Hearts III Cutscenes (4K)(60FPS)

Alternatively, you can watch the cutscenes online using this YouTube Playlist, mind you the quality is not quite as good, and doesn't have dual audio functionality.

In the next release, we'll be rounding off KH3 with the end-game, DLC, and other loose ends. Look forward to it!
Disney Japan announced in the Tweet above that they will be hosting a discussion celebrating the Kingdom Hearts 20th anniversary on Wednesday, August 31st at 7am EST. No details have been given on what this discussion will entail, but it is assumed that this will the first in a series of discussions related to the Kingdom Hearts 20th anniversary.
This past Friday, the long awaited finale to 'Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road' was finally released, and to celebrate the release, Square-Enix released a Q&A (see Tweet above) with director, Tetsuya Nomura, where he answers 13 questions (yes, seriously) on the game's finale and its connection to other games in the series. The translated Q&A can be read below (credit to KH13's @RyujiBlades for the translations). Be aware, the Q&A contains massive spoilers for 'Dark Road', so read only after completing the game:

After around 4 months of waiting, Square-Enix has finally released a video recapping events from the Kingdom Hearts Anniversary Event that took place back in April, which you can view below:

In addition, a specific release date for the finale of 'Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road' has finally been announced, with the long awaited conclusion to that story releasing August 26th!