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Welcome back to Daybreak Town! Everyone ready to see how your hard work has stacked up?

In fifth place this week is KHV_Vulpes with a total of 44,233,555 Lux! The top scorer was @Fearless with 27,000,536 Lux—about 61% of the party's earnings. @Lije followed with 14,858,277 Lux, and @Roxam with 2,374,742 Lux.

In fourth place this week is KHV_Anguis with a total of 1,524,820,811 Lux! The top scorer was @~Acy_XIII~ with 1,021,931,798 Lux—about 67% of the party's earnings. @Explode followed with 498,064,290 Lux, and @61 with 4,664,425 Lux.

In third place this week is KHV_Leopardus with a total of 1,599,237,697 Lux! The top scorer was @Haseo with 1,561,007,935 Lux—about 98% of the party's earnings. @Cat~ followed with 36,550,701 Lux, and @Noizless with 1,666,088 Lux.

In second place this week is KHV_Ursus with a total of 5,428,821,998 Lux! The top scorer was @tamale with 5,428,821,998 Lux—exactly 100% of the party's earnings.

In first place this week is KHV_Unicornis with a total of 5,835,102,605 Lux! The top scorer was @GarrettFinch with 3,456,864,363 Lux—about 59% of the party's earnings. @Swordsman_John followed with 1,533,583,008 Lux, and @tokiodreamy with 676,449,731 Lux.
  1. KHV_Unicornis
  2. KHV_Ursus
  3. KHV_Leopardus
  4. KHV_Anguis
  5. KHV_Vulpes
Congratulations to the Keyblade wielders of KHV_Unicornis! Master Ira would be thrilled with all your work! Maintain your top position for two more weeks to earn the Party Don't Stop pin!

Special congratulations to this week's top scorers from each party—Fearless, ~Acy_XIII~, Haseo, tamale, and GarrettFinch! You'll all be sent special pins to commemorate your accomplishments if you've not yet received one!

If you want to join in the competition, you can still sign up for our official KHV parties here!

NOTE: If your Player ID is not already recorded in the party sign-up thread, please post it there in order to facilitate the creation of these leaderboards every week!

See you all back here at the fountain plaza next week!
It's been announced that a new Funko Pop figure based on Sora's Drive Form in 'Kingdom Hearts III' will be released on November 23rd, sold exclusively at Best Buy for $9.99. Check out the figure below:

In preparation for KH3's release in January, Square-Enix has announced a new compilation for the PS4 containing 'HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMix' and 'HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue', titled 'Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far', which is scheduled to be available October 30th, retailing at $39.99. The compilation currently is only scheduled for release in the U.S. Check out the announcement below:
upload_2018-10-3_21-23-53.png upload_2018-10-3_21-24-38.png

PDP has announced that a KH3-themed wired Xbox One controller will be available for purchase on December 4th for $34.99. Check out the details below:
  • Officially licensed by Disney and Square Enix
  • Compatible with the PDP Control Hub - a free application on Xbox One and Windows 10 that lets you customize your controller
  • 3.5 mm headset jack with onboard audio controls
  • Detachable 10 foot cable
  • Dual rumble motors
  • Compatible with Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, and Windows 10
  • Dual textured trigger and shoulder buttons
GameStop has announced that a 'Kingdom Hearts III' themed sweepstakes will be taking place this month! The sweepstakes prizes include:
  • Kingdom Hearts III Deluxe Edition + Bring Arts Figures for PS4 or Xbox One
  • Blu-ray Library of Disney titles that appear in Kingdom Hearts III
  • Xbox One X Game Console and Playstation 4 Console
  • Vizio 70-Inch 4K Smart TV
  • Samsung 5.1 Home Theater System
No purchase is necessary to enter or win the sweepstakes, which ends on October 31st. Check out the official rules here.