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It's been announced today that Dark Horse Books will publish the first ever Ultimania Kingdom Hearts book in the west, titled 'Kingdom Hearts Ultimania: The Story Before Kingdom Hearts III'. This Ultimania book is based on the 'Kingdom Hearts Series Memorial Ultimania' book released in Japan back in 2014 around the time of the release of 'Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMix'. The book can be pre-ordered from Amazon for $44.99.
'Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory' has now officially released worldwide on the PS4, XBONE, and Nintendo Switch, allowing fans of the series to relive their favorite tracks from the series while experiencing a follow-up to the events of KH3 Re:Mind! To celebrate the occasion, Tetsuya Nomura shared the following message to fans:

After nearly two years since its release, 'Kingdom Hearts III' finally has an official soundtrack that fans can purchase and listen to! The soundtrack can be purchased/streamed from the following locations:
With 'Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory' scheduled to be released in Japan a week from today (and November 13th elsewhere), Square-Enix is hyping up fans by releasing several screenshots that you can check out below (which confirm that King Mickey is a fourth playable character in certain situations):

Screenshot_001.jpg Screenshot_002.jpg Screenshot_003.jpg Screenshot_004.jpg Screenshot_005.jpg Screenshot_006.jpg Screenshot_007.jpg Screenshot_008.jpg Screenshot_009.jpg Screenshot_010.jpg Screenshot_011.jpg Screenshot_012.jpg Screenshot_013.jpg Screenshot_014.jpg
In addition to the above screenshots, new character renders of King Mickey and Kairi were released:

004.jpg 007.jpg
Today, we finally got confirmation from Tetsuya Nomura himself in the Tweet above that the 'Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory' demo will be available to download tomorrow, October 15th! The demo will be available on all three consoles the game will be released on (PS4, XBONE, and the Switch).