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It is with great sadness we have to report the death of a voice actor involved with the 'Kingdom Hearts' series. Robert Guillaume, better known to Disney fans as the voice of Rafiki from 'The Lion KIng', a role he reprised in Kingdom Hearts II, has died in his home in Los Angeles today at the age of 89 after battling prostate cancer. Our thoughts are with his friends and family who are mourning his loss.

Source: The Sun

According to Amazon Germany, a Kingdom Hearts bundle including all the games in the franchise (with the three HD movies) will be collected into one bundle for the PS4. This means that this bundle includes Kingdom Hearts 1.5, 2.5 and 2.8. Cording to the Koch Media website, the bundle will be released November 24th.

Would you guys like to see this bundle outside of Germany? Let us know in the comments down below!

Source: Gematsu
Keychains modeled after the five Foretellers' Keyblades have been announced by Square-Enix to be released in March. The keychains are currently available for pre-order for $17.99 each until November 2nd, after which it'll cost $19.99 to pre-order each one. Check out the keychains below:

2a85e06af18a7df92abdae99930d2482_KR_369.jpg 8a9777893c05d8977ce4e8b8873e8567_KR_369.jpg 9d734db2df77a498daa45fb5d198f349_KR_369.jpg 11ab3c958633e7cda5eef9b694691a65_KR_369.jpg 06407292410a13dc0140e4ab61f55468_KR_369.jpg c7d550e0ddaa3ef1190723dae0ed8b1b_KR_369.jpg ca3ea3191c8dc0300b241652ddb7d040_KR_369.jpg d370b1fe2d0b91499760a6a40e1b41a4_KR_369.jpg dff2aad535616a47e233eeb79173f0fb_KR_369.jpg fff15f3eda0bf97f0f7cb97f3e14d6da_KR_369.jpg
You can pre-order each individual keychain from the following links:

Welcome back to Daybreak Town! Everyone ready to see how your hard work has stacked up?

In fifth place this week is KHV_Vulpes with a total of 69,136 Lux! The top scorer was @Fearless with 58,814 Lux—about 85% of the party's earnings. @Lije followed with 9,475 Lux, and @Roxam with 847 Lux.

In fourth place this week is KHV_Ursus with a total of 12,716,386 Lux! The top scorer was @tamale with 12,714,229 Lux—about 99% of the party's earnings. @O.KnightofTwilight followed with 2,157 Lux.

In third place this week is KHV_Unicornis with a total of 20,607,137 Lux! The top scorer was @GarrettFinch with 11,116,962 Lux—about 54% of the party's earnings. @Swordsman_John followed with 4,652,198 Lux, and @Plums with 2,692,012 Lux.

In second place this week is KHV_Leopardus with a total of 25,300,945 Lux! The top scorer was @KSoleAngel with 21,552,382 Lux—about 85% of the party's earnings. @Haseo followed with 2,394,870 Lux, and @Arch Hates Dean with 1,309,311 Lux.

In first place this week is KHV_Anguis with a total of 36,569,305 Lux! The top scorer was @Explode with 34,325,092 Lux—about 94% of the party's earnings. @Mixt followed with 1,176,485 Lux, and @Day~Dream with 1,046,818 Lux.
  1. KHV_Anguis
  2. KHV_Leopardus
  3. KHV_Unicornis
  4. KHV_Ursus
  5. KHV_Vulpes
Congratulations to the Keyblade wielders of KHV_Anguis! Master Invi would be thrilled with all your work! Maintain your position for two more weeks to earn the Party Don't Stop pin!

Special congratulations to this week's top scorers from each party—Fearless, tamale, GarrettFinch, KSoleAngel, and Explode! You'll all be sent special pins to commemorate your accomplishments if you've not yet received one!

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Hot Topic has released more Kingdom Hearts merch! This time it's a bedroom set! This set is online exclusive and includes a comforter, King Mickey throw pillow, and pillow cases.

The comforter (for a Full/Queen bed) is a group shot of Sora, Donald, Goofy, and King Mickey. It costs $89.90 but is currently on sale for $71.92

The throw pillow has a design with King Mickey and can be purchased for $26.90, but is on sale for $21.52.

Finally, the pillow cases include the quote "A scattered dream that's like a far-off memory... a far-off memory that's like a scattered dream." and include the stained glass from Sora's awakening. The pillow cases cost $15.90, but are on sale for $12.72. However, at the time of posting, they are currently out of stock.

The entire set can be found here and at this point, can only be sold separately (as the pillow cases aren't in stock, but darn it I want them!).

Huge shout out to: @churroz on Twitter. I may have squealed when I saw this