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After nearly two years since its release, 'Kingdom Hearts III' finally has an official soundtrack that fans can purchase and listen to! The soundtrack can be purchased/streamed from the following locations:
The official 'Kingdom Hearts III' Japanese website was updated today, revealing the entire tracklist for the soundtrack, finally providing us official names for tracks we've heard not only from 'Kingdom Hearts III', but also in 2.8 HD Final Chapter Prologue as well as in Unchained X[chi]! Check out the tracklist below:

  • 1 誓い -KINGDOM Orchestra Instrumental Version-
  • 2 Face My Fears -KINGDOM Orchestra Instrumental Version-
  • 3 Dearly Beloved -KINGDOM HEARTS III Version-
  • 4 Face My Fears (Japanese Version)
  • 5 Dive into the Heart -Destati- Third Inception
  • 6 Burning Ambition
  • 7 Return of the Titans
  • 8 Mount Olympus
  • 9 Hero's Fanfare
  • 10 The Deep End -Rock Titan's Rage-
  • 11 Olympus Coliseum -The Shining Summit-
  • 12 Go for It! -Into the Clouds-
  • 13 Titanic Clash
  • 14 Sky of Wonder
  • 15 First Flight
  • 16 Engage!
  • 17 Heart of Mystery
  • 18 The Afternoon Streets -KINGDOM HEARTS III Version-
  • 19 Working Together -KINGDOM HEARTS III Version-
  • 20 Pixel Hero
  • 21 The Little Chef
  • 1 Dearly Beloved -Forest Memory-
  • 3 君はともだち -KINGDOM HEARTS III Version-
  • 4 Toy Box Jam
  • 5 Shrouding Dark Cloud -Gigas Blast-
  • 6 It's a New Record!
  • 7 The Corrupted -Monstrous Monsters-
  • 8 Sora -Orchestra of Toads-
  • 9 Tension Rising -Angelic Amber-
  • 10 Friendship's Union
  • 11 Skyward Striker
  • 12 Happy Hair Day
  • 13 Swingin' Free
  • 14 Happy Hair Day -Into the Forest Deep-
  • 15 Swingin' Free -Into the Forest Deep-
  • 16 Maximus's Matchup
  • 17 Rowdy Rumble -The Crazy Carriage-
  • 18 Say Cheese!
  • 19 Sunshine Dancer
  • 20 Lanterns in the Sky
  • 21 Tension Rising -Reaper's Revenge-
  • 22 The Lost Princess
  • 23 The Falling
  • 24 Anger Unchained
  • 25 Teardrop of the Sun
  • 1 Shipmeisters' Shanty -KINGDOM HEARTS III Version-
  • 2 Blast Off! -KINGDOM HEARTS III Version-
  • 3 Star Explorer
  • 4 Lock, Load, and Blast!
  • 5 Crossing the Finish Line -KINGDOM HEARTS III Version-
  • 6 Monstropolis Now
  • 7 Monster Smash!
  • 8 Zero Hour -The Chase-
  • 9 Monstropolis Now -Code 72-16-
  • 10 Monster Smash! -Code 72-16-
  • 11 Unforgettable -KINGDOM HEARTS III Version-
  • 12 Dual Hearts
  • 13 くまのプーさん -KINGDOM HEARTS III Version-
  • 14 Bounce-O-Rama -KINGDOM HEARTS III Version-
  • 15 Little Lovely Moments
  • 16 Go! Go! Rumble Racer -Pudding Grand Prix-
  • 17 Flantastic Fight
  • 18 Hand in Hand -Attraction Flow Version-
  • 19 Dream Eaters -Attraction Flow Version-
  • 20 8Bit Smasher -Attraction Flow Version-
  • 21 Savannah Pride -Attraction Flow Version-
  • 22 An Adventure in Atlantica -Attraction Flow Version-
  • 23 Mákaukau? -Attraction Flow Version-
1 Frozen Wonderland
2 Miracle on Ice
3 Frozen Wonderland -Eternal Winter-
4 Miracle on Ice -Eternal Winter-
5 レット・イット・ゴー 〜ありのままで〜
6 Sky High Slider
7 The Coolest Contest
8 Frozen Heart
9 No Surrender!
10 True Love
11 A Pirate's Adventure
12 Flags of Fury
13 A Pirate's Freedom
14 Winds of Fate
15 Flags of Fury -Leviathan Awakened-
16 Hearts of Courage
17 Eye of the Storm
18 The Victorious
  • 1 The Encounter -Metal Charge-
  • 2 AR -Augmented Rhythm-
  • 3 Robot Overdrive
  • 4 Heroes' Gathering
  • 5 Flash Tracer
  • 6 Hero Upgrade
  • 7 Data Trace Complete
  • 8 Zero Hour -The Rescue-
  • 9 Baymax Rebooted
  • 10 Aqua -Dark Dive-
  • 11 Enter the Darkness -KINGDOM HEARTS III Version-
  • 12 Guardians of Light
  • 13 The Star Fortress
  • 15 Stranded Beyond
  • 16 Dive into the Heart -Destati- Third Revival
  • 17 Graveyard Labyrinth
  • 18 Rise of the Union
  • 19 Forze Del Male -Dark Riku-
  • 1 Organization XIII -Mark of Fate-
  • 2 Dawn of Hope
  • 3 Chains to Bonds
  • 4 Roxas's Return
  • 5 Hearts as One
  • 6 Forza Finale
  • 7 Scala ad Caelum
  • 8 Edge of Existence
  • 9 Replicas
  • 10 Critical Crossroad
  • 11 True Darkness
  • 12 Dark Domination
  • 13 光 -KINGDOM Tres Orchestra Instrumental Version-
  • 14 誓い
  • 15 Rhapsody in Tres for Piano, Chorus and Orchestra
  • 16 Epilogue
  • 17 Secrets of the Night
  • 1 Cavern of Remembrance -KINGDOM HEARTS III Version-
  • 2 L'Oscurità dell'Ignoto -Young Xehanort-
  • 3 L'Eminenza Oscura I -Ansem-
  • 4 L'Oscurità dell'Ignoto -Xemnas-
  • 5 The 13th Dilemma -Xigbar-
  • 6 The 13th Dilemma -Saïx-
  • 7 The 13th Struggle -Luxord-
  • 8 Lord of the Castle -Marluxia-
  • 9 The 13th Struggle -Larxene-
  • 10 Dismiss -Terra-Xehanort-
  • 11 Vector to the Heavens -Xion-
  • 12 Forze dell'Oscurita -Xehanort-
  • 13 Key of the Brave
  • 14 Link to All -Lights of Destiny-
  • 1 Dearly Beloved -Unchained χ Version-
  • 2 Before The Daylight
  • 3 Wake Up, World!
  • 4 Mission Complete!
  • 5 Dearly Beloved -Union χ Version-
  • 6 Hand in Hand -Union χ Version-
  • 7 Game Central Station
  • 8 The Candy-Filled Kingdom
  • 9 The Fastest Racer
  • 10 A Nameless Planet
  • 11 Hero's Duty Troopers
  • 12 Welcome to Niceland
  • 13 I'm Gonna Wreck It!
  • 14 Dearly Beloved -χ Back Cover Version-
  • 15 Passing the Power
  • 16 The Foretellers
  • 17 Master of Masters
  • 18 光 -Ray Of Hope MIX-
  • 19 The World Within
  • 20 Forest of Thorns
  • 21 Aqua -Mirror Illusion-
  • 22 Wave of Darkness I
  • 23 Wave of Darkness II
The official Square-Enix Music Twitter account surprised fans today with some details on the much requested original soundtrack of 'Kingdom Hearts III' that was announced about a month ago that should get people excited:
First off, the soundtrack has been confirmed to be released in a few months on November 11 (with the digital version of the soundtrack releasing worldwide on the same date)! Also, the soundtrack will consist of 8 discs, and will contain over 90 songs not just from 'Kingdom Hearts III', but also music from the Re:MIND DLC, as well as additional tracks from HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, Unchained X, and Union X[cross] that never got an official release! There will also be a campaign in mid-September where fans can enter a lottery to win autographs from the composers who have contributed to the music of the series (Yoko Shimomura, Takeharu Ishimoto & Tsuyoshi Sekito). The soundtrack can be pre-ordered from the following locations at this time:
In a surprising announcement, Square-Enix has provided Kingdom Hearts fans with a new trailer today, revealing a few surprises in store for us coming this year:

Union X[cross] and Dark Road
First off, the trailer shows what to expect with upcoming new story quests in 'Kingdom Hearts: Union X[cross]'. After that, the trailer gives us our first real look at the other mobile game, 'Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road', giving us an additional look at the game's characters, and the gameplay in action. Lastly, the trailer confirms the game will be released less than a week from now on June 22nd!

Kingdom Hearts III Original Soundtrack
Ever since the game first released a year and a half ago, fans have been demanding an official soundtrack for 'Kingdom Hearts III' to be made available. Now, it appears that the folks over at Square-Enix and Disney have granted the wishes of fans, with the trailer confirming that an official soundtrack of the game will be releasing in Fall 2020!

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory
The final announcement from today's trailer came in the form of a reveal, confirming that a rhythm action game (sort of similar to Theatrhythm Final Fantasy), named 'Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory', will be releasing in 2020 for the PS4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch (marking the first time a Kingdom Hearts game was released on that console)! What's more is that the game seems to also have a playable scenario that takes place after the events of KH3: ReMind, allowing players to play as Kairi!

While these announcements were terrific, eagle eyed viewers will have noticed that the beginning of the trailer reveals that the series is now in its "2nd Phase", which seems to have started with KH3: ReMind, and includes Dark Road and Melody of Memory. But what's interesting is that the series' 2nd Phase contains five slots, three that are occupied by ReMind, Dark Road, and Melody of Memory, while the other two slots may hint at two currently unannouced projects!


English version of the trailer has released:

As promised, Square-Enix has revealed new information on the upcoming mobile game, 'Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road'. The game's official Twitter account revealed four brand new characters from the game who appear to be friends of Xehanort and Eraqus. The characters' names are Urd, Hermod, Bragi, and Vor (interestingly, these names, along with Skuld from 'Union X[cross]', have a connection to Norse mythology). Check out images of the new characters below:

Bragi.jpg Hermod.jpg Urd.jpg Vor.jpg
Also, another announcement related to the game will be made on June 10th. We'll be sure to report it once it is revealed.