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The Kingdom Hearts news just keeps coming today! Following Nomura's appearance at D23, the series creator of Kingdom Hearts was interviewed by IGN where he mentioned some interesting information about the game.


First things first, Nomura mentions that there will be another character playable in Kingdom Hearts III, although he does not reveal who this character is. He also mentions that D-Links (introduced in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep) will not be present in KH3, citing that D-Link had been created only because it had not been possible at the time to have more than five party members:

Nomura also states (in a second article by IGN) while a Switch port of the game is possible, but the current focus for Squre Enix are the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 ports of the game. That being said, a Switch version isn't out of the question; neither is a Kingdom Hearts 1.5 +2.5 ReMIX for the Xbox One should the demand come from both Western and Eastern audiences. For right now, Nomura wants to keep all the focus on Kingdom Hearts III, and if you ask me, that's a wonderful idea.
What do you guys think about this news? Who do you think the second playable character will be? Let us know your thoughts!


IGN posted more snippets with Nomura. First off he reiterates that the Gummi Ship will return, stating:
Nomura also talks about the higher-tier Magic in KH3 (such as Blizzaza from the Orchestra trailer) will be utilized:

IGN posted even more snippets with Nomura. Here's what he had to say:
While the excitement over the Toy Story world reveal and new trailer/2018 release date still in the air, Square-Enix's Japanese e-Store has revealed bags and mugs based on the Bond, Air, and Coming artwork from 'Kingdom Hearts 2.8 HD Final Chapter Prologue' coming in September. Check them out below:


The mugs (which can be checked out here) will cost 1620 yen, while the bags (which can be checked out here) will cost 1922 yen.
Lost amidst the reveal of a Toy Story world and a new KH3 trailer (with a 2018 confirmed release date!) was the announcement by Square-Enix NA's online store of a new Bring Arts figure based on KH3 Sora's Guardian form! The figure, priced at $69.99 and coming at the end on September, is now available for pre-order. Check out images of it below:

1a13c92337d1488f2269b2dd9272097a_1920_KR.jpg 6e80712a80cb1a4969878bdcc684f3ef_1920_KR.jpg 21d631de07fa75872bca735f639c5910_1920_KR.jpg 140df381a99746df7a22697e153628f8_1920_KR.jpg a8fc9e34b27d664976907db65c582d89_1920_KR.jpg
New high quality screenshots have been made available from the Square Enix Press Website and we're posted them here for y'all!

These five screenshots take place in Olympus Coliseum during gameplay:
Battle_(1).jpg Battle_(2).jpg Battle_(3).jpg Battle_(4).jpg Battle_(15).jpg

These seven screenshots take place in the new Toy Story world during cutscenes:
Toy_Story_Trailer_Screens_(1).jpg Toy_Story_Trailer_Screens_(2).jpg Toy_Story_Trailer_Screens_(3).jpg Toy_Story_Trailer_Screens_(4).jpg Toy_Story_Trailer_Screens_(5).jpg Toy_Story_Trailer_Screens_(6).jpg Toy_Story_Trailer_Screens_(7).jpg

And finally, the last ten screenshots take place in the Toy Story world during gameplay:

Battle_(5).jpg Battle_(6).jpg Battle_(7).jpg Battle_(8).jpg Battle_(9).jpg Battle_(10).jpg Battle_(11).jpg Battle_(12).jpg Battle_(13).jpg Battle_(14).jpg

(Click on the screenshots to enlarge them : - )

What do you guys think of all these screenshots? Are you super hyped for KH3 yet? Let us know your thoughts!

From the moment we all saw the new Kingdom Hearts trailer, I'm sure we all said, "I want toys of Sora, Donald, and Goofy's new forms!" Well folks, Square Enix knew exactly what we'd say!


Square Enix North American Merchandise on Twitter just announced that we will be getting Kingdom Hearts III Bring Arts Figures of Sora, Donald, and Goofy in their new Toy Story forms!


No more details have been released yet, but we'll be sure to let you know when they do!

Are you guys excited for these figures? Do you plan to pick them up? I know I sure want too!

Thanks to @hoodrat daddy for letting us know