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In an interview with Taiwanese site, GNN, director Tetsuya Nomura got to talk more about 'Kingdom Hearts III', discussing Aqua's fate, Frozen's popularity and its effect on KH3, as well as whether or not KH3 is the end of Sora's story. Check out the fully translated interview below (courtesy of @Protoplasm_png):
During an interview with Famitsu, Tetsuya Nomura revealed lots of information related to 'Kingdom Hearts III'. And while there doesn't appear to be a fully translated transcript of the interview out there, the main points have been summarized, which you can check out below:
  • Anna and Elsa will not be party members, but Marshmallow (the ice giant Elsa created) will join Sora in battle (whether this means as a party member or a simple assist remains to be seen)
  • There will be an official video recapping the Kingdom Hearts story, split into 5 parts, will be a few hours long, and is narrated by Chirithy. The Japanese version is complete, and will be posted online later in the month. There are also plans to include the video with 'Kingdom Hearts III' (meaning there will most definitely be an English version).
  • No plans to release the KH3 demo to the public (Japanese players will be able to play a demo at TGS)
  • Kairi is considered one of the New 7 Hearts that Larxene mentioned (and the only one from the original group), while Elsa, Anna, and Rapunzel are among the new candidates being targeted
  • Arendelle will expand on the story from the film
  • The song "Let it Go" will be featured in some capacity
  • Larxene makes a labyrinth of ice (?) you get to explore in Arendelle
  • The Caribbean will be based on the third 'Pirates of the Caribbean' film (At World's End)
  • The sky, sea, and land are seamlessly connected in The Caribbean, allowing battles to take place on all three settings
  • The Caribbean allows Sora to use Black Pearl to navigate the open world environment across the sea and explore newly discovered islands (lots of opportunity in gameplay)
  • Regarding Roxas, Sora is doing everything he can to revive him
Source: KHInsider & Reddit user 5kyLegend
Crimson Hexagon, a social media analytics site, has recently shared some interesting information in regards to E3. According to them, 'Kingdom Hearts III' was not only the most talked about game, but also the most well-received! Check out their statistics below:

June13-E3-2-100.jpg June13-E3-3-100.jpg
In an interview with IGN, Kingdom Hearts series director, Tetsuya Nomura, discusses the reasons for KH3's small delay, as well as why we haven't seen anything from the confirmed Big Hero 6 world yet. In regards to the delay, Nomura states:
As for why we still haven't seen footage of the Big Hero 6 world, the answer is pretty simple:
Source: IGN
GameStop has revealed that those who pre-order the deluxe Edition of 'Kingdom Hearts III' will receive an amazing looking fabric poster, which you can check out below:

However, supplies are limited, so you better pre-order quick if you would like to get your hands on this poster!

Source: GameStop