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Since the trailer was released last night, we’ve all been wondering “So wait were those the legit voices of the Frozen folk?” Looks like they are! At least for our favorite talking snowman, Olaf, it is!

As seen above,Josh Gad, the voice actor of Olaf, just confirmed his role in the game! We are happy to welcome him to the Kingdom Hearts Family!
During the Microsoft E3 Conference today, a new 'Kingdom Hearts III' trailer was shown, revealing that there will be a world in the game based on the animated mega-hit, 'Frozen', as well confirming Larxene's appearance, a Simba summon, among other things. See for yourself:


As many people speculated, a Kingdom Hearts III trailer was shown off right after the first stop of the Orchestra Tour. The trailer is noted to have shown to following:
  • The Trailer was completely English voice acted
  • Hayner, Pence and Olette running from a heartless swarm in Twilight Town
  • Kairi and Lea sitting next to each other
  • Sora cooking with Remy from Ratatouille
  • Remy is likely a link/summon
  • A new Attraction Flow was shown, apparently King Arthur’s Carousel
  • Ienzo, Briag, and Lea were seen
  • Briag/Xigbar is the Olympus Colosseum organization member
  • Kairi and Lea had new outfits
  • Ienzo, Hayner, Pence, Olette in front of a DTD computer
  • Shadow Aqua in the Realm of Darkness with "Kingdom Key painted to look like Star Seeker"
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During the kickoff to this year's Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour, series director Tetsuya Nomura finally provided fans with a release date for 'Kingdom Hearts III', stating that, while it's slightly off than the initial 2018 release date, it won't be very far off! And the release date is....

January 29, 2019
(And January 25th in Japan)

Update: Looking like we might get a trailer tomorrow perhaps?


With the Square Enix and Sony Press Conferences happening on Monday and the first stop of the Orchestra Tour TONIGHT in LA, we're bound to get a bunch of Kingdom Hearts news over the next few days. According to the YouTube Live at E3 Breakdown, by, Kingdom Hearts III will also be shown off! From 7-8pm ET on Sunday, YouTube will be looking at KHIII as well as other games such as Metro Exodus, the third installment of the Metro series of games.

Do you think we'll get any new footage/information here? Perhaps they'll be looking at the demo, which has been announced to be playable at E3? Who knows?