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Square-Enix and Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia have announced that a KH3 themed PS4 will be released in Japan along with the game on January 25th! Check it out out below:

The bundle will include:
  • Jet Black standard PS4 with a KH3-themed top cover
  • KH3 original theme
  • KH3 original design packaging for the PS4 box
  • Jet Black DualShock 4 wireless controller
  • Monoaural headset
  • Power cord
  • HDMI cable
  • USB cable
The bundle, however, won't include a copy of 'Kingdom Hearts III' itself.

This PS4 will be available with a 500GB hard drive (¥33,980 / $302.98) or a 1TB hard drive (¥38,980 / $347.56). Pre-orders will be available at Sony Store Japan until October 31st at 16:00 JST.

Source: Gematsu
In addition to the brand new TGS trailer, Square-Enix provided another surprise for fans today, giving us our first look at the official boxart for KH3! Check it out below:

As promised after the release of last week's trailer, a new extended version was released showing more of the Big Hero 6 world as well as the rest of the worlds that have been announced so far. Check it out below:


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Drowned out by all the excitement over the new KH3 trailer, it has also been revealed that Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience will be arriving this winter for the Playstation VR for free! This immersive experience will allow fans to enjoy a 10 minute interactive video reliving memorable moments from the Kingdom Hearts series featuring the franchise's beautiful music. New content can be unlocked by playing through the experience. Check out the trailer below: