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Our one chance:

Guys, before you say anything.. give this a chance. It's an entire livejournal community dedicated to getting KHII:FM and Re:COM to come to the States, and Europe. Maybe even more.

They have a petition going, which is well over 2000 signatures. Also, they have sent Square-Enix approximately 4000 e-mails, if not more. I say we give this a shot. I have contacted Damien at Kingdom Hearts Ultimania ( and he is willing to help, and maybe get cow to put it up on their main page.

I am taking this very seriously. It's nice to see an entire community, quite like ourselves, working together for something they love. I say we join in. This is important to us. We deserve these games too. Not just Japan. We are a fandom too. So once again..

Show your support. Get this going. At least try! We do have a chance! GO PEOPLE! Do it for your love of this amazing, and worth-while franchise, which we've been dedicating our lives to with these forums!!