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Due to personal problems, Sara's decided to take some time off, I don't know when she'll be back, but until then, you guys will just have to trust me and the remaining staff.

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Amazon has also updated their website featuring the cover to the Kingdom Hearts Calender, indeed there will be original art featuring Kingdom Hearts, though it's not sure if there'll be KH2 and KHCOM Content, it goes for a more winter feel, as it is when the Calender will be released.

To fix the problem onec and for all here's an imageshack link Calender Cover
Square-Enix has updated their Calender website, featuring a Kingdom Hearts Calender which will be released on November the 17th, featuring all of 2007. It's unknown as to if the Calender will be featuring New Art, or if it will only be Kingdom Hearts I, or vary between all 3 canon series.

The price will be set at 1,143 Yen ($9.50) without the tax. With Tax it will cost 1,200 Yen, ($10). We will be bringing you more information as this uncovers.
New KH2FM Info (Rumor)
This was posted on a 2ch board, although rumored, it was also stated that it came from an upcoming article, as we can only wait.

- There is a new world in COM that can only be accessed with a Cleared game Saved.

- The World isn't anything special however there are doors marked from Number 1-13

- Doors 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, and 13 are opened once you have Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix Cleared Data

- Doors 4, 5, 6, 11, and 12 are opened once Chain of Memories is completed.

- Just as the numbers suggested, when you enter the door you are taken to a dungeon, and the Organization Member number that corresponds to the door will appear for a boss battle.

- Each Dungeon will have that member's nobody as enemies

- The Element of the Member, is what the element of the Dungeon will be. (Example if you go to face Demyx, the area will be that of water attribute)

- Once you defeat all the members, the final door opens which is labeled as "1" it's said you can fight against the Final Mix Version of Xemnas in Kingdom Hearts I

- All the Organization Members are refightable once you leave the world map.

Note this is all just rumors from a Japanese Message board, however there were many fanbased about wnating to refight the Organization Members when they wanted to, so this may be a response to that call.