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All videos that were missing (CoM & KH2 Boss Battles, and KH2 Gameplay Vids) are finally back online to view. If anyone finds any errors with the videos, please be sure to tell me ASAP. Enjoy everyone!
Although it's not stated, in a magazine it is expected that Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, and Final Fantasy XIII to make an appearance. However with Nomura's 'suprise' for Jump Festa, that might just raise the chances for this.

Also as quoted from

On official KH mangaka Shiro Amano's blog, there's a post about the KH2 book and a story concerning the up-coming calendar.

• The schedule for the KH2 book is in December.

• Often, we should be able to see what the notification of what volume number, the book is. It could be numbered, 'volume one'.

According to this blog's poster, there are rumors of a new comic illustration that was already drawn and written along with Jiminy's memo prior to the KH calendar.

I just sorta hope they don't get mad at me for copying and pasting their exact translation of it.

However thank you For the new Calender Information, as well as the information on Jump Festa!

Also thank FF&KH Blog for informing all the KH Fans with the JF, and Shiro Amano for the information on the KH Calender
Yes the PS Magazine is coming out soon, and they've already gave a short preview on what's instore from this magazine, and all I can say is, beautiful, just listen to this.

1 - New scans of Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+ it's been confirmed that "Trinity Marks" from Kingdom Hearts I will indeed be playing a role in Kingdom Hearts II (IMO (In my opinion) it might have to do with unlocking the battle to that "Secret Boss" that was told to be stronger then Sephiroth)

2 - There is something about the TGS Limited video but, it almost makes no sense, so I'll leave it out for now. But, it appears there will be something about the Revealed Mystery Character.

3 - Talk about Kingdom Hearts III Possible new Information, and also something about "Uniting with Disney" as other Japanese sites put it as that.


Scans will hopefully come soon!

Edit: Almost forgot to credit FF7 Blog for this informaton
The Latest Autumn 2006 Magazine, has given off information on the latest progression of plenty of game series, as a couple Square-Enix ones were also added to the list. We shall wait till the full scans are out to give you complete detail, however here is what has been confirmed in the development process so far. Development meaning in both cutscene, gameplay and final adjustments

Final Fantasy 13 - 13%
Final Fantasy Versus 13 - 1.3% (Wow Square-Enix just....Wow)
Strike for DS - 50%
Final Fantasy 12 RW - 40%
Kingdom Hearts II FM+ + COM:Re - 130% (This counts for both games seperatly, so averaging it out it'd = 65% Completion alltogether

This itself shows Nomura is dedicating alot towards the Final Mix, and COM:RE remake, as it's already been halfway done!
Although it's not 'Kingdom Hearts' related, as stated earlier, we will be filling up on very important games, for more beautiful non-square-enix games related, or more information on this game, do check out our forums!

Anyways, there were 8 new scans from Gamaga, featuring "It's a Wonderful World" There are also other scans featuring Kingdom Hearts FM+ however, that contained nothing on what we already knew, therefore enjoy!

And for those that don't know, it's a wonderful world is a game designed by the "Kingdom Hearts Team" And does suprisingly have a theme of the heart, in ways with alot of Kingdom Hearts look-a-likes.

Thank you Sexy Souya for scanning these and many more <3

Scan 1
Scan 2
Scan 3
Scan 4
Scan 5
Scan 6
Scan 7
Scan 8