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The FF7 Blog has updated their website, which links to another website, which brings up information on Kingdom Hearts II.

Upon Kingdom Hearts II's release to Europe on September 29th, it has sold over 540,000 copies!

Source: NikkeiBP and FF7 Blog
Yes everyone, just as the title announces, a Japanese Blog Site "KH-Information" has updated their site to a link which leads to beautiful scans of tons, and tons of cards, from both the new series, and lots of cards from the older series. So for those unable to buy or import the cards, do not worry, as you'll now be able to know what most of them look like!

For the view of some of the cards, visit the front page of or if you want to view the full gallery click here!

Source: KH Information and Mkuro's toy site!
Hey everyone! I'm back after a long hiatus!

Square-Enix and Tolby have announced a new batch of Kingdom Hearts Cards for the KH: TCG! This will be the seventh set of cards released to the market.

The set consists of 72 cards. They have been broken down as follows:
•18 Common Cards
•18 Uncommon Cards
•18 Rare Cards
•15 Super Rare Cards
•3 Special Cards

The price will be 200 Yen a pack. (That is about $2!) Each pack will contain 6 cards. The cards are set for release on October 28th, 2006.

A Japanese Blog Poster managed to buy a few card packs of the KH Trading Card Game and was kind enough to share it with everyone! You can view the cards by clicking on the thumbnails below! ^_^

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

Cards include: Jack Skellington, Sephiroth, Cloud, Mickey Mouse, Santa Clause, Ansem, Yen Sid, Halloween Donald, Halloween Goofy, Saix, Xigbar, Setzer, Pooh, Piglet, and a large number of heartless.

Sources: Elwi Blog Poster: The Light in The Chaos,, and thanks to our affiliates and ^_^
All videos that were missing (CoM & KH2 Boss Battles, and KH2 Gameplay Vids) are finally back online to view. If anyone finds any errors with the videos, please be sure to tell me ASAP. Enjoy everyone!
Although it's not stated, in a magazine it is expected that Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, and Final Fantasy XIII to make an appearance. However with Nomura's 'suprise' for Jump Festa, that might just raise the chances for this.

Also as quoted from

On official KH mangaka Shiro Amano's blog, there's a post about the KH2 book and a story concerning the up-coming calendar.

• The schedule for the KH2 book is in December.

• Often, we should be able to see what the notification of what volume number, the book is. It could be numbered, 'volume one'.

According to this blog's poster, there are rumors of a new comic illustration that was already drawn and written along with Jiminy's memo prior to the KH calendar.

I just sorta hope they don't get mad at me for copying and pasting their exact translation of it.

However thank you For the new Calender Information, as well as the information on Jump Festa!

Also thank FF&KH Blog for informing all the KH Fans with the JF, and Shiro Amano for the information on the KH Calender