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Square-Enix has updated their blog S.E shop website, with informaton of a Sora form being released on Novmeber 23rd. The only problem was the name of it, as they sorta cencsored out two of the letters, and didn't even show us a preview picture, making it even more interesting. I believe, it was a "Fa**L" form, possibly a new Final Form play arts, or something else, we can only wait in 2 days to see what will be unfolded.

Se=Shop Blog

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Jump Festa 2006 List
This is from the KH2ch Blog, as well as from for posting this up. ^^ Thanks Tomo! The Jump Festa 2006 List, which seems really reliable.


• It's A Wonderful World
• Chocobo and the Magic Picture Book
• Seiken Densetsu (Legend): Heroes of Mana
• FF12:RW
• DQ: Monsters Joker


• DQ: Swords


• KH2FM+
• Seiken Densetsu 4


• FF Versus 13


• FF13: Agito
• FF7: BC
• DQ: Mobile
• DQ: Mysterious Dungeon
• FF2
• DQ2
• Chocobo de Mobility
• Seiken Densetsu: Friends of Mana
• Information outside Seiken Densetsu and FF.



I will also like to congrats For the award they won for best forums and staff!
Okay, I know we're not having the greatest of moments at KH-Vids. Me and DW along with Arc are working overtime to fix that.

Xaldin is going to be off for two weeks. He's at the hospital for reasons unknown and I insisted he takes the two weeks off to recover.

For this, Darkwatch is going to take his place as temporary admin, it has been in the back of my mind for a while to make him admin, but this will help the forum.

I'll keep you guys updated as it develops.
Yes everyone the title says it all, my friend's lucky school got to go to Japan from November 7th to the 12th (8th to 13th Japanish) Lucky him, but I gave him my money to get me a PS3, since it was going to be released the 11th, however I decided to just wait for the US version, he got the JP version of the PS3 however, and came back today, which is great. But I'm not going to disturb him right onw due to h is probably massive Jet Lag. But tomorrow I will be going over his house, and playing the PS3 with him, just to get the feel of it, with him. I will be recording videos, of PS3 game play, and hand recording the motion of the PS3 Controller with the gameplay. I have no idea what games he got with it, but does that matter?

I will be writing a Preview, as well as some videos of the preview, to the PS3 tomorrow! Later on in the day! Since well I have to try it out first!

So stay in tune ^^

Edit: I didn't bother thinking I might be there for all day, so if it's not here tomorrow definatly expect the preview on Tuesday! With more.

Edit 2: Just called him to make sure of some things, he only managed to buy one game, for it, but it's not 'Resistance Fall of Man sadly. (-Punches him in the jaw-).


Controller Upon arriving over my friend's house, Jay, I was no suprise to see the PS3 already unraveled and resting right ontop of his Shiny VCR, shining along with it. I was finally able to wrap my hands around the controller. I won't get too much into detail, however the controller did feel a bit odd at first grasp, despite it being the same as the PS2 controller. Infact it felt a bit more odd then the ones at TGS, despite them being the same. Anyways, as far as I have against the Controllers in PS3, there is nothing to argue about it, it has alot of good points and little cons.

1 - Similar Controller, similar feeling, easy and quick enough to adapt to.
2 - Motion Sensor - Great to add that feel onto games, without forcing you to move your arm all over the place. Although I didn't get enough of the feel of the Motion Censor, it indeed felt good.
3 - Feeling - Well it doesn't feel normal at first feeling, although you will get use to it, in a matter of minutes when putting it into action.

More coming soon with videos
Hey everyone!

Spike TV's Annual Video Game Awards are just around the corner, December 13th to be exact! This year they will be hosted by Samuel L. Jackson. Of course, no awards would be complete without Kingdom Hearts 2! And yes, looks like it did indeed make it into nominations.

Kingdom Hearts 2 has been nominated for two awards, Best RPG and Best Supporting Female Role - Racheal Leigh Cook. For those of you who don't know, she played Tifa.

You can show your support and vote for Kingdom Hearts 2 by clicking here. Make sure to go vote for the KH cause!

We all await to hear the results on the 13th!

Thanks to our Affy