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    s Jump Festa out right now we will do our best to bring you all the up to date information, for other news on other Jump Festa games, do check our forums, as there is a topic dedicated towards it. But for now, click on Read more for the information released with Jump Festa!

    1 - There is as scene of a battle against Marluxia, and Lexaeus.
    2 - There is indeed a new form.
    3 - New Area added
    4 - A new Project is said to arise in 2007. No details yet however.
    5 - It's believed that the Reverse Rebirth is a lot more interesting then before.
    6 - In a battle it seems as though the Mickey Card is used.
    7 - There is a postcard of Santa Sora, rather it's how he'll look in Christmas Town or not is unknown!
    8 - The New Project for 2007 arrised, after the Trailer
    9 - The Demo featured Halloween Town, and a (Unsure) Boss fight against Vexen?
    10 - The New Form has minimal changes.
    11 - A "Stop" Reaction Command
    12 - Organization Lookalike Mushrooms
    13 - An Organization Apperance and Fight at the Colliseum
    14 - Something about Versus (Literal Translation is Bloodshed Versus, however it's believed to be Vs each other, possibly a KH:COM vs mode remade)

    Sources: KH2ch,(1-7) Midnight Kingdom, Jump Festa 2007 Report 2ch(9), FFKH Blog, FF13Vids (8), and Chocobo (10 - 14)

    More coming soon

    Source: KH2 2ch and Jump Festa 2007 Report 2ch!
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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by Xaldin, Dec 16, 2006.