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Dec 30, 2012
    1. Mixt
      I guess we both misrepresented what we meant to a degree. I wasn't trying to accusing you of flaming as it is now, but I see the argument heading in that direction.

      Your argument consists of one (rather vague) counter point, I'm not sure how that was supposed to disarm his argument.

      I didn't ask what you wanted. I asked what you expected. If you were in his shoes how would you be taking the comments you made?

      P.S. kh-vids doesn't do ban bets. And neither one of you are active enough here for it to matter if we did, honestly.
    2. Mixt
      First, I didn't call you a troll, (in fact you called him one).

      Second, You don't need to be using insults to be an antagonist. Ask yourself this, what kind of reaction are you expecting from that post?

      Third, This isn't about me picking sides. If you read my posts I'm closer to your side than his.
    3. Mixt
      Ok, it is one thing to disagree with DChiuch, but at this point you are pretty much just flaming.
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