We've hit 1000 Member's!!!

Discussion in 'Community News & Projects' started by Inasuma, Oct 22, 2006.

  1. Inasuma "pumpkin"

    Sep 25, 2006
    Indigo Plateau
    Yep, we're half way to where we left off before. Seems pretty nice. (Well, basically)

    Congradulations everyone, for giving a good effort. You deserve a pat on the back. =D

    *Throws confetti*
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Discussion in 'Community News & Projects' started by Inasuma, Oct 22, 2006.

    1. Zexion of the Twilight
    2. sgh
      I only see 999?
      Also, you SOB. Do you know how long i was refreshing the page, with a thread on standby? Almost a bloody hour!!!
    3. Inasuma
      I know, sgh.

      I rounded off, and by morning, we'll already have over 1000. =P
    4. Sanya
      I was wondering where all these newbies came from in the last 2 days,lol anywho...congrats peoples.
    5. sgh
      Roxasvsriku has a point. the average was about 3 a day. We got like 40 pple in two days... odd.
      Also, i thought about rounding off... an freakin hour ago... I hate my life. You stole my thread. it was gonna be my first... since it was unintentional i can't hate you, but i can hate my luck. I've decided that i'm gonna keep refreshing and wasting my time. When 1000 members is really reached i'll post again. People will remember my UserName, I will go down in history (for a few days) as the guy who really brought the ppl the notice of 1000 members. I'm sorry about the rant, i'm just a little cut is all, and you would be too.
      Someone plz post after this so the time can be displayed without me being a double poster.
      1000!!!!! NOW!!! at 4:47pm GMT+10.
      1,000th member is "shadox".
    6. Zexion of the Twilight
    7. Inasuma
      That was very...pointless, sgh.

      Though I appreciate the ingenuity and time you took to do that. =P
    8. sgh
      Sunglass guy below

      Thx... I think. I have a thread now anyway. Wait, wait, wait. How can what i did be pointless if it's appreciated? That was the point, to be appreciated. Make up ur mind b4 u break my brain with ur paradoxs'!!

      *Edit, damn! in the title i mean "to the left"*
    9. Neon-Solqua
      Ooh! Thank me, next!

      Hi. New member. Felt guilty with yoinking the videos and giving nothing back, plus with this new announcement I felt even more enthusiastic to sign up. So, terrific. You can add me to the numbers.
    10. Rikku
      Woh!!! we have 1000 members already, wow! *throws conifeti over the computer*
    11. L337 kybldmstr
      L337 kybldmstr
      Wow, we have more than 1000 members. Maybe I'll hack the site to celebrate.

      N.B. Hack threat may not be real.
    12. Inasuma
      That's not something to joke about, 1337.

      And yes, celebrating is the point...just not hacking. =P
    13. sgh
      Inbetween my posts, i bought a cake to share and celebrate!! Because confetti has already been done. unfortunatley they only had a couple hundred candles.
    14. Roxas101
      then wax will get all over the key bored and that is a lot of members
    15. no-reality_allowed
      wow, it took months for the old site to rack up 1000 members......but the new one took only 2 months xD

      congrats everyone.........but mostly DS for making the site, and sara for enforcing it, and me tallian and cronoking for spaming it xD

      *runs off with all the cake and confetti*

      and L337 if you hack this site im gonna make you wish you hadnt, thats not funny to joke about dude
    16. Tallian
      That's just what I was thinking to! Let's hack. JokingxD

      I knew it'd happen, congratulations.
    17. Jiηx
      Woohoo 1000 members....Again, this is great.

      P.S L337 stop it, thats twice i've read you "joking" about hacking, it's a serious matter, one which jokes should not even be made about.
    18. SoraOathkeeper

      *cathing the confetti* Hehe... :)
    19. Mish
      Man, we got members fast...

      Congrats, everyone. :)