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Lots of good videos this week. Here's the top five.


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Song: My Paper Heart by The All American Rejects

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Song: Famous Last Words by [SIZE=-1]My Chemical Romance[/SIZE]

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Song: How to Save a Life by The Fray

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Song: Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls

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Song: Fergalicious by Fergie

Hope you enjoy them all, and keep submitting! Maybe your video will show up here next Sunday!
A list of the current OST tracks has been released, and it's 9 discs! Click here for the complete track list.
For those that want information about the scans, listen up!

- Sora vs Vexen
*When enough data from Vexen is captured, a copy/replica of Sora is created, and must be battled with. When Vexen cages you in ice, you need to tap Triangle as fast as you can to break out of it.
*The data is like a Drive gauge. The max it can go is "5".
*The Replica takes the shape of Anti-form, and you must do battle against it. This battle is very challenging, and it is required that you attach an ice resistant item on to last through it.

- Sora vs Larxene
*For Larxene all you have to do is take her out. It seems she has around 5 health bars. The moves she performs, however, are intense:
1. A circle of thunder causing Sora to become paralyzed, during which she'll attack.
2. A thunder tornado that does a lot of damage if Sora is hit by it.

- Sora vs Zexion
*To get to Zexion, all Sora needs to do is enter a special book that will take him into the World of Shadows. Zexion will only use tactics in this battle, without combat.
*In part of the battle, Donald and Goofy will be confined in books, and Zexion will also hide himself in one of the books. You have to find the right book in which Zexion is hiding in. The right one will have a shadow on the ground.
*"Turn it Over" is the reaction command mainly needed to knock Zexion out, but there are others like "Lie" and "Cheat".

More coming soon, thanks 2ch.
New PV (Info + Video)
A new promotional video was shown today to the public. I posted some information before believing it was related to the scan, but I was mistaken. It was really related to the PV. Here's a basic summary:

- Passion replaces the Japanese theme Sanctuary
- Organization meeting scene
- Scene of Roxas and Axel eating a Popsicle (As shown in the latest scan)
- Battle scene of Limit Form doing such examples as "Dodge Roll" and more
- Gameplay of battles against Lexaues and Marluxia, and a reaction command of Duel Bout against Roxas
- The scene where the Unknown Organization members sit down on his chair, referring to the armored male as a "Friend"

Note: Zexion's book is now known as a "Mirage Book".

Rumor: When you lose against Roxas he says "I'm Sorry".

Source: 2ch

A downloadable version will be coming soon.
Scans have now appeared over the net, which have come from the PS2 Blitz magazine. These scans shine more light on Final Mix, as well as a possible Zexion Weapon!

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

Here's a quick recap of info from the scans

The Organization XIII is considered stronger and higher in rank then Sephiroth is.
The Mushroom XIII's weapon is indeed formed from a battle against them, however no exact info on hw to get it.
The two new abilities seen in the scan are as following "Thunder Break" and "Magna/Magnet Splash" which allows Sora to knock away enemies.
Critical Mode is known to exceed Proud Mode by a good extent. (Prepare for some haaaard battles).
There's a special award for knocking down the XIII Organization (This might mean, that only after the first battle against Xemnas, they count it as defeating all XIII Members, like KH2 some things were only accessible after beating Xemnas the first time)

Source: 2ch, FF13vids and FF7AC Reunion