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Scans have now appeared over the net, which have come from the PS2 Blitz magazine. These scans shine more light on Final Mix, as well as a possible Zexion Weapon!

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

Here's a quick recap of info from the scans

The Organization XIII is considered stronger and higher in rank then Sephiroth is.
The Mushroom XIII's weapon is indeed formed from a battle against them, however no exact info on hw to get it.
The two new abilities seen in the scan are as following "Thunder Break" and "Magna/Magnet Splash" which allows Sora to knock away enemies.
Critical Mode is known to exceed Proud Mode by a good extent. (Prepare for some haaaard battles).
There's a special award for knocking down the XIII Organization (This might mean, that only after the first battle against Xemnas, they count it as defeating all XIII Members, like KH2 some things were only accessible after beating Xemnas the first time)

Source: 2ch, FF13vids and FF7AC Reunion
New V-Jump Scan
A new V-Jump scan has hit the net. It features Roxas and Axel both eating sea-salt ice cream on the Twilight Town clock tower.


The V-Jump also contained more images, but we'll have to wait for that scan to surface. They include:

- Organization meeting scene
- Scene where Xemnas gives Roxas his name
- Battle scene of Limit Form
- Battle against Lexaeus and Marluxia
- Using Duel Bout against Roxas
- And the scene where a mysterious Organization member is sitting down in a chair

Also there is an upcoming Kingdom Hearts Double Visual book which will be released around spring this year and will cost around 1800 yen.

Source: 2ch FF13 Vids, Midnight Kingdom and Sahad
I've been enjoying my four day weekend a little too much, so I'm a day late on this update. Here's the top five.


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Song: Future Sanctuary Remix by DJ Valuemeal

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Song: Room of Angel by [SIZE=-1]Akira Yamaoka[/SIZE]

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Song: Mad World by Gary Jules

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Song: Lies by Evanescense

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Song: Rock Star (Remix) by N.E.R.D.

Hope you enjoy them all, and keep submitting! Maybe your video will show up here next Sunday!
Epic Games' Unreal Engine 3 has recently been licensed by Square Enix. Taku Murata, the General Manager of Research and Development for Square Enix, released the following statement on this license acquisition:
Epic Games' Vice President, Jay Wilbur, stated:
Thanks to our forum member Sobo for the info.
In an appliance store in Japan, a blog poster managed to snap a quick shot of a Kingdom Hearts II FM+ Advertisement. They refer to this as a "Dummy Package", possibly meaning that it's what the back and front cover looks like, with no game in the case. However, we'll just have to wait and see.


Also we managed to get you an even bigger picture of Sora holding up his new weapon!


Source: FF13 Vids, 2ch