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It seems as though recently there's been a High demand for the Axel code, or rather having Axel in your party, as a boss to put it in simple terms. For those that don't know what I'm talking about, basically the Axel code puts Axel into your party, however he'll be treated like a boss instead of an ally. Here's a video sample.

Now as for the codes. I should note one thing

Note 1: The codes for Axel were hacked by Godshin, the Encoding them into ARMax was done by kamds48

Donald replaced by Axel

Goofy Replaced by Axel

Have fun~
TWTNW's Mirror Area
Hey guys, while trying out different Codes for fun challenges ect, I managed to stumble on something very interesting. It's really hard to explain fully, however we have a video that can explain it more.

Before I link the video however, let me show you what made this Mirror Area interesting, it mainly has to revolve around another Kingdom Hearts, with the Castle. Instead of it being surrounded by a city, it seems more like an abyss area, with the Building supported by a "Mountain" of some sort. With this we've come to a few conclusions and here they are.


1. This is a Beta TWTNW that was used with the conceptual boss known as "King".
2. As there is a mountain there, and Nomura has already said he had the ending of Kingdom Hearts on his mind. This mountain may be similar to the one we've seen in the Secret Ending.
3. When falling the first time, I went through some rather detailed clouds, as if showing I went to a Mirror side of the world, which makes me wish to dub this as "Another Side".


4. Just a reflection nothing more nothing less.

Moving on, here is the video.

Hey guys, I know recently we've had some fast pace, energetic remixes. However this time we have a change of pace, in a good way that is. But first thing's first.

I remember telling you all yesterday I would provide a code, and a download to the video, although there's been a slight problem with the video, so please be patient, as for the code though I'll keep word on that.

Thanks to our forum member Xendran for updating us about this. And full credit to Godshin for cracking out these codes!

Play as Dual Wielding Roxas

Play as Roxas (One Keyblade)

Please note you need Action Replay in order to pull these off.

Now onto the important part.

Today, we at KHV recieved a arrangements from Kingdom Hearts I and II from Cameron Goss. I truly have no way to explain any of these pieces, as they are all just superb in both composition, and synthesis. A must listen for everyone!

Passion (For String Quartet)
Roxas (For String Quintet)
Hollow Bastion (For Strings and Piano)
End of the World (For String Quintet and Harp)
End of the World (Drum n' Bass Mix}
End of the World (Darkness in Every Heart Mix)

Once again thank you alot Cameron Goss for these wonderful Arrangements!

And don't forget if you have any more Remixes/midis/Arrangements be sure to e-mail me at

Also for those that did send me some mixes, and didn't see them up here, don't worry they'll be up in a future update.
Hey guys, although not much we got some more remixes for you today, 4 in total for now.

First thing's first the special video. This video is actually more directed to those that are fans of Axel and/or Roxas. There's really no explanation towards it, however a Downloaded version will be provided tomorrow, as well as the code how to do it. Hope you enjoy!


The first one is an Acoustic Sanctuary done by our forum member AnsemContainer. It's pretty interesting, as it he didn't use any sheet for when doing this~


Another one, is the famous Rising Sun (Hikari/Simple and Clean turned Rock) by none other then CarboHydroM, there's no need to go into detail on this one, it's just a breath taker.


The third one sent directly towards us would be by Evan Gipson An interesting piece indeed, not only did it take off more of a rock feeling then the previous Traverse Town Remix, it gives more of a Traverse Town feel, and even gives a special track at 1:07, I'm sure you'll all recognize that tune easily. He also said he plans on sending us more tracks, can't wait to hear them! Also just like AnsemContainer's one, this one is also Directly Recorded, instead of synthesized.


Our Final Track for today is from Sephfire's "Above the Rising Falls" a beautiful re-arranged, and remixed version of KH1's Hollow Bastion. Unlike the others that focused mainly on giving a Rock feeling, this one takes a step in a different direction, soothing your mind with it's composition, and use of instruments. Another recommended!


Once again, if you have any Fanremixes, Midi's, redone tracks of the game, be sure to e-mail me at
Kingdom Hearts Remix
Hey guys, it seems after a while, I finally got an e-mail of a Kingdom Hearts Remix! Unlike the previous one, which was just a fanmade MP3 version, and midi version. This one is a full remix of a track from Kingdom Hearts I. Known as "A Hearts Resolve" by Darangen.

To put it in a very basic summary without needing to spoil it completely, A Hearts Resolve is best to be described as a "Rock Version of 'Traverse Town'" it is wonderfully done and we highly recommend you listen to it.

If YOU have any re-orchestrated, remixes, or any fan made Music of Kingdom Hearts that you wish to share with the community do e-mail me at

And without further to do.

Download it here!