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Square-Enix at Gencon '07

Hey everyone, it seems as though Square-Enix presented some of their figurines, and other collectibles at Gencon '07. For those that don't know Gencon is a miniature gaming convention where demos, and premiers are shown.

Gencon was hosted from August 19th 2007 to August 21st 2007.

Square-Enix showed a few figurines from Final Fantasy, and Kingdom Hearts, however they also had a sneak peak at the upcoming Trading Cards that are to be released at October 2007 and had demo packs of three issues, and we have an exclusive peak of them right here! Here's a little preview screenshot.


You can download the .zip of the entire collection from the link below, in High Resolution, and some figurine models!

Many thanks to our forum member Sora_Hero_of_Light for sending us this wonderful collection. We'll be sure to have a more in depth look at these cards, and you can expect our full analysis in Late October/Early November 2007.

KH1 Novel Unexpected Delay?

We have unfortunate news about the Kingdom Hearts I Novel, it seems from it's set release no one was able to get their hands on it. Well one of members, twilightsbringing, went to take a look into this and found out directly from Disney that the paper-back edition of Kingdom Hearts: The First Door will not be released until June of 2008. Which is almost a whole year away, although did not speak about a Hardcover release meaning we may still see that sometime later this year.

KHV Helps KH2 Voice Actor

Finally, although not as important, we at managed to help a Kingdom Hearts II Voice Actor with his site by providing him a voice clip of his role, which is the tournament announcer. You can view our contribution to his website here.
I recently found this in a notepad document, sadly I can't remember the site that hosted this, but it is worth a read for everyone. If anyone knows the website this came from, please e-mail me at so I can add the source here.

Kingdom Hearts II got a A- for Educational Benefits and a B as it's Overall Grade.

Classroom Facts
The classroom facts in Kingdom Hearts II include charts, basic math, navigation, reading, and vocabulary. The game can be paused which automatically brings up the main menu showing the three characters in the gamer’s party and their hit points (HP), magic power (MP), character level, "munny", and the amount of time spent playing.From that menu the gamer can select the sub category for statistics and view all character items, scroll through abilities which can be equipped to each individual character, read the charts to customize characters’ magic and items, and view the status of all the party characters. Preparing a character to perform well generally or against a particular adversary involves working with numbers.

In the early stages of the game, two characters discuss how much "munny" is needed for unique items of value using simple multiplication and addiction. Each level has navigational mini-maps which can be found in a large green chest. Once the mini-maps are discovered, players can use the map to find pathways and determine their position relative to other map locations. A large key is superimposed on the mini-map that represents the gamer’s location. Reading is involved in the game, because portions of conversation between characters is displayed in dialogue boxes that contain clues and advance the story line. A journal kept by Jiminy Cricket displays information on characters, treasures, maps, missions, enemies, and much more. Vocabulary is occasionally encouraged in the game, for instance, the words "dexterous", "sentient", and "bedlam", are used and can increase a gamer’s knowledge of vocabulary.

Creativity & Imagination
By the Gamer:
Kingdom Hearts IIallows gamers to use their creativity and imagination in a several different ways. Traveling in space between worlds, gamers use "Gummi ships"; when players approach a "Sweep" they are brought to the "Gummi Menu" where they can do one of three things: continue to the planet, return to the world map to fly somewhere else, or edit a Gummi ship. The "Gummi Editor" gives one sample ship which can be upgraded and (3) choices of blueprints where players can create (12) originals, (9) samples, and (9) specials. Players are given (600) points to spend building their ship, purchasing modules or blocks, which vary in price and the amount of HP they contribute to the ship. Blocks come in a variety of shapes and colors: (12) choices for beveled blocks, (17) for curved, (6) for aero (which also increases mobility), and (16) choices of colors. The blocks can be placed in any position anywhere on the blueprint and can be shaped and edited after the initial placement. On top of all this, players can add weapons, movement, and auxiliary abilities to their Gummi ships by simply adding the corresponding blocks.
As gamers progress throughKingdom Hearts II, they obtain abilities and skills which can be equipped to any member of their party. New weapons and armor can be purchased and then substituted for the old.There are many different choices of attack which allows players to be creative; there is a regular attack which uses the weapon in hand to injure the enemy and if certain controller buttons are repeatedly pressed they can generate combos. Various types of magic can be used and, before engaging an enemy, gamer’s can equip up to (4) different magic skills that the gamer desires to use against that particular enemy. The magic can be used repeatedly until the character runs out of MP.
Special commands appear at the top of the Command Window which do more damage than the average attack and when the Drive gauge is at "Max" then the main character takes on the special powers and attributes of another character and becomes more powerful than normal.Summons can replace the other two members of the party for new Disney characters, as when Donald and Goofy are exchanged for Chicken Little, who is a great help in battle until the Drive gauge runs out. At times, other characters will indirectly assist the main characters, for instance, in the Olympus Coliseum, Phil and Meg from the movie Hercules give life and join in battle. Treasure chests found scattered throughout each world contain valuable items for players if they are opened. With each new world comes new objectives and when these objectives are complete, scenes from Disney movies become worlds to be explored.

By the Developers:
Square Enix and Tetsuya Nomura invented a unique way to play with well-known Disney characters in scenes from a variety of Disney movies yet still incorporate a unique main character in a new story. In the beginning of the game, the gamer plays the character Roxas in an animated small town. After a transformation that occurs later, the gamer resumes the game with the main character, Sora, accompanied by his two good friends, Donald and Goofy, whom aid him in stopping the Heartless from taking over the world. Square Enix and Tetsuya Nomura use scenes from movies, such as Mulan, where the main cartoon from that movie is substituted for one of the members of Sora’s party. Then, the objectives involve aspects from the plots of Disney movies which have been altered due to the nefarious Heartless which have infiltrated all of the worlds. Many of these worlds resemble what is seen in the movies, giving the game a magical feeling, but there are also new, original places. Some of them are floating walkways made out of stained glass, suspended in space. Others are more common, such as King Mickey’s castle which is overrun with enemies. While players are advancing in the game, Jiminy Cricket documents the entire story in a journal which can be viewed by pausing the game. He keeps track of all the character profiles from every world, records all of the treasures which have been found, and lists many other interesting facts. Players who do not understand all of the aspects of the game, missed an important part from a cut scene, or simply forgot something, can reference back to the journal and read any of the information. The creativity of the weapons and attacks adds to the mood of the game; the main character uses a giant key to do battle and can take on special abilities and strengths from the other members of his party using Drive form. Square Enix and Tetsuya Nomura also add an original music soundtrack by Yoko Shimomura which is soothing throughout most of the game but upbeat during battles.

Business Skills
Kingdom Hearts II encourages business skills at various points. Many of the opportunities to replenish supplies can only be found in the beginning of each world. There are also some shops which are specific for cloths or for armor but most of the buying is done through strange floating creatures called Kupo’s Moogle. In order to buy new weapons or armor players must collect money from the enemies that are defeated. Another way to earn money is to sell items although players receive only one-fourth of the amount they are worth exposing the player to profit and loss scenarios. Rare resources such as gems and stones are collected and synthesized into valuable items such as elixirs that are used to restore full health and magic. Resources are limited so players must make wise decisions with their potions and magic during battles.

People Skills
Single play in Kingdom Hearts II is constant interaction with artificial intelligence, some assist the player in battle and others advise on what to do next. Human cartoons have unique clothing, voice, characteristics, and hairstyles but all characters blink, move slightly when standing still, and the nonessential ones occasionally meander around. Cartoons also react to the proximity of player, for instance when they are within talking distance, characters will turn to make eye contact and when enemies appear they approach to start a fight. As previously mentioned, players begin as one character then continue playing a different one. Both have different personalities; the character known as Roxas is self-dependent, often provoked into fighting, and has flashback memories of someone else’s life. The second character is helpful, kind and encouraging towards his friends, he is never afraid of the monsters he has to fight, and will often confide in his friends. Other important figures in the game display loyalty by following their leader and assisting him in combat. In preparation for battle the music will change, a target icon will appear on a nearby enemy, and a running header explains the objective. When fighting a boss, a well-animated cut scene will set the stage for battle sometimes using themes from Disney movies such as the part where the beast lets out a terrible roar in Beauty and the Beast. These types of scenes are also used to help advance the plot and many are long and descriptive. Conversations between characters explain events in the game and help remind players of the objective(s) when they forget and artificial intelligence plays a key role when it is mandatory to communicate with them in order to continue. Donald and Goofy travel with the main character and become interchangeable with other Disney cartoons like in Land of the Dragons when Ping from Mulan helps fight and replaces either one of the sidekicks.

Problem Solving
The overall strategy is to discover the nefarious plans of the evildoers and put a stop to them so that the main character can reunite with his friends at home. The problem solving in Kingdom Hearts II involves the use of battle tactics while side quests and game-in-games are used sparingly.Players fight enemies to earn money and improve their characters’ skills. New weapons and armor are purchased and these along with new abilities are equipped giving characters advantages in battle.

During battle sequences, players must be quick to dodge attacks then counter, or repeatedly attack then defend. Players must learn to stay alert and know how to use all of these different maneuvers to help them win.

Other types of problem solving involve finding maps to the different worlds in treasure chests, completing small tasks such as discovering the rumors about strange things going on around town, or helping some of the Disney characters with their problems. Some of the leisure problems include building "Gummi ships" which help travel through space but at the same time allow players to fight enemies in space. Side quests such as earning money through various jobs on the "Help Wanted" board do not necessarily have anything to do with the main objective but allows the player to purchase different resources.

Two important aspects of Kingdom Hearts II are the levels of difficulty and saving the game. In the beginning of the game, players are allowed to choose a variety of different settings for the game but the most vital choice is the difficulty of the game. Once this has been set, the entire game will be played in that mode.To save the game, there is a certain number of save spots throughout each level which fully restore the HP and MP. Every time the player saves the game they have the option to exit that world and return to the world map to travel to another world. Players are given 99 slots to save data and should save their game as often as possible by overwriting the saved data from that particular world to avoid any confusion of having multiple saved files from that one world.

Kingdom Hearts II simulates different Disney characters and worlds which they come from. For instance, the Beast assists players in destroying the Heartless, while inside his castle; and Ping helps conquer the Hun army and vanquishthe new enemies in the Mulan world. All characters are drawn fairly accurately according to the Disney movies, retaining similar sounding voices, dress, and manners. The details show enough of the world to allow players to feel as if they are in the movie and they can read in the message boxes about the different items by clicking on them. Although these worlds are make-believe they do have some real aspects to them such as the inanimate objects, and how things sound, act, and play. The trees in the forests and the lighting scheme in hallways make the game seem more realistic despite being staged in an animated movie.When in battle, characters will let out grunts while receiving or dealing a blow, and the characters never fully rest but moving slightly even while standing still.

Kingdom Hearts II received high reviews from critics and game players. The game has sold over one million copies in North America and Japan, and includes an ‘All-Star Cast’.

Extra Credit
Kingdom Hearts II contains a theme of good triumphing over evil in which players must foil the mysterious plans of the evil group "Organization XIII."

Controls & Options
Players can optimize controls at any point in the game simply by pressing start and then altering the configuration. Although in the beginning of the game, players are allowed to choose a variety of different settings for the game but the most vital choice is the difficulty of the game. Once this has been set, the entire game will be played in that mode.But many other things can be changed such as the appearance of the command box, sound settings, vibration settings. From the pause menu, players can skip scenes, view their statistics, and review their objectives.

Edit: Source Arificial Wisdom

Thank you kitty Mckechnie
Attention users... We are doing some major testing and analysis regarding the database errors today. You may notice that they are happening more often today than they have before. Again, this is due to the testing. We're hoping that by the end of today we can have this problem solved finally and these errors will disappear. Thank you all for your cooperation.
Hey everyone, it seems just recently Square-Enix has opened up their Store in America! The store already shows a variety of Kingdom Hearts Figurines, including Sora's Limit Form from Final Mix+! Be sure to check them all out, and even order some if you're feeling up to it.

To visit Kingdom Heart's section of Square-Enix's Store click Here.

Thanks to Kairi Li for the heads up.
Hey everyone, as we wait along for September we still have some things lined up. This time a cheat that was recently discovered by our forum member EvilMan_89 that defies the boundaries of Kingdom Hearts in a new way.

Now you know in some cheat videos by him, or other users we see people doing battles in a drive form. Rather it be with party members, or by themselves. Of course they are either unable to drive out, or the game freezes at one point. Don't you wish there would be some easier way to do this?

Well there is, EvilMan_89 manage to show his hacking skills by finding such a cheat. What does this cheat do? Well, it allows you to Drive, without losing party members. You can drive wherever you want, whenever you want without any requirements besides your Drive gauge! Making it almost the same requirements as Limit Form, besides the amount of Drive needed to Drive into it.

Here are some video examples exclusively presented by us.

Xemnas 1
Final Xemnas

Raw (Will work on several other cheat devices besides ARMax[/b]
Drive w/o Supporting Characters
201C78B8 0000102D

Drive w/o Supporting Chracters

Party Members don't Disappear when you use Drive
201C77E8 0000102D

Party Members don't disappear when using Drive

You have to use both cheats in order for this to work.