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Hey everyone, it seems as though Gemaga will be publishing an expanded version of their Magazine for their December issue with 2 DVDs featuring PV's from various games and more! Not only that, but listen to this from their blog.

"Promotional Videos were collected one after another in the Tokyo Game Show, the DVD will contain over 130 Games, and will be about five hours worth of trailers in total. There are some trailers that have been enhanced, and some not opened to the public such as Xbox 360's "Lost Odyssey". Also there is an interview with Mr/Ms Sakaguchi who will be explaining the view points.

"Fabula Nova Crystallis FFXIII, and the original PV of "Kingdom Hearts New Projects" will be published


Yup everyone! This is one magazine we definitely will be looking forward to when it is released, and we'll be sure to show you the video and info that comes with it, once it is released, just instead it won't be as bad quality like the 358/2 video we provided the internet with and of course will be longer then 3 seconds.


Sorry, there was a mistranslation on my behalf, it would appear as though an Article of Kingdom Hearts will be released in the Magazine, and not a PV, I apologize for this mistake.

Source: Gemaga Blog and 2ch
Hey everyone, it seems as though a blog user from The Light in Chaos went around the Square-Enix Shop recently, and took some images of the new and old items they have in stock to show the updates!

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

Source: The Light in the Chaos
Hey everyone,, it seems 3 new scans have popped up, although they do not feature any new images, or information that we already have seen/known sadly. But it's still worth a look I guess.

Scan 1
Scan 2
Scan 3

Source: Jeux-France and Cin for notifying me.
Hey everyone, it seems as though Kingdom Heart's TCG website has now been put up by the publishers Fantasy Flight Night. The website contains various information such as rules, an FAQ, card products, about the game and more! Not only that, they have a video about the game up which you can view on their official website. Here


Download WMV
Download MOV HQ
Download MOV LQ

Source: KHU and Forum member AXBHikaru for notifying me and Toshi for the download links.
Hey everyone, do we have a huge surprise for you, today I was checking my E-mail, and I got an e-mail from a Japanese who went by "sage" which basically is anonymous in Japan, anyways. They sent me a .zip link, and I opened it and guess what. We at KH-Vids would like to exclusively present the very first look at 358/2 in Media Content! Once again, thank you for keeping us as your number one source, because we deliver. It may only be 2 seconds long, but this is better then no media at all.

Edit: Download via Mediafire or Sendspace