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Here's 2/3 of our translations from the Nomura interview, courtesy of FF7AC Reunion

Interviewer: Is the beginning of 358/2 Days going to focus on Roxas' birth?

Nomura: The part of his birth will be started as the Prologue, however the game really s tarts from when he enters Organization XIII.

Interviewer: Will this game have an already predicted ending, that Crisis Core had?

Nomura: Where do you think the end is? The point is, How did it get to where it end, for Roxas to leave the Organization? The detail of that will be in this game. (Basically, we may already know the end, we just don't know how it got to that point, like Crisis Core)

Interviewer: Does the progress of the story mean going through Disney Worlds, just like previous Kingdom Hearts games?

Nomura: It's not entirely a story that progresses by going to other worlds, but stories will be progressing.

Interviewer: Is the 14th member a new character of the KH Series? It appears as though the character is...a woman?

Nomura: I should bring it up now, that the XIV member is not Namine, since some people believed it to be Namine by seeing the trailer. However it will be explained as to why there's no pillar for this character, as well as why she never appeared in Kingdom Hearts 2.

Interviewer: In the trailer we see 4 different playable characters simultaneously, is this possible?

Nomura: The Multiplayer can be done with 4 people, or less. Not only is it a feeling of Multiplayer, it gives a feeling of freedom as well, because multiplayer mode will have no relation to the story of the game. But it is possible to choose less then four, for the multiplayer content.

Interviewer: What is the progression of Mutliplayer.

Nomura: The point is to basically beat, a given Mission. For instance defeating an enemy or whatever the aim of the goal is. Various purposes range from small reasons, to big reasons. There is a strong competing feeling for Mutliplayer so sometimes the players may forget what the point of the goal is.

Interviewer: Is multiplayer mode possible for one player only?

Nomura This volume with Multiplayer mode, was rather messy, so we had to design a growth Leveling up system. For example, when Axel is used in Multiplayer mode, Roxas will gain some extra experience from this. Also you are able to customize your character freely. (He didn't go into detail about the Customization part, so it's unsure)

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Hey guys, although not much, we at KHV now have a translation of the recent famitsu scans, in courtesy of FF7AC REunion It might not be 100% accurate, but it's the best we can do for now!

Interviewer:So what about the development of Birth by Sleep?

Nomura:The developer of re:COM will be working on KH:BBS. During Development, the production of KH:BBS was stopped, for the production of re:COM. At first it felt a bit weird starting the project again. I believe this project started before the other two, of the three Kingdom Hearts games, and I also believe it will be the last to hit the market.

Interviewer: It still relates to Birth of Sleep? (KH2 FM+'s secret ending)

Nomura: The Secret Ending, is an image for a scene in BBS, therefore the title of the game is also the same. However because it is difficult to express a violent battle as a playable content, The Secret Ending, is an image to the end. (Is he hinting that this is how BBS will end or something else?)

Interviewer:How much talk was put into it, for this, as it seems to be the past to the "KH" Series.

Nomura: The game is the farthest in the past timeline of Kingdom Hearts, and will take 10 years ago from the KH series. There is a screenshot of two children playing on the beach, and I believe the fans can understand what that means.

Interviewer: In the Story it's said that "Three Scenarios spelt by Three Heroes". Is there a relation between each scenario?

Nomura:: There are three Heroes, Terra, Ven, and another character in KHBBS. A story is already prepared for all three of them. Therefore in a way you can say three games were made at the same time. (Laughs) It's difficult to zap through the explanation right now due to Scenario creating. However the beginning will be a bit hard to understand, but by completing all three Scenarios you will understand the entire story.

Interviewer: Do the names of the three heroes represent something?

Nomura: In Kingdom Hearts, Sora meant Sky, Riku meant Land, and Kairi meant Sea. In this game, the three meanings make a large impact on the game.

Interviewer: Are all three Scenarios happening around the same time?

Nomura: All of the Scenarios do take around the same time, however there are also some gaps between the timelines. Also there are times when all three heroes will meet.

Interviewer: Is the playing order decided yet?

Nomura: I believe it would be better if we gave the players a freedom of choice. However this is still being talked about, but I believe it would be better to choose whoever you want out of the three.

Interviewer: What place is the story's viewpoint from.

Nomura: To bring a point. The word that comes up in Kingdom Hearts 2, is Xehanort. The game will bring up answers to several things though like. "Why is the Elderly person who appears in BBS bring up the same name?" and "Why is he wearing the same clothes as Ansem in KH1?" Another thing I want to bring up is that Ven has the same hairstyle, face, clothes, and voice to Roxas who appears in the Kingdom Hearts series. Who is he?

Interviewer: Is the voice actor of Ven the same as Roxas?

Nomura: Yes, it is the same actor. Therefore the person who played, will only look at Ven as Roxas from KH2.

However, is Roxas and Ven really the same character?

Moreover, what's the mystery for the existence of Ven, and Roxas?

These are keys that can be fully understandable, when playing KH:BBS. You will be able to seperate Ven from Roxas with ease, I will hint though by connecting the Story between Roxas and Sora, you will understand who Ven is.

Interviewer: May I believe that the one you fight in KH2FM+, and Terra are the same person? Because they both use a very similar kind of Keyblade.

Nomura: If they really are the same person, or not is uncertain, though it doesn't matter if you think they are the same person.

Interviewer: In BBS, after all three are divided, the king appears?

Nomura: It may be deeply related to the story, however I cannot tell rather or not that is a "King" from that current age. This is because the development of BBS will be a very serious story.

Interviewer: In BBS is the gameplay done by choosing action commands lined up in command list?

Nomura: I believe it is neccessary to say first. The Command Menu that was shown to the public (A.K.A scans, and video) has now changed. A system close to that of re:COM has been created successfully feeling like a command deck. However the present screenshots show it was a bit too close to the idea of re:COM. The battle screens you see in the images now, have already been changed. However the operating sense is similar to that of the Kingdom Hearts series. The gameplay has a slight influence from the DS game "It's a Wonderful World"

Interviewer: Are there any features for the Growth System? (Leveling System)

Nomura: A new Growth System has been added into the game, it is when you have to match four obligations with the scenario (?). We tried this variously because it was a bit hard with the PSP. However we made the best use of it's Analog.

Interviewer: Are there new enemies you can confirm that are not shown in the screens?

Nomura:The new enemy is not a Heartless, or a Nobody. Because the story takes place before even they appear. I can give out more information little by little as time passes, an example being like the Shadow enemies that are heartless, and the Dusk enemies that are nobodies.

Interviewer: With the PSP will it be possible for two people to Communicate by any connection method?

Nomura:: It's too early to answer that however, there will be some features that will be taking advantage of the PSP.

Be sure to check back later for our translations on Coded, and 358/2 days.

Edit: IGN also has more information on 358/2 Days
IGN Updates Website
Hey everyone, IGN Updated their website with more information about Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep!

September 26, 2007 - The latest issue of Famitsu has new details on Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, one of three new portable entries in the series that were announced in the Square Enix Closed Megatheater at the Tokyo Game Show.

Birth by Sleep gets its name from the unlockable Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix closing movie, which you probably haven't seen since this director's cut version of Kingdom Hearts II hasn't been released outside of Japan. That movie featured a bunch of new characters, including Terra and Ven, the latter resembling Roxas. Birth By Sleep focuses on three main characters, Terra, Ven and a third character.

In development by the team down in Osaka that developed the Re: Chain of Memories component of Final Mix, Birth By Sleep is being headed up by some familiar names. Tetsuya Nomura is director of the project, with Tai Yasue serving as co-director. Patrick Chen is serving as producer with Youichi Yoshimoto as co-producer.

In a developer interview with this week's Famitsu, Nomura revealed that development on the project actually started long ago, but was halted due to the amount of volume that ended up going into Re: Chain of Memories. The plot was certainly finished in time for the release of Final Mix, as the closing movie for that game was created around it.

Daisuke Watanabe is working on the scenario. You might recognize him from FFXII, KHII, FFX-2 and Chain of Memories. He's also supervising the DS and cell phone KH games. With Birth by Sleep, his talents are put to particular use, as Nomura says he specializes in multi scenario systems.

The game has three scenarios, each told from the perspective of one of the main characters. Yasue joked with the magazine that players may think the game was made by three different teams, as the play style is different for each character due to their varying personalities and abilities.

Re: Chain of Memories had separate Sora and Riku scenarios. Different here, according to Yasue, is that rather than playing one scenario after the other, you'll have to use certain characters to clear certain sections. This also isn't like a 'zapping' system, he noted. He's promising something that players have never seen before.

Regarding gameplay systems, early screenshots of the game show a command menu not unlike previously Kingdom Hearts PS2 titles. Nomura says that of the three newly announced titles, the PSP game is the closest to previous titles in the series and will offer the feeling of action for which the series is known. However, in a separate interview, he also noted that the game will actually be close to the Re: Chain of Memories battle system, with your commands appearing in the form of a deck.

Some new gameplay systems are in the works as well. The character growth system, in particular, uses some ideas that Yasue believes will shock players. While not giving too many specifics, Yoshimoto revealed that they're thinking up a few systems where players hook up their PSP with other players; this presumably has something to do with the growth system Yasue was speaking about. Nomura noted that this type of multiplayer system wil be completely different from the multiplayer mode of the DS title. He also referred to the DS game as being the only new Kingdom Hearts title with actual multiplayer play, so it's a bit unclear if the PSP title will actually let players play together.

The game will once again be constructed of multiple worlds, similar to past titles. However, Yoshimoto is promising some new Disney worlds. Look forward to areas like Sleeping Beauty's Forest.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep is still somewhat of a mystery. And it might stay a mystery for a while. In a separate interview, Nomura noted that of the three new portable Kingdom Hearts games, it's the first one to have started development, and will likely be the last one to see release.

Sources: IGN and KHN
Hey everyone, some new scans from Famitsu have popped up, as well as an Interview! Hopefully later on we'll be able to have some translations from these scans as well!

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

Edit: Higher Quality Scans
[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

Edit: Summary of Interview, expect a more detailed version in the future.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
- The full meaning behind the title can only be understood once you complete the game.
- The first idea that came from this game was to show the daily life of the Organization.
- This is based off of after Roxas entered Organization XIII, this game will also revolve around the one year when Sora is asleep. (A direct sequel to COM basically)
- Roxas has doubt, and begins to believe if it's better to leave the Organization or not.
- The scan says that the 14th member is not Namine, however IS a key character to the story.
- You will still be going through Disney Worlds
- Roxas vs Riku will be in the game!
- There is a system that allows you to see the memories of Sora.
- Multiplayer mode is not related at all to the story.
- ALL XIII MEMBERS can be used in Multiplayer mode.
- Every member has a unique style of gameplay, also once you defeat the boss you can replay the mission again as much as you want to. There are different missions for each character.
- You can draw for fun in the second screen.
- Everytime you complete a mission, one of the Organization chairs raise a bit higher.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
- Development for this game started a bit early, but it was interrupted by the development for re:COM
- Ven is the male's Alias and his real name is longer.
- There is a mystery of who each character is.
- The keyblade Master is someone who has not appeared in any of the series yet.
- The story is set to be Complex and Serious
- The Story Advances with three people, each with their own different gameplay.
- The Battle system is new compared to the ones in previous KH games.

KH: Coded
- Is considered to be the brother of Agito XIII
- Nomura wanted to make it a playground for the fans.
- THis game will clerify where Riku and the King was during KH1
- THe Debugging Mode is used to move from the Data to the real world

Source:2ch, FF7AC REunion, ffkhblog and Jeux-France
As you saw a while ago, we had images of two Keyblades shown, Oblivion and Oathkeeper, well it appears that was just a part of what was going to be for sale. Square-Enix has a whole list of Keyblades for sale, as you can see in the images provided below. Their release date, and price are currently undecided, but they may be set up for an October release date just like the Oathkeeper and Oblivion ones are.

Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
Image 4
Image 5

Source: Midnight Kingdom