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Hey guys, Light in the Chaos updated their site which what appears to be a scan of Marluxia in his final form ^^


Source: Lighti n the Chaos
UPDATE: Floor Five is now back online

For some reason, YouTube is acting really weird with our videos. They'll process, and then it'll seem like it unprocesses. Anyway, here's Floor Six.

Castle Oblivion: Floor Five | [player=UCai_muL-vg]WATCH NOW[/player]
*UPDATE*Secret Ending Video, with secret Ending Music

Hey guys, it should be noted that indeed the Secret Ending Video was put up earlier, however last time it had no sound, music or anything.

This time from the Kingdom Hearts Complete OST, I managed to mix it with the Video done by Dark Helmet543 who deserves all credit for the video!

Edit: Also HQ version is now downloadable!;7072675;/fileinfo.html

And yes the audio is mixed right, the video's ending proves it.

Please, post your theories, speculations and any other concerns in the speculation section. Spamming in news and updates will result in a warning.
More Re:CoM Videos
I am aware that the video is not available right now. It's doing the same thing it did for the videos yesterday. What I'm thinking is that too many people are trying to view, overloading YouTube's servers. Please be patient as it will return shortly.

Hey guys! Just saw the secret ending that Xal posted. Man, it's epic! Anyway, to start off today, here's Castle Oblivion Floor Five with English subtitles. All videos I release for now on will have English subtitles attached, due to high demand.

In total today, I'll be uploading Floors 5, 6, and 7. I'll also be uploading the first Larxene boss battle. So, keep an eye out guys, and enjoy! Oh, one other thing. I'll be a little late on those downloadable versions of the Menu Trailer through Fourth Floor, so sorry for those who were expecting them now.
Secret Ending Video!
Hey guys it's finally here! Good news!

Stream it
Download it

Source: Look a Space on Gamefaqs.