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Hey guys, thanks toThe Wertle we at KHV bring in more news featuring ability, stat and other changes that were done to Donald and Goofy in KH2FM+, be sure to check it out!

Changes for Donald and Goofy in FM+!
Hey guys, thanks to The Wertle we now have an extra bit of information to add to the Kingdom Hearts FM+, which is for Bonus Charts, and Level ups. Be sure to check it out if you're interested in it. Also not only that, we at KHV now have an arcade set up. What's the catch? Well for now there isn't any, even unregistered users can have fun playing old classic games! There are a few little errors, but nothing that will effect your gaming fun! If you want to access the Arcade, click the "Arcade" tab at the top of our website.

Bonus / Level Chart
Hey guys. Recently, a ton of things have been going on in my life. The closer I come to graduation, the harder it is for me to be on the site. This week was an exception, and I'm hoping that I covered all the stuff I needed to so I can just kick back for the next few weeks at school. So, here we go, I'm back after a week's hiatus.

A few things have come to my attention that I need to fill you guys in on. First off, the new Re:CoM RR subbed videos are being delayed because we've been having trouble getting things translated. Then again, I haven't been online for a week, and for all I know, TheWertle has in fact done some more translating. We'll see what's going on when I can contact him.

Second, the broken KH2 videos... I'm working on this problem. Not only am I working on re-recording the broken KH2 downloads, but I'm also in the middle of the long process of re-recording all the KH2 videos on this site. Theater Mode has been helping me a lot in this process. Thanks Nomura and SE, you guys pulled through as usual.

Third, the Top 5. I know I missed this last week, but again, I was way too busy otherwise. I'm working on grading the videos right now, and both last week's Top 5 and this week's Top 5 will be available by tomorrow.

Finally, Sara notified me through PM a few days ago that some users were having problems with the forum. Just letting you guys know, that if any of you are still having problems, please contact me personally and I'll help you the best that I can.

Thanks for being so patient with me and the site guys. I couldn't ask for better users.
Hey guys, thanks to The Wertle there's now a translation for the Gummi Ship EX Missions from the FM+ Ultimania! Be sure to check them out!

Gummi Ship EX Mission

And today other news came spreading like wildfire, so as we wait for TGS, I hope these can keep you busy!

Crisis Core Theme Song Video Commercial!
New CCFF7 Scans
New FFTA2 Scans
New FF4 Remake Scans
New Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Rings of Fate Scans
New Wonderful World scans
Itadaki DS Scans New Dragon Quest IX Scans
New Dragon Quest Swords Scans
Brand New Dissidia Scan!
New FFXII Internation Scans
Hey guys, although we got a long wait till TGS, it doesn't mean we still can't fill you up with Kingdom Hearts Goodness, however this time it's not really new information, it's more of a side information that is optionial to know or not. Anyways, thanks to TheWertle, we have a translation of all the bosses names, as well as their HP including Terra's! (The ES for those who havn't been following up to date).

Check em out!

Bosses HP