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Square-Enix has updated their website, with a new section "World Hobby Fair" this is an event that is going to be held on January 25th. It's unknown if there will or if there will not be a no camera rule, what we DO know for sure is that Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+ will be making an appearance.

Official Square-Enix site

Source: FF13 Vids
The Official Playstation Site has updated featuring Kingdom Hearts Final Mix+ although it's probably not that major to us since it's the Japanese site and not the US, it's still worth a look for some small, yet more official screenshots of the latest scans.
Playstation's FM+ Game Page

Final Mix

Picture #1 Summary Translation: Sora vs. Roxas' battle is possible. The battle is playable that exist only in the event scene in Final Mix. The candescent battle can be easily felt.

Picture #2 Summary Translation: The new truth obvious: in the new additional cutscene. The event that supplements the story that's not explained in the original version. An individual story that is drawn more clearly, and is more finished than its original version.

Picture #3 Summary Translation: New secret movie is added in. The secret movie of the original version is added into the work now. The truth is clarified by the additional movie. Moreover, what kind of impact does the new content hold? It is a must see clearer movie than the original version.


Nothing new here either. 2-D-->3-D CoM. Uses Japanese voices. Doesn't change the story at all. Etc., etc.

Picture #1 Summary Translation: In the process of making the GBA game to 3-D, more expressive character formation were added in. The power of expression in the characters greatly improve the same cutscenes from GBA to PS2. They are drawn delicately so when they are played out along with the voices, the scenes join in unison. Also, a new impression can be discovered by the 3-D characters' facial expressions.

Picture #2 Summary Translation: Two or more new elements are added in. Of course, the "Riku chapter" is possible to be playable after Sora's volume has ended too. In addition, two or more elements have been added in now with the battle with the Organization XIII that were fought in the original GBA version. It's been occassionally developed. Moreover, KH2 "reaction commands" are able to be used to attack in addition to the familiar "stock techniques" that are generated by combining cards. The strategy improves greatly. Also, there's a hidden element that'll help influence both "Final Remix" and "Re:CoM" so please expect it by all means.

Picture #3 Summary Translation: Battle scene to which, the action heats up! Since becoming 3-D, the battle field has become enlarged, and the guide is developed through a basic battle system (action that uses the card) which is the same as in the original CoM. Moreover, because of a lot of new cards added in, the battle has become bigger.

Source: for the translation and FF13 Vids
The title says it all, it's been informed that a Dutch TV Program known as "GAMEPOWER" managed to have a very VERY special and surprising video for all S.E fans, there were 4 Square-Enix trailers shown that were at closed doors at TGS.

1. Final Fantasy XIII
2. Final Fantasy Versus XIII
3. It's a Wonderful World
4. Kingdom Hearts II FM+

Sadly the only video shown up to youtube is part of the FFXIII trailer, but we can still hope!

GamePower's FFXIII clip

Source: FFXIII chan and Gamepower (Unknown of official site URL)
I'm a little excited about hearing this. Let's hope it's true.

In their most recent issue, PSM listed their favorite games of 2006. Kingdom Hearts 2 appeared as number seven on the list (hoorah!) and PSM included a little surprise in the magazine.

"Get set for more Kingdom Hearts... and we're not talking KH3. Square-Enix is taking their Game Boy Advance game, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, beefing it up, and bringing it to the PS2 in full 3-D. It will be included with a special "Final Mix+" of Kingdom Hearts II, and is expected to come Stateside, though no date is announced."

Sources: HeartlessNobody and Tomo

In honor of all the new things that are coming to KH-Vids in the wake of the next few weeks, I've decided to hold a contest. I know there's a lot of people out there who are much better at Photoshop than I am, so I thought it was time to put you guys to the test and redesign the banner that appears at the top of all of our pages. Here's the rules:

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4. You can make as many submissions as you want.
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After you're finished, send the finished .PSD file to deathspank[at]gmail[dot]com. The best banner I get will become the new default. Good luck everyone!