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Hey everyone, it seems as though the Kairi figurine from the second collection of the Kingdom Hearts Play Arts can now be bought by itself from Square-Enix's store for 3800 Yen! ($35)

Square-Enix Store

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Hello everyone!

I am spdude. The new owner of

So what exactly happened? deathspank has given up ownership privileges to the website, due to the large amount of work that comes from running a site such as this.

Not to worry, deathspank will still be here, checking in and helping out when he can, he has not forgotten his lovely creation! This would be a good time to thank deathspank for all he has done.

I know, I know, this is a whole lot at once. No worries. There will be no major or inconsequential changes. (This includes site policy, staff, etc).

And a little about myself? I've owned countless websites throughout the years, it's become almost a hobby of sorts! I have a lot of experience with websites and I can't wait to take this site to the next level! It is so nice being part of such an excellent, fun, and tight knit community.

It's always tough being the new guy; I hope my welcome isn't too bad!
This seems interesting, at the Tokyo Game Show 2007, when there was a lack of public KH trailers to show, Xplay took it on themselves to review the currently, and probably will always be JP version of Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+. They are a bit off on somethings, but you can't expect them to beat everything in the game. So without further to do.

Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+ Review

Thanks to the 'DOS-embedded tipster, QBasic for messaging me this.
Hey everyone, it seems that today Oricon has put up their results for the top vocaled theme songs in video games. What they search for mainly is the content of the song, and how it works with the video game.

In first place came Real Emotion from Final Fantasy X-2, this is due to how the game seemed to have focused a bit more on the light hearted side, also Pop Music has been really famous for the past generation and having it incorporated into a game giving the song meaning of the story as well mixes together for a great result. Even if the game wasn't that good.

In second place came Kingdom Heart's "Hikari" (Not to be mistaken with simple and clean) in which the reason why this song came in second is due to just listening to the song, you are able to understand the meaning of the game, as well as the feelings and emotions the game will bring.

In third place is Final Fantasy VIII's Eyes on Me, this is due to how beautiful the peace sounds, and how much emotion in packs for the scene it is played in, the music focuses around Squall and Rinoa, and this track was the perfect way to show it.

In fourth place was Tales of the Abyss "Karma" This is mainly to do with the lyrics fitting the point of the game very good, giving off the same feel the game was meant to give off.

Final Fantasy XII's "Kiss me Goodbye" snagged fifth place, however it is not given it's own description.

Source: Oricon
Hey everyone, a new scan as surfaced, well not really a scan as it is a preview, but it features the Kingdom Hearts ~New Project~ collection. With these a few new images as well as old ones can be shown, since some of them are hard to view I'll explain the second coded image. The second Coded picture of Sora, Donald, and Goofy shows Pluto meaning that like I said in the previous update, this will show what Pluto was doing. Also the very bottom image is a very first look at Coded's Online Multiplayer.


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