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Hey everyone, as you all know recently there was a Famitsu scan, for those that don't know which would be surprising, unless you were gone all day click Here

Anyways, once again our forum member Mirai translated a few things from it, however he had some problems with what was said in the boxes, but that's going to be fixed up as well, as KHU also has a translation of what was said.

Blue box with pirate.
"Several titles are in the middle of development!! The new KH games will be released!! What on Earth is the title, and, when will it be released?!!"

Text pointing to the Mickey and Sora screen.
"Sora and the King's clothes from KHCOM are the same. When will the talked about story in the new production be revealed?"

Text by Sora.
"The hero, Sora. The chosen hero who must protect the worlds' peace. Through the series, this cheerful boy is the hero."

Subtitle in the Terra and Geezernort (*snicker*old man) scene.
"I believe you/I/he were/was struggling."

Subtitle in the Mickey and Jiminy scene.
*All I know is that it says something about the letter. Dang kanji*

Text pointing to the Organization XIII scene.
"This room is Sora's enemy, Organization XIII's stronghold. **But, in the new game, it looks like the Organization's entry surface is full!!"

Subtitle in the Roxas scene.
"*I don't know the first part*, there's the dream I had..."

Big text next on the Terra scene.
"An unknown character!! Who is he?"

Subtitle in Terra scene.
"What did you do to his heart?!!"

Text under the big Micky pic.
"Disney Castle's king. He is watching Sora's journey from the shadows!!"

KHU's Translation of the Dialouge
- Organization XIII Meeting: "The Keyblade's chosen one..."
- Bald Man: "I believed you would arrive..."
- Terra: "What have you done to his/her heart!"
- Roxas: "He said he'd seen me before."
- Mickey (with Sora): "On that day, I was here too."
- Mickey (with Jiminy Cricket): "A passage one cannot remember..."

As you know, some lines are completely different from the translations we had, but also know that Kanji can be interpreted in different ways as well.

Thanks to our forum member Mirai for the translation.
Hey guys, if you didn't notice the previous news update was a brand new scan you shouldn't miss! However, thanks to our forum member Mirai We have a full translation of the V-Jump scan, besides the bottom half, which was only a brief summary of previous games. Also the information also hints to a game focusing only on Roxas!

To view the scan go to our previous news update on it clickHere.

It should be noted that the (*) Near the text means they were translated to the best of Mirai's ability but may not be 100% Accurate, but still very accurate.

Right side of the screenshot of Mickey and Sora.
"Words of concern come from the King."

Right side of Sora, Donald and Goofy.
"The brave heroes of the Kingdom Hearts series. To protect the peace of the worlds, they jouney to the Disney worlds."

Top center.
"*V-Jump gets the new game's picture fastest!!"

Left side of picture of the Organization.
"*The ones that retreat are the mavericks of the XIII Order, Roxas and Axel."

Text near Roxas.
"In the last game, Kingdom hearts II's story, the most important character (referring to Roxas, I suppose)."

Text near Axel.
"*The main mystery clothed in a black coat, a XIII Order member. Sora's enemy."

Bottom banner.
The start of the new Kingdom Hearts project!!"

In the screenshot with Mickey and Sora, Mickey is saying "I was there on that day, too."
On the scene with the XIII Order, it says "The one chosen by the Keyblade."

"The extremely popular series, Kingdom hearts's new game project is several beginnings!! (man, the Japanese like the double exclamation points, don't they!!)"

First crown.
"Several projects being developed!! As V Jump gets more info, it looks like it's more than one title...!!"

Second crown.
"The last games were for PS2 and GBA. The new games are also on several consoles!!"

Third crown.
"It is the story that reveals the secrets!! The new title's are not all remakes! They are all new stories!!"

Once again thanks to our member Mirai for these wonderful translations! We'll also have translations for the newer scan later today so be sure to check back!
New Famitsu Scan!
Hey guys! A new Famitsu scan has popped up, and once again we got the info for you!

Besides what the previous scan, this scan features a few new images, including Terra! We'll have a full translation of this scan later in the future.


Edit: Cropped out the Higher Quality Screens

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

Source: 2ch

Note: Be sure to give credit where it's due, I've noticed a site took our translation several times without crediting us, and if they do that again I will point them out without hesitation.
Hey guys, besides the scan, we managed to get some rumors coming from 2ch, however the chances that they are true are unknown. But here they are.

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories II
- It's a game for the DS
- The scenes will be in full 3D
- The 3D graphics for the scenes are said to be beautiful.
- The game focuses around Roxas

Kingdom Hearts (Undecided Title)
- No information at all has been released about this.

Kingdom Hearts Zero
Only a logo is shown.

We'll find out if this is true or not at TGS

Source: 2ch
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