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Hey everyone, it seems as though Square-Enix has re-updated their JF 2008 website, this time featuring the games that will be shown there, and to no surprise the three new Kingdom Heart Games made the list!

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days
Kingdom Hearts: Coded
Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

]Jump Festa Website Translations

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days
XIIIth Order No. 13 Roxas. Another story of a Hero fully revealed.

"XIIIth Order No. 13 Roxas." Another story of a Hero Discoursed appears on the Nintendo DS! This game's latest developments is scheduled to be shown at Jump Festa. Please wait a bit longer for more information on this game.

Kingdom Hearts: Coded
Disney World that Extends to the Mobile Phone. Adventure in the miniature Garden, and more rich in variety!

This game is expressed with High-End visuals for the Mobile Phone, and the graphics are to the point where it is not inferior to a gaming system. The latest image is disclosed, but expect it by all means.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep
The game that is connected, and begins the Grand Adventures of KINGDOM HEARTS.

The PSP is pushed to it's limits both graphical wise, and capacity! There are three new main characters, and you will get to play through three scenarios! Not only that, a new system is involved with the game to keep a mix of a new and old feel! The latest image is disclosed, but expect it by all means.

Source: Square-Enix JF 2008

Be sure to check back as we'll cover everything Kingdom Hearts related for the JF2008!
Every week, I scour the video portal's latest submissions and pick my top five favorites. Just because you don't make it into the top five does not mean that you're video wasn't good. We just have so many good videos that they're hard to choose from! Here's the top five for this week.


This Week's Winner: khfreak87 | View Video
Song: Falling Inside the Black by Skillet

2. Submitted By: HazHeartz | View Video
Song: Hearts of the Innocent by Kutless

3. Submitted By: endlezzAttackz | View Video
Song: Will You Be There by Skillet

4. Submitted By: TheClamWhisperer | View Video
Song: Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls

5. Submitted By: NinjaAlchemistSakura | View Video
Song: Fergalicious by Fergie

Hope you enjoy them all, and keep submitting! Maybe your video will show up here next Monday!
Square-Enix Jump Festa 2008 Site Opened + Disney Entertainment Diary contains KH2FM+

Hey everyone, Square-Enix has recently started up their Jump Festa website, although there are no list to the games they are presenting, or anything at all besides information about the actual event, we'll keep you updated, as they update their site with more information!

Square-Enix's Jump Festa

Also in other news, Disney has recently released their Disney Entertainment Diary 2008, where people can basically keep track of their stuff for the upcoming year. However this year, they added a special treat, which is a section of the diary being dedicated to Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+ a photo of that page is provided below.
Disney Entertainment Diary 2008


Source: FFKH Blog
Hey guys, our forum member XxxXehanortxxX has released a demo for the new mugen game. The below is his description and details about the game. Enjoy.

No matter what is said in the upcoming paragraphs and notes, I STRONGLY encourage you to download the game and play.

I became very sick 2 weeks ago, and I am still a little sick right now. I could have finished Marluxia, started Sora, and finished the screen pack in that time. But that obviously didn't happen. I missed a lot of school work as well, so I cannot work for a little while. Hopefully next week this problem will be solved. A few notes:

1. This is a very alpha demo.
2. There are no Kingdom Hearts stages yet.
3. There are few characters, that have little progress.
4. The screen pack (Menu, Select, Vs., and Option screen) will not be like that in the actual game to come. Everything will be Kingdom Hearts related.
5. The screen is small, it will always be like that. Deal with it. It is for the best quality.
6. There will be none of that writing when you play.
7. The actual game will be closed (you will not be able to add or take stuff from the game).
8. The life bars are not the actual life bars, the real ones will be Kingdom Hearts Style.
9. Have fun. Although this very small demo is only for you to see what characters are like (since I had a hard time explaining how you would play).
10. The characters will have move lists, later on.

For playing:

1. You use the arrow keys to move. Right arrow key moves you right. Left moves left. Down is a crouch (there aren't really crouches however). Up is a jump. You can jump two times in a row.
2. For most of you (depending on your keyboard), the buttons A S D and underneath them Z X C are the keys you will use to fight/do whatever.
3. There is a way to make the demo full screen. I forgot how. I believe it is ALT + Enter.


1. This game cannot ruin your computer/laptop or anything that you play it on. It is impossible.
2. There are no system requirements, you should be able to play no matter system/memory/space (well, as long as you have enough space) you have, you should be able to play.


1. If you wish to join, pm me, also provide samples of your work. We REALLY need sound rippers the most. Followed by music arrangers. And by ripping sounds, I mean extracting the sounds of characters frmo the actual ps2 disc.


Axel says BURN BABY! in the game when you are fighting him. Rip the sound off the disc, so it is just him screaming BURN BABY! when I open it in windows media player (or something that plays sounds).

Yes, it IS legal.

Everything done is legal.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!HOW TO OPEN THE FILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. I compressed it using Winrar. Please google Winrar, and download it.
2. Install Winrar. Right click the file (the game), and hit "extract to".
3. The game will extract, and a folder should appear. Go into the folder.
4. Keep going until you see a bunch of files, including folders such as Characters, Stages, Data, etc.
5. Scroll down until you see a .exe file called "Kingdom Hearts Shackles of Destiny".
6. Double click it.
7. You do not use your mouse/touch pad on the mugen screen. You use the enter key to select things and the arrow keys to move up/down/left/right.
8. Enjoy.

Now go play. The demo would have been a LOT better, but I became really sick, so I am sorry. I, along with the team, will really pick up on the work, soon. I have more team members, they just haven't been listed in the Credits because they didn't work yet. They are getting started however.

Thanks to:

XxxXehanortxxX/SharinganUchiha777 - Leading the game, coding Marluxia.
ScytheofPetals/Hyuga_Neji - Co-leader, coding Axel.
Xaldin - Arranging music.
Deathspank - Making, and allowing this to be hosted on his wonderful site.

p.s. - If someone claims to be me or any member on the team, please, be careful. I will most likely get imposters on sites such as youtube.

Kingdom Hearts Shackles of Destiny ~
Hey everyone, it seems as though recently a commercial of Kingdom Hearts TCG have been hosted on several channels, to help promote the card game. In case you haven't seen it yet, don't worry as we've got you covered! Be sure to buy a pack of cards if you're interested at all in this game, or if you just want to increase that Kingdom Hearts collection of yours!


Source: Fantasy Flight Games and Madiyasha