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Hey guys, part VIII is now up! Thanks to you the Wertle!

VIII - When the heartless are defeated, what becomes of the stolen hearts? Also, when members of Organization XIII and other Nobodies are defeated, do they return to their original form?

When heartless are defeated, essentially the owner's hearts are rejoined with their once extenguished body, whichever world it may be on. As for the whereabouts of hearts in KHII that turn up, this time they remarkably went to the organization (there is a foot note here that says "In Kingdom Hearts II after heartless were defeated, the many hearts were absorbed by the Kingdom Hearts of "people's hearts"). However, in the rare case that the body changed into a Nobody, when there is no container for the heart it resorts to a state of suspension.

In the case of a Nobody being defeated, it's a little more complicated. If the above mentioned hearts are liberated, they return to their original form. However, if the heart is still stolen by the heartless, the Nobody's body is swallowed by darkness. If somewhere in the world their hearts are taken back, perhaps they might be able to return to their original human form.

Next Time: IX - Could you please gather some information about the main characters? The reason Sora becomes Anti Form, the reason Riku is able to be selected by a keyblade, Kairi's memories of Radiant Garden, Roxas and Namine's differences from other Nobodies, the absence of Sora and them, their parent's and friends, and what about school?

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Hey guys, it sees as though part VII has now popped up thanks to TheWertle! For those confused about the other parts, don't worry all of it is neatly organized right Here.

VII - In KH, at the same time Sora became a heartless Roxas was born and entered the Organization. So if that's the case, at that point in time at Castle Oblivion Sora used a keyblade while at the same time Roxas would have been using a keyblade. Was this Sora's keyblade? Within the organization I think we particularly saw Roxas using a keyblade. And similar to Roxas, Sora served as another Keyblade Master conviently gathering hearts. So why was the Organization defeated?

The keyblade that Roxas used and the thing that Sora once lost in Castle Oblivion are the same thing. Furthermore, these two both used the keyblade at the same time. This can be explained by the relationship between Roxas and Sora. Thus, that both can wield two keyblades in fact has an important meaning. This is also related to Xehanort's memories, but this point can't be touched on just yet.

Furthermore, from the time that the two were both using the keyblade at the same time, the Organization itself was using Sora for their ultimate goal. Soon enough, each of the Organization's expectations differed. By changing Sora and Roxas's movements, eventually they became unable to use Sora for their true meaning. As a result, Sora became an obstacle to the movements of the organization itself and he had to be defeated. But even if Sora were to be defeated, you could say there are other things to think about in making that sacrifice.
Source: The Wertle
Updated Xehanort Cutscene

Hey guys, The Wertle posted the next bit of the translation for us! So be sure to say thank you, as he is working hard!

You can read his translation by clicking Here and to view all of the Report done so far click Here


Xehanort Cutscene

Also here are some more renders I ripped!

Hey guys, it seems as though the Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+ Ultimania Booklet cover has been revealed! Unlike the previous one, this one does not feature new art as the cover, however we're more into the content this book will contain. Which has also been updated by BENT Studio.

- XIII Organization, E.S, Puzzle Mode and XIII Organization Capture GUide.
- A Thorough explanation of the changes from KH2 to KH2FM+
- Kingdom Hearts re:COM's guide including new data, new battle style, and new capture methods designed for the PS2
- Voice Actors opinions from fans
- A FILE section for all the complex characters.
- Nomura Interview
- 512 pages of KH2FM+ goodness.
- And more!

The book is to be released on May 2nd for 1500 Yen. And like the other Ultimania booklets will be released in Japan Only.


Source: FF13Vids and Bent Studio

Side Note: More animations will be coming soon, and we will be covering FinalMix Animations as well, including the Enigmatic Unknown fought in Kingdom Hearts FM, and other new heartless.
Hey guys, upon going through the CD, I came across two very interesting renders that stood out, those who have been following Kingdom Hearts II since it was first announced may remember these but for those that didn't or forgot I'll remind you.

If we look back waay back to E305 and TGS when Kingdom Hearts II was still in the works, in the 1000 Heartless Battle, looked a bit more havoc, as there were Behemoths and Wyverns. However people only called the trailer conceptual afterwards because the Behemoth and Wyverns were wiped out. But think again, it seems that the Behemoth and Wyvern were wiped off the game coding for appearance, but wern't wiped out of the CD Completly. They even have bone animations, and animation files proving they were ready for combat! What caused the sudden change of heart? We may never know...