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Song: Meant to Live by Switchfoot

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Song: Sanctuary (No One's Dream Anymore) by Utada Hikaru & OAZ~DJ Zinc

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Song: Over My Head by Sum 41

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Song: Frontline by Pillar

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Song: Shapeshifter by Celldweller

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A new scan of Famitsu has appeared along the 2ch boards, and we got a very early look towards the new project! More then likely we'll be seeing a better quality of the scans in the near future when the article is released, as well as information.

However only 2 screens were shown, both with only text from the new game, no exact information about what it will be called. However the 2ch poster was kind enough to give the text of what was said.

The first image, Axel and Roxas are in the Organization Conference room, with the text "Is it the one with the Keyblade?"

The next image, features Sora in Traverse Town, while wearing KH1 clothes that don't fit, with the text "I was alone here, on that day.".

Besides that, there was a few other texts clarifying other things such as.

- The new KH Work is not just one title.
- Everything you'll see in the game is completely new work.


Hopefully we'll have a Higher Quality scan in the future.

Edit: HQ Scan 1
J]HQ Scan 2

And here's a translation of the white box, thanks to Tomogirl

New KINGDOM HEARTS title was finally announced to everybody. However, this is just a few [things that are revealed]. What kind of Disney companions do we meet this time, and what kind of Disney worlds do we go to? I look forward to the continued report.

Be sure to check up on KHV for more exciting news!

Under my own speculation, it seems as though these two scenes are basing around the things Nomura said he wanted to cover. "Roxas' time in the Organization" and "What Mickey did in the Realm of Darkness."

Edit: Also in other news, Jeux-France has some rumors as well for a list of things being showin in TGS, and here they are

- Endless Crisis : Final Fantasy VII (PlayStation 3)
- Final Fantasy XIII (PlayStation 3)
- Final Fantasy Versus XIII (PlayStation 3)
- Kingdom Hearts (Temporary Title) (PlayStation 3)
- Kingdom Hearts : Chain of Memories 2 (Nintendo DS)
- Kingdom Hearts 0 (PSP)
- Star Ocean 4 (PlayStation 3)

Of course note these are rumors and shoud be avoided until TGS confirms them.

Source: Jeux-France 2ch KHN and Forever Fantasy
During 1-up's podcast they brought out a lot of information, for various games, most of it being new news, some spoilers some not, they talk about Dragon Quest, Blue Dragon, and Square-Enix for TGS. Apparently Square-Enix will be announcing a Kingdom Hearts game for the PSP, as well as other Kingdom Hearts games for other systems to be announced. They refer to these as "Kingdom Hearts Zero" we'll be sure to get into more detail if this is true or not, as time passes. Although the chances of this piece of information being true, as a higher chance then previous Kingdom Hearts X information.

View Podcast here

Thanks to our forum member Libregkd
Apparently Square-Enix has updated their calendar website, featuring information on a new Novel that will be containing short stories in the timeline of Kingdom Hearts II, though it's unknown as to who's perspective it takes. The Novel will come with the title "Short Stories Vol 1. Other Diamonds" and will be released in October 2007, exact date unknown.

Source: S-E's Calendar and KHN
Hey guys! Square-Enix has updated their TGS website, and finally with something related to Kingdom Hearts. Square-Enix has updated their map, and added the location to various areas where they will set up their presentations, and Kingdom Hearts has also made the list for a character exhibition!

>> TGS Map