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Hey everyone, as we've been providing you fast with Jump Festa 2008, we've now got a trailer analysis for Birth by Sleep! Like at TGS, we've been sure to cover everything we could as fast as we can.

The text starts off with "Sleep gives birth to the concealed fate of the past."

Destiny Island
The screen then fades in with a conversation between Ven, and Terra.
Terra: "Wasn't there a time when you was saving me?"
Ven: "Back then it was probably because we were friends."
Terra moves his hand to rests it on Ven's shoulders.
Terra: "Thank you, Ven."

Place of Gathering
The scene then switches to Terra, and Master Xehnoart who are in the "Place of Gathering."
Xehanort: Did you believe about reaching forward to grasp that last glimmer? The wall of light and darkhas exceeded each other, creating the original me, and Terra waited for me impatiently." (While Xehanort is talking he opens one of his hands in a greeting fashion enraging Terra.)
Terra: "I have a "Friend" What you have done has given me hatred to Xehanort."
Terra then summons his keyblade, within the right hand.

Olympus Coliseum
Ven meets Xehanort in Olympus Coliseum.

Ven: "Who a-...I've met you before. (Ven is surprised as he is remembering something.)
Xehanort: "It seems you have lost something. However unless what you have lost is put back into your hands, it will be an eternal lost. Once you obtain it, grip it and understand the truth."

Xehanort is soon holding his hand out, as it begins to glow, Ven is watching with an expression of fear and confusion.

Ven is showed as a playable character now, and Terra is also showed with gameplay. There is also a new Technique shown, with the movie "Aerial."

Yensid's Tower
Mickey is shown defending himself with the keyblade. However soon he begins to fumble the keyblade and it vanishes. Goofy, Donald, and Yensid watch Mickey. Mickey soon looks back up to the Wizard, and summons his Keyblade once again.

Sleeping Beauty
Malificent is looking around the castle where vines are everywhere. The crow soon lands on Malificent's shoulder as she turns towards Terra. Terra looks at Malificent, as Malificent begins to laugh doubtfully.

Place of Gathering 2
Ven is facing off against the Dark Soldier, and knocks off his helmet, however his face is not shown. The scene soon switches to Terra holding an unconcious Ven, with Master Xehanort looking desperate, and apologetic.

Xehanort: "The person who has wrapped himself in the darkness does not have the qualification to weild a keyblade. He is a demon who has been taken by the darkness. Please correct my mistake..." (Just who is this Dark Soldier?)

Destiny Island
Terra is looking out from the coast towards two boys who are playing at the beach. (Sora and Riku) At the same time Ven is at twilight town watching the Coast. He is looking down, and appears to be sad. "I don't want to be depended on, you are my "Friend" just erase me." ("Friend" might be refering to Aqua, or Terra)

Here are some interesting analysis, besides the obvious.

"Friend" could be referring to either Terra, or the mysterious Aqua.
Xehanort may not have started off corrupt in the darkness, however his apprentice fell too deep in the darkness.

Source: FF&KH
Alright everyone, it's finally Jump Festa 2008 time, and we've already got news for you regarding the three games! Although they are not into detail, be sure to stick with us all night, and if not just check by tomorrow morning. We'll be giving you the info the moment they come! Time to start!

Kingdom Hearts Coded
- In the trailer, Kairi is shown holding her hand up to the moon, before the scene fades to Riku.
- There is a new mode now announced for Coded known as "Crash Mode" Where Sora will have more agility for 30 seconds.
- Coded is set for the FOMA and DoCoMo model mobile phone.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
Multiplayer Demo
- Multiplayer mode lets you use Roxas, Axel, Xigbar and Saix.
- The Multiplayer Character Selection screen shows the Organization members sitting down in their chairs.
- Roxas is only able to use three hit combos in this demo.
- Axel has a different feel then Roxas, and the demo player was relieved when he/she was able to use his fire attacks.
- The Stage is Twilight Town and considered of 4x small wizards, 1x Fat Body and 4x Shadows, afterwards you fight against a boss which is Dark Side.
- The mission of this demo is to defeat Dark Side.
- When the mission is cleared you are taken to the record screen.
- Images of the Demo Booth
- Once you are finished playing the demo, you are presented with a Kingdom Hearts strap.
- 358/2 Days is set for a Summer 2008 release.

Single Player Demo
Before the Mission
The demo starts off with Roxas walking towards the Organization chair.
Xigbar: "Woops!"
Roxas ignores Xigbar, and moves to Saix.
Saix: "We suggest you take Axel for this mission."
Roxas then moves to the corridor and is warped (Unknown how he gets here) to twilight town. There he is presented with two missions, the main mission is to defeat Dark Side, as the first mission is to defeat four heartless..

After the Mission
Roxas and Axel have just defeated Darkside.
Axel: "Roxas, what are you doing here?"
Roxas: "Axel..."
The two are soon caught off guard by heartless, and are both saved by the 14th member, who takes down the heartless with ease. (However no weapon is shown)
The 14th member smiles at both Roxas, and Axel however the two are showing mixed feelings towards this new member. Her face is not revealed, and the demo ends there.

- There is a scene where member No.14 helps Roxas and Axel after being surprised by heartless.
- Mickey is looking towards the woods of Twilight Town in his coat.
- Roxas looking at Alladin and Jasmine
- Roxas is kidnapped by the Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland.

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
- Ven uses his key with his left hand.
- Terra combat scenes
- Ven with Alladin.
- Scene where Donald is in his normal clothes, and Mickey is with Yensid with his clothes on from the secret ending.
- A new Keyblade that is completely black is shown, a new enemy?

Kingdom Hearts Misc
[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] (If you're not gonna use the touch pen Square-Enix why do that?)
[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

Here's some extra info on other Square-Enix related games

Final Fantasy XIII/vsXIII
- Ifrit, and Carbuncle is confirmed.

- There are four more characters who are shown in VersusXIII, and the 2ch member is confused as to if the woman in white who attacked the prince (Main character) are now allies and not enemies.

Note": We don't be covering all of FFXIII or vsXIII, so please check FFFabula fansites such as if you want more cover on those.

Be sure to check back for more info! Also if you missed it check out our User Portal Awards nomination Here

Source: 2ch

Well it's been just over a year since the User Portal has been around. And since then there has been many great videos by our users, so it's time to see which videos shines among them all. And you the users nominate and pick your favourites.


- You can only nominate winners of the Top 5 and no-one else (except for one of the categories)
- You may nominate more then 1 person per category
- Only one editor per category, so you can't pick 2 videos by the same person in the same category
- You may nominate yourself
- Up to 4 nominee's per category
- Don't vote for yourself too much, nomination of just yourself is not allowed.


They are as follows: -

Best Action - Which video got your heart racing the most?
Best emotional - Which video touched you the most?
Best trailer - Which video made the best trailer?
Best WMM - Which video made the best use of the limited WMM?
Best Effects - Which video made great use of effects?
Best Non-KH video - This award is the only only one where the video didn't have to win the Top 5 to nominate, but the member who made it has to be a member of KHV.
Best Video - Which video was the best in general?

Best editor - Who is your favourite?
Most Improved - Which editor has improved the most over the course of the year?

That's the list, the videos you can choose from are in a link just below for your convenience. Remember anyone can nominate, so don't hesitate and nominate your favourites.

Here are a list of videos you can pick from - Click Here

You have until Jan 1st to pick your nominations.

Good luck to all.
Hey everyone,, it seems a lot of news popped up yesterday,which was rather surprising, but at the same time not considering Jump Festa is so close!

First of all, the new Kingdom Hearts site, 358/2 days has updated with information on the gameplay, for those that will be playing the demo at Jump Festa. You can view the newly updated page Here

Second of all, some new images have popped up from Famitsu's Magazine's Birth by Sleep Scan. As always, or at least most of the time what we see in scans before an event is something we're expected to see at an event. Meaning Jump Festa 2007 has a higher chance of having a new trailer of the three games.


Finally, a new cover of the Art Work of KINGDOM HEARTS has been fully revealed, although oddly at the same time the release date has been pushed back to January, although Square-Enix's Calendar still has it set for December. We'll keep you updated as time passes.


Source: FFKH Blog and 2ch
And in no time at all, two more scans have popped up on the net via
The first of these scans delves deeper into the idea that Roxas does in fact meet other Disney characters on his journey's in 358/2 Days. Pictured in the scan below are Genie and The White Rabbit, as well as a photo of Roxas fighting in the Olympus Coliseum.


The second scan appears to feature a Snow White world in Birth By Sleep, as well as a photo of Riku at the Clock Tower in Coded.


Xaldin Edit:
There are a few new information that surfaces from the scans as well.

- Xehanort's goal is to cause misfortune and has been corrupted by his own ambitions.
- Development scenes for Coded include both Riku and Mickey.
- Every screen shot you see from 358/2 Days in this scan were captured directly from the DS
- All images from the three game are their latest progress.

Thanks to forum members Linx and SkyPirateXIII for the information.