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Okay, I know this is a day late for all you portal-ers, but the release of the new game has made me a very busy dude. Anyway...

Every week, I scour the video portal's latest submissions and pick my top five favorites. Just because you don't make it into the top five does not mean that you're video wasn't good. We just have so many good videos that they're hard to choose from! Here's the top five for this week.


This Week's Winner: HazHeartz | View Video
Song: Faint (Remix) by Linkin Park

2. Submitted By: Mocha | View Video
Song: Without A Fight by Hoobastank

3. Submitted By: XelementdragonX| View Video
Song: Must Be Dreaming by Frou Frou

4. Submitted By: Budds | View Video
Song: We're All to Blame by Sum 41

5. Submitted By: Thatguy259 | View Video
Title: Spider-Man 3 Trailer

Hope you enjoy them all, and keep submitting! Maybe your video will show up here next Sunday!
Hey guys, remember that interview that was posted a while ago that was very very convincing?

-Bows head apologetically- Sorry, it went way too far out of hand. I didn't expect such an article to look so real, even when it contradicted part of things Nomura said, so with that done.
Hey guys, thought I'd warn this picture might spoil those who were awaiting for re:COM or is playing it right now there fore I will only link to this picture.

Once again this picture contains

Well not major, but it will ruin the surprise for some about the Final Boss.

Click Here
Riku Replica Battles + Floors 8&9 + Vexen Battles 3/31/07

Vexen: Second Battle Added and Floor Nine Subbed Re-Added.
Here's Floors Eight and Nine, as well as Riku Replica battles one and two. Also, just added Vexen: First Battle and Second Battle.

Vexen: Second Battle

Vexen: First Battle | [player=QQ7UcTzQzSk]WATCH NOW[/player]
Castle Oblivion: Floor Nine | [player=sk1_h5kp3b0]WATCH NOW[/player]
Castle Oblivion: Floor Eight | [player=ZdjSCfBmgJQ]WATCH NOW[/player]
Riku Replica: First Battle | [player=Y-Z_mFj36Ak]WATCH NOW[/player]
Riku Replica: Second Battle | [player=78lYjhODHP4]WATCH NOW[/player]

I plan to finish this game today guys. Keep a look out for some interesting vids later. I'd also like to make an important note that I play on Proud Mode, for those of you who were wondering.