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Famitsu & Blitz Magazine - Kingdom Hearts 2007 Project Discussion

Although we do not have the magazine yet, Nomura has had an interview about the new Kingdom Hearts project as well as Kingdom Hearts re:COM and Kingdom Hearts II FM+. Only small information has been released on the web so far, and that's that Nomura will announce the new Kingdom Hearts project in the "middle of 2007."

Source: nekogagotoku blog
Happy first everyone! It's been a great first year and we've achieved so much in such a small amount of time. Let's keep it going strong!
New re:COM scan
A new scan of KH2FM+ re:COM has now appeared over the net, sadly the issue of this magazine is unknown as this is a partial version of the new scan.

This scan appears to show more of how card break will be used in Kingdom Hearts re:COM, using the Reversed Rebirth picture against Vexen, as an example.

Card Break Scan

Source: and skr_shape13 Blog.

Edit: skr_shape13 Blog has managed to post the full controls to the re:COM demo.

The Circle button is to attack.

The Triangle Button is to stock cards

The x button is to Jump

The square button is to Dodge Roll

The L button (L1 or L2) - Possibly to flip cards to the left.

The R button (R1 or R2) - Is used, to unleash 3 cards stock techniques. As the other R button is possibly to flip cards to the right.

This was also where you earned the Roxas Wristband.

This is possibly the last bit of info out, since we already have everything on the Demo, the Trailers, and the other extra KH related thing there.
More JF things
Just to think when we were completly finished with Jump Festa 2007, just throws more things out. Great job Tomo, especially since most of it's new too!

Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix
•An org. member is sitting on a chair while a knight is laying on the floor. They are talking to each other. Where they are appears to look like a basement (?). And then afterwards, we see a knight's helmet getting blown up and he turns around.

Kingdom Hearts: Re:Chain of Memories

• The X button serves as the jump button.
• There's a mini map that resembles the one in KH2.
• When the room card is selected, the number of heartless and the size of the room express it by three (?-stars?).
• There seems to be Trinity. Not much detail on this yet.
• There is also a gimmick card. (This one is stated before.) Xaldin's Note: I believe the "gimmick" card is the same as the "Stop" command, which is likely the Mickey Card, since it held a similar feature and was reported once.
• The blog user felt that the cutscene in the Vexen boss battle hasn't changed much compared to CoM.

Source: and Skr_shape13 blog
The cover for Kingdom Hearts Character Report Vol. 1 has now been shown to the public. Although this time the cover isn't really new art, it's still worth the buy for the content that will be inside this book.

Here's the information we were able to retrieve.

Type: Book
Size: B5
Fixed Price: 1000 Yen / $8.50
Book Alone: 952 Yen / $8.50
Sales Price + Tax: 1000 Yen / $8.50
Issue Sale: In December (December 22nd to be exact)
Company: Square-Enix

This book will be representing characters from different worlds, in this three volume series. There will be such things as memories from their adventures and more!

Character Report Vol. 1 Cover

Source: FFKH Blog and Jbook