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  1. Xaldin ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey everyone, the latest book of Nintendo Wii/DS Magazine in Japan has shed a few new light on the KH 358/2 Series, and a blog user was able to take a few info out of it, hopefully we'll see scans in the future. Here is what we do know though.

    - The controls on the DS has changed a bit, and now has a different feel from the demo given at Jump Festival. The changes are however much better then how it was at Jump Festa.
    - There is an image of Kairi and Riku together, and another image of what looks like Riku is going to be a boss of the game.
    - When asked about voices being in the game, it was commented that the capacity of the DS isn't fullly capable enough to have voicing throughout the entire game, but they are working on getting around that.

    Source: 2ch
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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by Xaldin, Jan 21, 2008.

    1. Solid Snake
      Solid Snake
      YAY! Voices!

      cant wait :3
    2. Mr. Van Whippy ♥
      Mr. Van Whippy ♥
      So this confirms the Roxas vs Riku battle. I wonder how tough he will be.

      Thank you Xaldin.
    3. Dredica
      I hope he is very tough. The bosses of Riku so far have not been tough, it shows that Nomura dosn't think Riku is that strong. I mean look at Riku. Seriously he could probably kick anybodys ass in real life without magical powers.
    4. Alpha Sonix
      Alpha Sonix
      Thanks for the Info Xaldin, hopefully they can get the DS to use fully voiced acting.
    5. xriku-of-heartsx
      looking forward to it!

      yay! this is the 1 of the 3 games that i am most looking forward to! and riku is one of my fave kh chars. so thats really cool to know! :roll:
    6. EvilMan_89
      cool! i wna fight Riku, especially if he's fighting like he does in RE:COM.
    7. kngdmhrts2
      yay for new info!!

      im soooooooooooooooo looking forward to this one and BBS, but this one more since its out first XD

      thanks Xaldin
    8. twilight knight4
      twilight knight4
      thats awesome now we know thers going to be some voices
    9. Akino
      Hurrhurrhurr...must see these new images. *_*

      Awe, hopefully they can get the game with voice-overs! But some critical cutscenes would be nice to be voiced.

      Thanks for the info, Xaldin ~
    10. Mirai
      WHAT? Rockman ZX had no problems with voices all through the game.

      Other than that, COOL!!!
    11. Unmei
      do you think that riku might be the final boss? he's the last person you see roxas fight before he's sent to the virtual twilight town, so that might be the overall boss of the game. riku's my favorite character, so i'd like to see him be really powerful this time around!

      i'm just a little dissapointed in the whole "limited sound thing". then again, when you think about it, none of hte kh games have full sound. there are always scenes with those stupid word bubbles.
    12. lycoris_moon29
      Only Nomura would try and work around the limitations of the DS...

      I cant wait for images! It it Riku riku or Rikunort? I wanna fight Rikunort more than Riku. Kairi and Riku together? How? Was it a flashback or something else? A scandal I say! lol.
    13. Anixe
      Hmm, I think the voices part will be part of the gameplays, all with the "Ha's!" and "Ugh's". But yeah, hopefully they will find a way to put voicing in the cutscenes.
    14. gamemaster1598
      i want this game so bad now (then has heart attack) i am alive but i still want this game
    15. Xaale
      I really hope they have voices. I don't want it to be another CoM.
      Great news, Xaldin! I'm very glad you found that out!
    16. Akatsuki
      I hope Riku isn't going to be like in KH2 and KH2FM where you battle him in the Land of Dragons.
    17. Darkcloud
      Excellent news. Thanks for the update.
    18. *TwilightNight*
      I think Riku being a boss was kind of predicted, considering he and Roxas have a battle after he leaves the Organization, but at least now we can confirm it. And...I do really, really, really, hope they somehow get some voices in there, it will be wonderful to hear the Org. member's voices altogether, especially to see who they choose to voice the CoM members in English, since we never got to see (I'm curious *shrug*).

      I have a feeling we'll get silent cutscenes though :/.

      But thanks for the news!
    19. Haynette
      Oh, please, please, voices! I want to hear English Larxene, I've been waiting for forever...