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Famitsu updated their website featuring a few new images, most of them from the information that was posted earlier!


A new secret ending is added to Final Mix where the three mysterious soldiers will be drawn into battle. There is violent development in this scene. Many new mysteries will develop.


In addition there is a battle against one of the Enigmatic Soldiers from the secret ending! This one's strength easily surpasses that of Organization XIII. It is easy to tell this will be the strongest boss in Kingdom Hearts history!


When you are in a battle and use a friend card, a friend will come to help you in battle. If you stock the cards however, an original technique is shown! This image is one of the many examples.


As Riku only, when in battle with an enemy you can enter DUEL Mode, in which you and the enemy are thrown into a duel battle with a time limit to put out a card. If your card is higher than the opponent's, you gain one Card Break. Earn the amount needed and you win the duel!

Source: Famitsu
(Updated)Information from Famitsu Scans

We managed to see some scans of the secret ending not too long ago correct? Well alot of information has also popped up from those scans and here it is.

Special Scenes
- There are special scenes featuring Zexion.
- One of these Additional scenes is Vexen looking for Xemnas.
- Zexion seems to be looking for something, Xemnas is well informed on what Zexion is trying to find.
- These are events taken place BEFORE the construction of Castle Oblivion.
- You get to learn a little secret about Xemnas after defeating a certain enemy. It's about a man who was losing his memory. It's done on purpose that no one is allowed to hear it. (Damn you Square-Enix)

Puzzle Mode
- Nomura enjoyed putting his illustrations into Puzzle Mode.
- THe Puzzle mode can be accessed from Jiminy's Journal.
- There are pieces of them scattered all over Worlds.
- The pieces resemble crowns. (Yes everyone Crown Search = Puzzle Mode)
- The number of pieces are different each time, depending on the illustration.
- The name of the illustrations are as following. "Awakening" "Heart" "Inside and Outside" "EDGE" "Twilight" and "Evening".

Sora's Crown Accessory
There are several different methods to earn this, however this also means the Crown above Sora's head will have a different color, depending on the method.

Nomura's Interview Points
-Theater mode is accessed by completing re:COM.
-There is an extra thing you can earn by beating KH2FM+ first, and then re:COM. (Meaning you can get something special beating games in both orders).
- Various abilities are needed for Crown Collection.
- Don't expect the same thing when refighting the Organization XIII, their attack patterns change every time!
- A New hint is shown in the secret ending. (Oh god...)

Theater Mode
These are official names of the cutscenes.

Roxas Day 1: Town of Dusk
Roxas Day 2: Reality that moves.
Roxas Day 3: Passing Each Other.
Roxas Day 4: Road to a Decisive battle.
Roxas Day 5: A Distorting Life.
Roxas Day 6: The End of Summer.
Twilight Town Sora: Awake Sora.

- You can use L2 or R2 to choose between English, or Japanese.

E.S Fight
- The E.S has 16 bars of health.
- The E.S has very powerful magical and physical spells.
- The E.S is able to perform unbelievable combination attacks.


Duel is done only in Riku's side. When you put out a card, and your opponent puts out a card of the exact same number, you press triangle, and both you and the opponent pull out another card at the same time. The one with the highest number wins.

If you continue putting out higher cards then the opponent, you get a special attack known as "Hit".

A new skill for Riku known as Maelstrom is shown.

The new move with Mickey is known as "Holy Burst"
Pluto is now a card, in Sora's story.
"Lucky Bounty" allows you to find treasure, with a card.

The controls for Puzzle Mode is as follows.

- Circle is to pick up a piece.
- X is to put the piece back down.
- Right analog stick is used to rotate the Piece left or right.
- Select Button is for a hint menu.

The illustrations updated are as follows.

Awakening = KH Ultimania Cover.
Heart = KHII Game Cover
Inside and Out = KH2 Ultimania Cover
Edge = KH2FM+ Cover Art.
Twilight = re:COM Side of the promotional Poster
Evening = KH2FM side of the promotional Poster.

Theatre Mode
These new names came up.

Hollow Bastion 1 - Gathering Shadows
Beast Castle 1 - Beast's Accident.
The Land of Dragons 1 - Strong Mind
Olympus Coliseum = Hero's Crisis.

Extra Scenes
Here are more detailed bits about it.

- There is a mysterious man in a Black Coat who seems to be well informed about Xemnas.
- Vexen and Zexion work together to search for Xemnas.

In one image Vexen is saying "Where is Lord Xemnas?"

- It should be noted that in the secret ending, although there is a Heart in the sky, that is thought to be "Kingdom Hearts" The color of it is different.

Quoted from Famitsu "Is this the Holy War from those who have the Keyblade!?!?!?"

E.S Fight additions
You should not make ONE mistake.
His attacks are strong and he is very very fast!

Source: FFKH Blog
Kingdom Hearts II Character Report Vol 2 Advertisment

Hey guys, it seems as though another Advertisement scan has popped up. It's nothing too special.

It seems to though talk about a newly written Manga. There was also some extra stuff.

- The artist Amano is in love with Roxas.
- Amano sees Roxas as a good looking guy with a strong mind.
- Nomura seems to still have a surprise for Square-Enix Party. Unknown if this is Kingdom Hearts related, or Final Fantasy Related.


Edit: The Kingdom Hearts II Character Report Volume 2 Cover has now been updated onto Square-Enix's gamebook section!


It is to be released on the same day as Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+ (March 29th 2007) and contain the following.

Hollow Bastion
Traverse Town
Olympus Colosseum
Deep Jungle
The Land of Dragons
Port Royal
Beast's Castle
Space Paranoids
The World That Never Was
additional Stuff

Source: The Light in Chaos
New Scans of Secret Ending! + KH2FM+ Ultimania

Hey guys some new scans have come out for the secret ending!


Note of the Text:

- The Theatre Mode is shown after Clearing Kingdom Hearts II FInal Mix
- A Japanese Event is shown from clearing Chain of Memories.
- The really strong E.S gets defeated easily.
- In the Secret Ending, we get to see the skinman (Eh?) defeat the three armored people eaisly, it is known as a MUST SEE scene.
- The Moon is shown through a whisp of clouds. (Possibly Kingdom Hearts)
- A Mysterious man with silver hair is looking after one of the E.S.
- The Person that looks like spiderman (Weird dude that's with baldguy) is holding a keyblade.

Also the Kingdom Hearts Final Mix+ Ultimania booklet has been announced and will be released on May the Second.

Here are some hilights for the Ultimania

1 - It will include Final Mix and re:COM.
2 - An Interview will be featured about the New Project
3 - It will be like the Kingdom Hearts II Ultimania however will have alot more added things into it.
4 - The Interview will also talk about the recreation of scenes from COM to re:COM
5 - The Book is estimated to have around 736 pages.
6 - There's a 64 pages on Kingdom Hearts, and iwll be sold as "Kingdom Hearts Ultimania, Enlarged and Revised Edition"
7 - The Book will talk about near the end the changes from the original KH2, to Final Mix.

You can view the KH2FM+ Article Here

Source: Light in the Chaos Also Thanks to Forum member DaBigDragon.
Heya guys, apparently some more information about Theatre Mode has been released, most of it are pretty much things we wern't sure of!

1. - To Unlock it you must beat both re:COM and KH2FM+.
2. - It is indeed possible to view the cutscenes in Japanese OR in English Voices.
3. The Additional scenes do NOT feature the English option.
4. The New Project that's being done with Disney will be announced this year.

Source: Nekogagotoku. Also thanks to FF13vids for the find.