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It seems as though a new KH2 scan has appeared over the net. The new scan mainly features information about the Axel vs Sora battle, and the vegetable mini game which was mentioned a while ago. Here's the basic summary:


There's a new 100 Acre Wood mini-game, aptly named "Vegetable Panic", where you need to smack the vegetables as they come to you with the Keyblade. If you smack enough, you get a new card! The card is also said to be a very useful and strong technique that will be helpful in the game.

Edit: Here's some more information on the mini-game. Starting off, there's more then just one minigame in the CoM world of 100 Acre Woods. Vegetable Panic is just one of them that has been revealed in scans. There's two vegetables that you have to hit; pumpkins and cabbage. You hit the pumpkins with the circle button, and the cabbage with the square button. You have to hit 30 of these vegetables, and can only miss five.

Also, the battle against Axel seems to be taking place in the same fire ring that you fight against him in Roxas' story. Despite this, however, it is not a main story event. Just another Organization CoM battle, placed into the KH2FM+ game.

Source: FFAC Reunion kh2ch blog poster 331 and FF13 Vids
It seems there are some bits that were left out of the interview...

- Xaldin is strong in the Organization.
- The battle with the enemy of the Secret Movie and the mystery is in GManga's next issue.
- Reno, of FF7, and Axel are both voiced by the same person.
- Nomura likes the enemy characters because they're not hateful.
- The facial motions of KH are made to be exaggerated a little considering the differences between Disney animation and the style of FF.

Source: and FF13vids
High Quality of the PV;6831881;;/fileinfo.html

Well guys, I managed to do it again, though 100% of the credit goes to the 2ch board, I personally asked them if they could upload a Higher Quality version of the PV onto a downloadable site, as the first one, seemed impossible to access. And thanks to 2ch posted 202, as well as MoriHikiko they uploaded the Higher Quality version of the video, beautiful.

They said it was because they were in dept to us at, however I believe we should be the ones really in dept to them, due to if it wasn't for them we would not have most of these news, as well as this now Higher Quality Promotional Video, which they seemed, by the time and date it was uploaded, uploaded it just for us!

Therefore since I'm sure the 2ch posters are looking at this as well, from me, and possibly alot of KH2 fans out there, we thank you!

Download Video

source: KH2ch and MoriHikiko

Also thanks to Tomo for helping me clerifying this being the real deal.
There's been a bit more information running around the net, some as rumors, some as not, however here is what we have so far, courtesy of

First up is the Nomura interview, translated by Tomogirl

The next bit, is another translation from Tomo yet again.

There is a new mini-game that's added into Re:CoM. It's called "Vegetable Panic" which can be found in 100 Acre Woods.

Finally to add on, a 2ch member, managed to find a bit more information, which was later confirmed by another posted, saying it was from one of the latest magazines, and the information sounds good.

Edit: It's totally unknown now if this is true or not, due to both A. The firs tposter saying it's what they expected from KH2FM+, and the other saying this was said in a magazine.

1 - There is a soft reset.
2 - Lock on switching has been enabled.
3 - There is a little expansion added to the features of Jiminy's Journal (They believe it might have to do with the character model viewing)
4 - When doing the Roxas vs Axel battle, second time, a different expression has been added to Roxas, when he gets hit by Axel this time.

Source: FF13vids and 2ch
In a recent interview with Gemanga magazine, Tetsuya Nomura sat down to talk about his current project, FFVSXIII. However, he made several references to KH3. Although it is not currently confirmed if the game will ever be made, his statements hint at it quite blatently.

"Concerning the Kingdom Hearts series, Tetsuya Nomura cannot work on Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Kingdom Hearts III at the same time, because it requires far too much work. He prefers to concentrate on Final Fantasy Versus XIII first, then develop Kingdom Hearts III. He would like Final Fantasy Versus XIII to be the last game he directs in regards to the Final Fantasy series, because the pressure is too overwhelming. Also, the next Kingdom Hearts game may be revealed early this fall."