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Hey guys, it seems that Square-Enix did the most mysterious thing, and moved the Complete Visual Art Book off their calender, what makes this even more odd is the fact that they didn't even announce a postponement, or canceling it. So we'll be sure to keep you all updated as we look around blogs, and their calender for future information.

Source: FFKH Blog

Also we got sidenews, but more in media format such as scans, and footage!

3 Dissidia Scans
4 CCFF7 Scans
2 FF4DS Scans
Video Preview of SE Party Trailers!
Hey guys, not sure exactly WHAT these are from, but they are more then likely more encoded videos de-coded from the Promotional video of KH2FM+, though not exactly sure, as these quotes didn't appear on KH2FM+'s secret ending. You decide for your self.

* "Do not return to healing their pains."
* "Days after he is born are counted."
* "Are the days memorized?"
* "I do not want to forget after he is born."
* "With those in mind, is there a new story?"

Thanks to Tomo from KHN for the news.

Also here are some sidenews

OST Samples from S.E Party
Dissidia Characters Confirmed
FFTA2 Trailer
Dragon Quest Swords Trailer
FFDissidia Scan
The 3rd Birthday Promotional Poster
Hey guys, we got big BIIIG news today! Thanks to The Wertle we got first dibs on another Nomura Interview from the Ultimania known as Scenario Mysteries. This interview itself answers even more information on Kingdom Hearts that we didn't know! Be sure to check it out, also we have an Exclusive photo that will be revealed inside the interview, it features a new never before seen CG Image of one of the knights!

Also to just end one suspense here, for the Enigmatic Soldier, his name is Terra!

Things this interview will include are

- Height of Organization Member's chairs.
- Mickey's Keyblade ability
- Sora possibly remembering COM's events
- Xigbar Meeting Ven, Aqua, and Terra.
- And more!

Scenario Mysteries
Story of the Week 1

Week 1
After the first week of Story of the Week, I've received many fanfictions, from gay love stories to skateboard competitions. Many stories were amazing, and it was hard to pick the 2 winners, but here they are:​
Blue-Eyed, Hands Tied is a relatively lengthy fanfiction about Namine throughout all 3 Kingdom Hearts games. It follows her induction into Castle Oblivion to her moments as Kairi on Destiny Islands. It is beautifully written and the characters feel identical to their video-game counter-parts. Congratulations for being our first winner, Zandyne!​

Jade Rhade's LarxenexDemyx (yes, that is correct) story provides great insight into how a Nobody "remembers" its emotions. It has a great ending and powerful story-telling, jumping back and forth between Demyx/Larxene and Saix/Axel.
Next week's theme is Romantic-Comedy, so start writing your stories now and get them in before Thursday this week for a chance to be featured on the front page next week. Congratulations to both winners again.
Hey guys, thanks to Midnight Kingdom, they managed to take some photos at the Square-Enix party, one of them being a mountain of Kingdom Hearts Figurines, at the very top of the mountain is none other then the latest form of Sora, Limit Form! (You can tell it's Limit form because of the crown on his pants)



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