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Re:CoM Videos!
*UPDATED* - Floor Four online. Come back tomorrow for more videos and downloadable versions of the ones that appeared today.

We at KH-Vids have managed to snag a copy of KH2:FM+ earlier than expected, and at this point we're currently running through Re:CoM. Here's the introduction to Re:CoM:

Menu Trailer | [player=JZAe313LQLI]WATCH NOW[/player]
Castle Oblivion: Floor One | [player=lEYL5N7NFbU]WATCH NOW[/player]
Castle Oblivion: Floor Two Pt.1 | [player=mLZTqrkx5xo]WATCH NOW[/player]
Axel: First Battle | [player=VD_vQFHm2Ho]WATCH NOW[/player]
Castle Oblivion: Floor Two Pt.2 | [player=sb8N34B3Sco]WATCH NOW[/player]
Castle Oblivion: Floor Three | [player=6_jb0qbLFuU]WATCH NOW[/player]
Castle Oblivion: Floor Four | [player=ts8zSTAiDFM]WATCH NOW[/player]

These files will be downloadable in higher quality by tomorrow. Also, expect many more videos for viewing today. We've only been playing for a few hours, but this game is intense!

Further posted videos will more than likely be posted in our Video Portal, not YouTube. So, keep checking back on the site!
These will be the final set, that we'll post for these, unless it's the instruction booklet.

Anyways, the main reason why this is being done is because people are curious if the game is "Single Layered" or not. Well it's a 2 disc set of course. Here are the images to prove so.

[​IMG] [​IMG]

Also 2ch has put some of their impressions on Critical Mode.

Some are stating that Critical Mode not only makes the enemies harder, it gives you even less experience.

One died three times trying to make it up to Twilight Thorn (The first Nobody boss you fight with Roxas)

Source: 2ch
Hey guys, according to FF13-Vids, in a magazine Nomura has confirmed that the next game he is working with Disney is NOT Kingdom Hearts III. (Doesn't mean it won't be another related game).

[​IMG] [​IMG]

Source: FF13 Vids and The Light in the Chaos
Dang, we're posting news up a storm today. Anyway, another sample track from the new OST has been leaked! This one sounds like something totally new.

Apparently some shops have released Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+ One day early, the 2ch blog poster put up 2 pictures he/she took. One featuring the cover with Another Report, and another one showing a the KHre:COM Scene where Sora meets an Organization Member in Traverse Town, during the Tutorial.

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

Source: 2ch