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Well, I was really bored and decided to get back into fiddling with codes in Kingdom Hearts II. EvilMan_89, our neighborhood code master, pointed something out that I found very interesting. So, naturally I made a video. Check this out:

You get led to an area called "Villain's Vale". Some of you may recognize this as the area that Pete and Maleficent have their little chats.

So, I bet you're all wondering how to get to this area yourself. First off, a cheating device is required. I'm going to show you how to do it with Action Replay MAX.

1. The Easy Way
I've saved all of you guys the trouble of getting to this point by creating a save for ARMAX that you simply need to put on your MAX Memory stick, load onto your Memory Card, then enter Hollow Bastion. Simple.
Download the Save...

2. The Relatively Easy Way
First off, make sure you're at the point in the game where you just finished Twilight Town: Second Visit and you're about to enter Hollow Bastion: Third Visit. This glitch will only work at this point in the game.
Second, go into ARMAX and enter this code:


It's an All Worlds Unlocked code, but for some reason it lands you in Villain's Vale when you attempt to land in Hollow Bastion: Third Visit. Keep in mind to use this code on a save that you do not want, because once you use it it'll make it so you always land in that area, and you can't get out of it. This is purely for fun and exploration.
New information!
We got a good analysis of the scans up. Some of the info's old, some of it's new:

XIII Organization Battles
1. Demyx has 13 bars of health. You'll also have to defeat double the amount of water Nobodies.
2. Xigbar's HP is unknown for now, but the battle begins with a special attack.
3. Xemnas' battle seems to have a slightly different amount of reaction commands. His HP bar is unknown for now.
4. All we know about Axel is that he has 16 bars of health.

There is an image of Xehanort's Heartless grabbing Roxas by the throat, and a new scene featuring DiZ is added:
DiZ: Feelings do not exist in Nobodies.
DiZ: Did you say Sora would hate you?
Riku: I can do nothing, but believe in DiZ.

100 Acre Wood Mini-games
A few more mini-games have been revealed. Besides "Vegetable Panic", there are two others; "Balloon Glider" and a "Tigger Bounce" mini-game.

Balloon Glider:

Basically, you need to get to the top of the tree while avoiding wasps. You mainly need to use the X button during this, in order to descend and ascend. It's been adjusted so you won't smack into the tree branches with wasps so easily. Once you get to the top, a prize awaits you. You have about 3 balloons to try this with. It's noted that this is a remake of a mini-game in Chain of Memories.

Vegetable Panic:

Here are some extra tidbits for it.
1. You can start the match by talking to Rabbit.
2. You strike to the right with the Square button, and strike to the left with the Circle button.
3. You can fail this mini-game if you miss too much.
4. There are times when Pooh will be rolling as well.

Tigger Hop:

1. This mini-game can be failed if you mess up even once.
2. The mini-game is started by talking to (You guessed it!) Tigger.
3. You basically need to hop in the same order Tiger does.
4. You can use all four PS2 buttons (Circle, X, Triangle, Square) for this mini-game.
5. You basically have to jump 25 times.

Re:COM Stuff
Card Stock: There's a new Stock move called "Wild Crusher", which can be used with a Donald and Goofy card.

Magnet Spiral
: Sora brings all the enemies close to him, then blasts them away with a spiral. It's best to use this against two or more enemies.

Fire Burst
: Sora blasts out a fire that can damage any enemies nearby.
There is a Roulette wheel mini-game for cards.

Interview Notes
- Nomura was not able to add voices in every cutscene. However, he hopes the players will understand. Although normally there is a balloon note displayed, the dialog's only shown as subtitles.
- The novels and mangas are moreover a side-story of Kingdom Hearts II, which is going to be added into KH2FM+ (So. basically if you've read the Novels you will know most of the scenes that are going to happen in KH2FM+).
- Surroundings such as barrels and buildings are destroyable.
Nomura considers Xemnas, Xaldin and Roxas to be a few of the strongest in the Organization.
-Nomura notes that it will be hard to defeat Demyx in KH2FM+ when it was revealed that double the water Nobodies need to be defeated. But, he has given off a big hint by showing that Wisdom form was used during this match. He expects a lot of players to get a game over in this battle.
- Uses of Forms and equipment will and can provide great help to the player now.
- Nomura lets everyone know that it will be hard work to get to the area where all the Organization battles are.
- Nomura wishes everyone luck on Critical Mode.
- "Roulette Wheel" was added for sheer fun.
- The story of Riku has a big role in the game.
- Nomura mainly wants Organization XIII to be a good challenge after leveling up a bit and getting good equipment.
- The new difficulty is mainly for those that thought Sephiroth to be weak.

Source: Light in the Chaos
A new scan has appeared over the net. Close to the bottom there are new images of interest; DiZ talking to an Organization member (Who is possibly Riku/Xehanort, as these are probably the scenes that use to only be dialogue by Riku/Xehanort and DiZ), and a new area where you can re-fight all of the members of Organization XIII.
Note: The Demyx battle in this area gives you the same amount of time to defeat double the amount of water Nobodies he normally summons, making it a much more difficult fight. There is also a new interview.

[​IMG] [​IMG]

Here are some short highlights of the interview, which talks a little about a mysterious hidden enemy:

1. He/she is stronger then all the Organization members. If you do not defeat this secret enemy, then the secret ending will not be made available.
2. Even if you know the method to actually hurt this enemy, it causes very minimal damage.
3. Nomura mainly referred to this secret boss as the "Strongest Enemy".

He also said that there is a new Kingdom Hearts project coming soon.
A few Japanese websites have begun to not only put up track lists, but also photos of the new OST compilation.

[​IMG] [​IMG]

In addition, Square-Enix has put up an advertisement for Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+.


Source: 2ch, FF13 Vids Naunau blog HMV and Rakuten
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