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Final Mix+ Videos: Official Update Newspost *Updated 4/10/07 8:00 PM*

Be sure to still check the newsposts below this as this one will stay on top regardless of how old it gets!

4/30/07 11:03 PM - Before I head off to sleep, I added to the Re:CoM - RR subbed section Basement Ten, Basement Nine, and Basement Eight. Enjoy.

3:25 PM - Ok guys, after a lot of waiting, the time has finally come that we start releasing the Reverse/Rebirth videos with English subtitles. I've just added the Introduction, Basement 12 and Basement 11 to the Reverse/Rebirth subbed section, now available in the navigation to the left. More will come tomorrow. Enjoy.

5:56 PM - No video update right now, but there's an ongoing problem that I've noticed, and that's that a lot of people are complaining about certain videos not being available, broken links, wrong links... I'd like it if everyone could help me out and compile a list of all the dysfunctional videos. That way I can figure out which ones need fixing a lot faster, and get onto it. Thanks for your assistance.

2:11 PM - Reverse/Rebirth boss battles are online. Enjoy.

2:58 PM - Wow, what a big time lapse. Sorry guys, I've been majorly busy this week. Bad news for all of you guys waiting for the subs too; they won't be coming just so soon because we no longer have a translator. Pazuzu helped out a lot though, so big ups to him. If anyone is willing to maybe help out to get the cutscenes subbed, that'd be great. Anyways, I've just put up the downloadable versions of the Reverse/Rebirth cutscenes that you guys have been waiting so patiently for. If this were any other day except Friday, I'd also release the rest of the boss battles too, but, considering this is gonna be the busiest day of my week, I won't be able to release those until tomorrow. I'm really, really sorry for the inconvenience to everyone. Happy holidays =).

9:43 AM - Okay, I know I promised you guys all the scenes earlier, but due to time constraints I couldn't get them out so soon. Now, though, all scenes for Reverse/Rebirth have been added in the Reverse/Rebirth cutscenes unsubbed section. Subbed versions of these cutscenes will come over the course of the next few days, as well as the important boss battles. I know I also missed a couple scenes for Final Mix as well, and I'll get working on those once I finish up the Reverse/Rebirth subs. Enjoy everyone.

3:00 PM - Hey guys, massive video update. Instead of releasing just a few videos a day, I've decided to release all of Reverse/Rebirth today. Here's what's been uploaded so far:

Introduction || [player=N5lHUFfCB0g]VIEW NOW[/player]
Basement Twelve || [player=zUtWIFicg-M]VIEW NOW[/player]
Basement Eleven || [player=9HrhDvvGCqI]VIEW NOW[/player]
Basement Ten || [player=GmC32C9lgkM]VIEW NOW[/player]
Basement Nine || [player=Da3fUPsPuGw]VIEW NOW[/player]
Basement Eight
|| [player=nlChEyfLYAQ]VIEW NOW[/player]
Basement Seven || [player=oybuzY1-WQg]VIEW NOW[/player]
Basement Six || [player=B0DK-WacrxU]VIEW NOW[/player]
Basement Five || [player=qPq62BLvVxg]VIEW NOW[/player]
Basement Four || [player=9mL6uhxCcRs]VIEW NOW[/player]
Basement Three || [player=s3AN5qEZHcU]VIEW NOW[/player]
Destiny Islands || [player=q8JkknxUa5Y]VIEW NOW[/player]
Basement Two || [player=wDAptEaey6A]VIEW NOW[/player]
Twilight Town || [player=xJ0nwnIcPHQ]VIEW NOW[/player]

Keep checking back as we continue adding more of Reverse/Rebirth throughout today. Also, these videos' subbed versions will be available throughout the next few days, so keep checking back!

5:20 AM - Alright, I've just added the rest of Sora's story. Castle Oblivion and the Ending are available in both the subbed and unsubbed sections, as well the Credits and Epilogue available in the unsubbed section. Stay tuned as we start Reverse/Rebirth tomorrrow!
EDIT (2:56 PM) - The problem with Castle Oblivion subbed version has been fixed. Sorry about the inconvenience.

8:00 PM - I've started back up on the Re:CoM videos. You can now find Floor Thirteen available in both the subbed and unsubbed Re:CoM cutscene sections. Castle Oblivion will also be available within the next 6-8 hours. We will also be finishing off Sora's side tomorrow by adding the Ending, Credits, and Epilogue.
Note: The videos will more than likely still be processing when you guys see this news update. Please be patient until they become available.

6:20 AM - Before I run off to classes this morning, I wanted to get these videos up. In both the subbed and unsubbed KH2FM cutscenes section I've added six more new voiced KH2FM cutscenes. At the time that I'm making this post, there's probably still some videos that are processing. So, if it's not up for you when you check it out, just keep checking back. New Re:CoM videos will resume(hopefully) tomorrow.
Edit: Just a quick note. Due to the massive amount of videos that I have to grade for the top five(over 150), it won't be ready until tomorrow(Tuesday). Sorry for the delays!

7:10 AM - Alright, before I go off to celebrate Easter(odd considering I'm Atheist), I've got a couple cool videos for you guys. Remember a few days ago when we figured out that the new scenes actually do have Japanese voices? Well, I've started recording them, and three of them are online. I repeat, three of the new KH2FM scenes with Japanese voices and subtitles are available in the KH2FM cutscenes subbed section. Another little update on new Re:CoM videos... our translator has become a little busy lately, so I can't release them just yet. I know I know, you guys don't care about subs, but this isn't about that. It's about the fact that maybe three minutes after I release the video on YouTube some kiddy will rip it off of there, sub it, and claim it as their own. We try to avoid that as much as possible. Anyway, enjoy those three new videos, and I promise that there's much more to come as we conclude the videos for this fantastic new release.

1:52 AM - HUMONGOUS UPDATE. I've added every remaining important boss battle from Sora's side of Re:CoM into the boss battle section. This includes Riku Replica #3 and #4, Larxene #2, Axel #2, and Marluxia #1, #2 and #3. We've also added Floor 12 and Destiny Islands in both the subbed and unsubbed sections, as well as a downloadable version of Twilight Town. Enjoy this massive amount of videos people. Later.

9:30 PM - Just added Twilight Town into the subbed and unsubbed cutscene sections. Check it out for those who are interested in Vexen's death. I also added downloads for both Floor Ten and Eleven.

2:46 AM - Sup kiddos. I've just added Castle Oblivion: Floor Four (Subtitles) to the Re:CoM Cutscene Subs page. I've also got a little surprise for everyone, since I noticed that no one's put this video up yet...

Riku Vs. Roxas

Check back later today when we add Twilight Town and Castle Oblivion: Floor Twelve. Later.

8:39 PM - Hey all. I've finally decided to instead of post a ton of threads about certain video updates, that I do it all in one uniform thread that will stay posted at the top of the news. That's this one right here. Anyway, let's get started. The Re:CoM Cutscenes and Boss Battle pages have been updated with all of our latest videos. Castle Oblivion: Floor Eleven has also just been added in both the subbed and unsubbed pages. Check it out. Castle Oblivion: Floor Four (Subtitles) and Twilight Town will be added soon.
Hey guys, I got a few e-mails and read a few forum posts about the XIIIth Mushroom, people have been wondering how to tackle them down, well we at KH-vids got your answer for that!

Number I
Objective - You have 30 seconds to attack the Heartless 70 times.
Best Method - Wisdom Form + Triangle Button + Shot. The reason why Triangle Button is added, is because you can perform a slide dash against this Organization Number.

Number II
Objective - Avoid the Enemies attack 80 times.
Best Method - Abuse the Reflect. And / Or Dodgeroll if you leveled Limitform enough.

Number III
Objective - Pick up 450 prizes that the Mushroom Drops.
Best Method - Draw + Glide + Dodge Roll.

Number IV
Objective - Don't get attacked by the enemy, while pushing it around 85 times.
Best Method - Wisdom Form / Final Form.

Number V
Objective - Defeat The Recovering Enemy in a certain amount of time.
Best Method - Valor Form.

Number VI
Objective - Defeat all of the appearing Organization Mushrooms in 45 seconds.
Best Method - Final Form.

Number VII
Objective - Defeat the enemy in 10 seconds
Best Method - Wisdom Form + Blizzard / Fire.

Number VIII
Objective - Attack the enemy 80 times without letting it touch the ground.
Best Method - Final Form.

Number IX
Objective - Attack it enough to make it spin 80 times.
Best Method - Wisdom Form, Rumbling Rose, Minus Combo.

Number X
Objective - Find the Real one and defeat it.
Best Method - Minus Combo abilities.

Number XI
Objective - Attack this one 99 times in 19 seconds.
Best Method - Wisdom Form + Max Drive Bar.

Number XII
Objective - Defeat 40 of them in 30 seconds.
Best Method - Shot + Max Drive Bar + Wisdom Form.

Mushroom Showdown
Once you defeat all 12, go to Hollow Bastion where you fought the 1000 Heartless, and all 12 will appear there. Reaction Command may be your friend here.

Once you complete this you obtain "Winner's Proof".
KH2FM+ Images Part 2
Hey guys, it's time for Part 2 of the imagry as I said, this one will focus on the XIIIth Mushrooms! Thanks to the shigamiblog once again.


Only Accessible After Defeating All 12
Hey guys. First off, I wanna say I'm sorry that you haven't seen any new cutscenes in a few days. I couldn't find someone to translate them for me, so I waited. I finally asked a guy named Pazuzu to help out, and he agreed. His translation are excellent by the way. Anyway, here's Floor Ten, which finally introduces Marluxia.

Castle Oblivion: Floor Ten (English Subs)

YouTube will more than likely act up again, so watch it while it's still up, or else you'll have to wait a few hours. Other things will come later today. This is the only video for now because I need some sleep... Something I haven't been getting much of in the last week.
Kh2FM+ Images Part 1
Hey guys, while we're on the wait, some people e-mailed me about certain questions, well anyways here are some pictures to answer them. Found them from a Japanese Blog Website.

Cave of Rememberance
[​IMG] [​IMG]

Puzzle Mode
[​IMG] [​IMG]

[​IMG] [​IMG]



Part 2 will feature on XIII Mushrooms Tomorrow