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Dang, we're posting news up a storm today. Anyway, another sample track from the new OST has been leaked! This one sounds like something totally new.

Apparently some shops have released Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+ One day early, the 2ch blog poster put up 2 pictures he/she took. One featuring the cover with Another Report, and another one showing a the KHre:COM Scene where Sora meets an Organization Member in Traverse Town, during the Tutorial.

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

Source: 2ch
Well guys, it's the 28th in Japan. That means two things:
1. Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+ releases in less than 24 hours.
2. The Kingdom Hearts Soundtrack compilation releases today!

So, somebody managed to leak a portion of one of the new tracks! It sounds like a orchestral version of the song "Roxas", really dramatic.

>> Download the Sample Track
Another Report Images!
Mr. Ame has sent the MIDNIGHT KINGDOM blog user two images of the Another Report book. Even though the book was suppose to go on sale this Thursday, it already reached some shops as early as now.

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
Another Report's details:
  • The explanation content part is really thick (or in other words, a lot).
  • The book's binding has a luxurious feeling even on its cardboard.
  • Two things that are interesting. On page 3, the Content listing has the manga and the novel.
  • In the world setting of the entire KH series, the keyblades, the things in the future, and the four remaining mysteries have yet to be explained.
  • The four mysteries are: the King's time of when he was absent, Riku's time of when he was absent, what Roxas was doing when he was part of the Org. XIII, and Xehanort's memory.
  • The keyblade has only a certain number of eligibility where the qualification doesn't just rely on the mind's strength.
  • There was a great amount of time and labor into making the keyblade war.
  • The novel is about the story of Axel and Roxas.
Source: and KH-Versus13
EditE-gad ignore literally everything I said, earlier on that article it's a YEAR old

According to Famitsu, on March 23rd in Los Angeles there was a party in which Square-Enix attended in commemoration of Kingdom Hearts II's success in North America. The one and only Tetsuya Nomura popped by as well, a staff from Famitsu managed to talk with Nomura on March 24th leading him to the questioned comment. "What is Nomura's big surprise!?"

Starting off is the content in North America's version of Kingdom Hearts II.

Despite there being some addition from the Japanese version, it was told there was no big difference between the North American version, and the Japanese version.
However the main problem was the Pirates of the Caribbean world. These problems included things such as Drinking, shape of the enemy's weapons. Some situations. Nomura wasn't sure if anyone really noticed this one, but the layout of the level received some editing as well. It seemed necessary to add these changes due to the difference of nationality.
As for [FINAL MIX] it will receive all the changes the North American version had. For Final Mix hitting America, Nomura's only response was He did not Schedule to release it. And for those who believed that KH2 was a conclusion of the series, it isn't.

Nomura stated that "Kingdom Hearts Final Mix is not a game that's meant to be "New""

Kingdom Hearts I and II mainly draw to the events, that happened in Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories.

When the Interviewer brought up "Kingdom Hearts III" Nomura replied with "It will not be called Kingdom Hearts III, or even be numbered at that."

There won't be too many new areas, but things like expressions, animations will remain the same.

Nomura notes that it is hard to bring up answers regarding the next installment. However stated the timeline of Kingdom Heart's Development. Kingdom Hearts was a stand-alone game. As Kingdom Hearts II and Chain of Memories, were worked on together.

He also said that the title of the next installment is still in conceptual work.

Finally came more concentrated talk about the New Project. Upon talking with Nomura he learned that.

- There was no Numbering Title for this one.
- It will be developed so everyone can still enjoy the world of Kingdom Hearts.
- This game will focus around those that were in the Secret ending with Kingdom Hearts II.

The Interviewer asked Nomura "Will the mystery finally be solved". Nomura only smiled, and questioned back "How probable will it be?"

It should be noted as well, that the full Ceremony for Kingdom Hearts II's sales in North America will be taken place at E3 the reason why at an event is unknown, perhaps it has to do with Nomura's new project being unveiled?

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Edit: Also new scans have popped up! Higher Quality of the previous scans we saw before!

[​IMG] [​IMG]
[​IMG] [​IMG]
[​IMG] [​IMG]

Source: 2ch Blog posted 225 for the Famitsu Link and RPGamer for the scans.