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It seems as though a member from FF13vids managed to find a scan from, featuring some points in the game. Although we can't see the whole amount of points. Point number 5 is an interesting one as it features the Kingdom Hearts II FM+ Menu Screen! All this leads now is re:COM.

Edit1: The Scan is confirmed to be from Vjump

Edit2: Also according to ff13vids the only way to achieve Theater Mode, is to complete the game.

[​IMG] [​IMG]

Source:, FF13 Vids and
Hey guys, here again.

Remember that really hard to see scan against the "T.E.S" (The Enigmatic Soldier, as Shounen Jump refers to him as)

Well we have a higher quality now!


Source: kh2ch blog poster #57
Gan Gan Comics presents KHFM 3 Cover + Famitsu Images

Heya everyone, Amazon updated their site, featuring the Third Installment of the Kingdom Hearts FM 3's cover. Kingdom Hearts FM 3 is set for a release date at April 30th 2007 for ¥ 410.

Remember the information earlier about the New minigames and sotcks? Well we got the images now!

[​IMG] [​IMG]
[​IMG] [​IMG]
Information on these images can be viewed Here


Source: Light in the Chaos, FF13Vids, Famitsu and Amazon

Edit: Download Extended Commercial Courtesy of FFAC Reunion
Extended Commercial!
Good morning everyone. I am all worn out. Well, the extended commercial is here!

Extended Trailer

Looks great! Thanks goes to Mike from!
Apparently there is one more commercial left according to ff13 vids, and the official Playstation website. The commercial we got to see was the "Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix" version, and recently broadcast is the second commercial which is the "Chain of Memories' Commercial. Sadly there is no information on what the Chain of Memories Commercial shows, but we hope that a video comes up soon.

Also here are some more information from the scans!

Wasp Minigame
-The Pooh Minigame, features around Wasps.
- You need to defeat 50 Wasps before they attack Pooh.
- The Wasp can only be attacked by a exclusive card only in that minigame.
- These cards are "Honey Cards" and if you stock them you can perform a special Honey technique.
- The Honey cage is on the left, and the cards under the Honey Cage.
- The ammount of Wasps, Time, Score ect are shown in the upper right.

Falling Minigame

- There is a Minigame in which you are falling with Pooh, and must collect Honey while falling.
- You move with the analog stick, and can also roll to dodge things.
- There is an obstacle and if you don't move out of the way quick enough, Pooh will be transfered somewhere else.
- The Triangle button is the Rolling button, and is very important to complete this minigame.

There are two new techniques you can use.

Stardust Blitz
It is a combination Technique with Donald, in which donald throws a fireball at Sora, and with the correct timing of triangle, Sora will strike the fireball, sending multiple fireballs everywhere.
The cards required are. 1 Donald Card. 1 Fire Card. 1 Attack Card.

Lethal Frame
With the help of two attack cards, and a stop card, Sora will throw his keyblade, and any enemy he hits with it will be frozen upon impact. It's unsure if the level of the card will affect the length of the effect.

Source: Official Playstation Site and FF13 Vids and Light in the Chaos