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There's some more information on what is in the Famitsu scan, as well as a full scan that was seen in 4 different parts earlier:
New Scan


• Xemnas in the Castle (in TWTNW): "Axel shook the mind of Sora."
• Luxord (?): "Axel bets the one that doesn't exist so.... Existence by yourself might be a bet and something to be obtained."
• Saix: "The fellow was weak."
• The character study became more detailed because of the addition of that event, too.
• In Roxas' battle, in some screenshots that's before "Dual Battle", immediately after "Dual Battle", and the one where the technique is being used are actualy two pieces.
• Light is falling from the sky like the arrow. The blog user feels the need to show some manga sweat because the battle looks scary. Also, he/she notes that an HP bar is down to a half. That HP bar isn't too clear as to whose it belongs to.
• Mushroom type heartless that put on the black org. coat. The score and the time are displayed on the left hand side. It is a mystery whether there are 13 org. mushrooms although the length is different.
• Hollow Bastion and Twilight Town have been extended to go the full out in terms of their development (?).

• The battle between Riku and Zexion come in two parts. Riku vs. Zexion and Riku vs. Zexion's phantoms (or clones, whichever you prefer).
• Zexion: "Ehh.. Meeting? Is it [possible that we] can meet?"
• Zexion: "It is the destiny of the hostility. Certainly with you who is bearing the darkness in your mind."
• In other screenshots...
• Roxas: "The brave man has defeated Vexen but is still being ruled by Namine."
• Zexion: "Do not live because he says [so] and he erases it."
• Only Riku (replica) in Degenki PS is published: "Whether forgetting 'I in reality'"
• Riku (replica): "Namine, the face of whom you want to see the most."
• Marluxia: "Put the betrayer in order."
• Axel: "When Sora disappears, the Organziation's plan is risky."
• Normal display in the upper part of the room creation screen. It seems easy for the person who played CoM first to confirm this attribute. Must make sure of this though and try not to think without being written ahead either.
• The battle is another field (or part).
How does the status on the bonus acquistition screen become an improvement after selecting the bonus status of the present, and the experience value until the raising of the next level is displayed? The bonus of 300 HP in level 1 Sora that can be acquired is the same as in the GBA version?
• The stock technique is alive and well.
• An additional input by the reaction command can be done according to the technique.
• Sonic Grave (?) and Strike Shield are able to be reflected.
• The reaction command, Sonic Grave (?), is confirmed.

Nomura-san Famitsu interview
Note: Some repeated info ahead.
• There are a number of black Organization mushroom type heartless. They have no connection with Organization XIII at all. They are just mimicking them. By the way, Nomura is not good at making the mushroom great.
• Because the voice actors of the Organization XIII in KH2 was considerably good, the voice actors of Organziation XIII of Re:CoM was made to defeat the cast of the KHII VAs.
• It is confirmed that there is a map gimmick such as the guillotine stand that is put in Halloween Town's room in the Jump Festa screenshot of Re:CoM.
• The stock technique of Re:CoM has increased considerably. The reaction command makes timing severe a little so it doesn't become veresatile too much.
• Nomura wants to challenge variety of having two or more projects. Yadda yadda yadda. We know this already.
• Some of the data, that KH2:FM has, influences some parts of Re:CoM. There is a big beginning that's put out thanks to you, fans, but there are not a lot of elements that Re:CoM can give back to KH2:FM.
• There is a scene where the black Org. mushroom form a line (?). Of course, it is necessary to devise a plan to capture it. There is considerable power only because these enemies are the new additions other than the bosses.
• (Been said already too, but ah well.) Roxas gives out a lot of physical strength in attack power with various moves. However his battle is related to the progress of the story, therefore, he isn't as strong as Sephiroth.
• The new character of the new Secret Movie isn't Sora and Roxas. Of course, it isn't possible to say now who it is although this new character relates to a certain person who has shown up recently.
• Zexion attacks by using his arms and copying himself with visions because he has the attribute that is known as "Phantom".
• In addition to the reason why the KH staff left out dodge roll, they noticed that there was a "high demand" for it from you, fans.

Source: and KHI as well as The Light in Chaos, and Kowaiki from Live Journal.
The Light in Chaos managed to add a more indepth interview with Nomura, although instead of just restating old points, I'll add all the new and additional ones.

1. The Organization Heartless are unique and are not easy to defeat. (Wow you actually have to fight them unlike the others)
2. The reason why Dodge Roll has been added was because last time it was not really needed in the game. However, when they decided to add a new form, they gave it the Dodge Roll technique.
3. The mushrooms are a unique enemy and like all the others seek entertainment. Apparently, this time, entertainment in beating you down.
4. The organization members that you fight in a certain area (Possibly the coliseum) will be set to be stronger than Sephiroth.
5. Due to the chance of increased confusion in the last scene in the Jump Festa, trailer he might take it out of the game.
6. Zexion's real weapon was not revealed in the scan or trailer, but will be revealed in a scene in the game.

Source: The Light in Chaos

Also, two new manga covers have been revealed on Amazon.

Source: Japan Amazon and
The Kingdom Hearts Character Report was released released today in Japan, and to top it off, a member of KH2ch managed to upload Roxas' and Sora's page!

Roxas Scan
Sora Scan

Source: KH2ch
Famitsu managed to get an interview with Nomura, during which a lot of new info was revealed. A website managed to write a summary of the interview.


1. There will be separate areas for the battles, just like the GBA version.
2. The Bonus experience and leveling style from re:COM is similar to that of the game boy advance.
3. The stock technique is back.
4. You can have an additional reaction command, which will depend on the technique used.
5. An example being that if you use Sonic Rave, you will be able to use another technique with it.


1. Similar clothes from the first game, that's shown in the Jump Festa trailer, is Sora's new form.
2. There is no connection to the Org coat Mushrooms, and the Organization XIII, they are only mimicking them.
3. Because the voice acting of the XIII Order in Kingdom Hearts II was so wonderful, he plans to top that with re:COM
4. In re:COM the map gimmick, things like the Guillotine is put on the map, in Halloween Town.
5. The character in the secret ending of KHII, who was also shown in the Jump Festa trailer is New, not Sora or Roxas, however he does have relations to a character (Who's name he doesn't say)
6. The scans and the Jump Festa that show's Zexion's weapon was just him copying it, because Zexion has the ability of "Phantom/Shadow" however Zexion DOES have a real weapon.
7. In re:COM the reaction command with stocks, needs to be timed correctly in order for it to work.
8. He plans to continue the KH series, and plans for a big announcement next year. He has two or more projects in store for, but he wouldn't give out any detail about any of them.
9. They are soon planning for the Kingdom hearts FM+ Release date's announcement. Though they are not sure when to announce it.

Source: The Light in the Chaos and thanks to Mike from and Chaotic Gaming
Disney has finally decided to update their website once again. It contains Kingdom Hearts II FM+, however, just like Square-Enix's KH2FM+ website, this one is just a teaser for now.

Official KH2FM+ Disney Site

Source: skr_shape13

The official Square-Enix website has updated their goods page as well, featuring two new items Kingdom Hearts related. A keyblade charm, which costs 5,500 yen, and the Roxas charm which costs 5,200 yen.

Source: Square-Enix's shop and skr_shape13