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New Secret Ending image
A new screenshot has appeared which seems to have been taken with a mobile phone. The screenshot features what appears to be a slight extension to the KH2 secret ending, when the knights look up noticing the mysterious figure walking towards them.


Source: FF7AC Reunion
TSUYATA ONLINE's KH2FM+ section is up. Most of the info on the site, however, is stuff we already knew about.


Source: FF13vids
Various sites have been reporting that the next upcoming Tokyo Game show, AKA TGS2007, is expected to hit Japan September 20th-23rd.

There's no information on what will be shown, but we're pretty sure Nomura has something up his sleeve.

The first and second days (September 20th, and 21st) will be mainly for gaming industries/other important personel, and the third and fourth days (September 22nd, and 23rd) will be opened up for the public.

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It seems as though a new KH2 scan has appeared over the net. The new scan mainly features information about the Axel vs Sora battle, and the vegetable mini game which was mentioned a while ago. Here's the basic summary:


There's a new 100 Acre Wood mini-game, aptly named "Vegetable Panic", where you need to smack the vegetables as they come to you with the Keyblade. If you smack enough, you get a new card! The card is also said to be a very useful and strong technique that will be helpful in the game.

Edit: Here's some more information on the mini-game. Starting off, there's more then just one minigame in the CoM world of 100 Acre Woods. Vegetable Panic is just one of them that has been revealed in scans. There's two vegetables that you have to hit; pumpkins and cabbage. You hit the pumpkins with the circle button, and the cabbage with the square button. You have to hit 30 of these vegetables, and can only miss five.

Also, the battle against Axel seems to be taking place in the same fire ring that you fight against him in Roxas' story. Despite this, however, it is not a main story event. Just another Organization CoM battle, placed into the KH2FM+ game.

Source: FFAC Reunion kh2ch blog poster 331 and FF13 Vids
It seems there are some bits that were left out of the interview...

- Xaldin is strong in the Organization.
- The battle with the enemy of the Secret Movie and the mystery is in GManga's next issue.
- Reno, of FF7, and Axel are both voiced by the same person.
- Nomura likes the enemy characters because they're not hateful.
- The facial motions of KH are made to be exaggerated a little considering the differences between Disney animation and the style of FF.

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