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Is Xaldin hogging all the fun? xP

A third blog poster, going by the name of Jade, has posted up their experience at Jump Festa! They have provided pictures of the event, and their own impressions on the event, including their speculation for Kingdom Hearts 3. Once again, thanks Jade!


Jade's Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix+ Information
Jade's KH3 Speculation
What do you think? Do you agree with Jade that this means that by next year Kingdom Hearts 3 will begin development? Or will this be a completely new KH Game?
Yup first we got Re:COM now we got KHFMII+ trailer, I believe with these are certainly now near the end of Jump Festa news, KH STyle

Kingdom Hearts FM+ Script

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There is first an image of Namine's room, and then a picture of Namine.

Namine: Do you not want to know the truth?

The scene of Roxas' name being created by Xemnas is shown infront of the residence of Twilight Town

There is then a scene of the location where Sora and Axel faught against the Nobodies

Sora: There is hanger and hatred in the mind,

Riku: None of those things in the mind are ordered. (Eh?)

A scene where King Mickey takes out his keyblade.

Ansem begins to hold the machine that was used to absorb Data.

A scene where Namine jumps at Sora

Namine: Sleep, we made a promise that we'll meet each other again.

A scene where Saix says that Zemnas is in Kingdom Hearts

Sora helps Riku walk.

Sora has new form, and opening clothes.

Ragnarok skill has "Shot, Impact, and Gigaimpact"

A scene of the Mushrooms in Organization clothing

A new area in Hollow Bastion, and another town.

Disney characters are now not just in their normral world!?

A scene of Alladin who runs away from Jack and Nightmaresanta Sora who are in Santa's house. (Or that first there's a scene of Alladin running, and then the Jack/Nightmaresanta Sora scene)

There is a scene of Ariel, and Tron in a world.

Scene where the Beast rushes at Xaldin

New map and Hollow Bastion, Netherworld? Castle Oblivion? It's hard to use, and you also have the skill "Fly up"

Coliseum is where you will be fighting against Vexen (EH!?)

Sora Donald and Goofy vs Lexaeus (EH!?!?)

A huge pointed rock shoots out from the ground.

Sora Donald and Goofy vs Marluxia (EH!?!?!?!?)

There are alot of counter moves in this battle, mainly against Marluxia's scythe/sickle.

There is a conference with 4 members of the Organization

Luxord: He can bet against you to obtain something

Saix:There's nothing to put out, when obtaining a friend.

Xemnas: Axel shook up Sora's mind.

The Camera appraches some of the chairs

Xemnas awakes.

Sora vs Roxas

Roxas is seen in The World that Never Was, at a skyscraper where Sora suddenly has memories of Roxas.

Roxas is really really fast

The organization appears through an opening of a ground. (Possibly Xemas)

He sits on the chair in the Nobody room

The words KH RE:COM+KH2FM = KH2 FM+

There is someone on the ground in armor

Xemnas? "Friend"

The armored man appears in the secret ending however the explosion reflections his armor helmet is blown off.

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More Speculations
Here are some from Maiki's Live Journal, if Maiki wishes for these to be removed do tell me n.n

This is quote directly from her >> Maiki's gonna kill me for this I know it

and to save her bandwith here are some images from her/...him?, uploaded to imageshack by us.

Keyblade Set

Yes I even quoted the Heard Crush Maiki xD stab me if you wanna.

Another Image from Kowaiki Character Exhibition better quality.

The Script for Re:COM is now out! Click here to read it all

Kingdom Hearts re:COM's cameplay has gotten a GREAT improvement from it's previous moments

Also here is what was shown at JF2006's character exhibition


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Sora vs Guard Armor

Battle: Traverse Town, Olympius Coliseum and Halloween Town (Halloween Costume)

THere is a scene of Sora vs ?

Sora, Donald Goofy, and Axel are there

"You lose sight of the light in this darkness, and forgot the one thing you setted your sights on.

Sora: Weather it's darkness or light.

Riku and Zexion

Riku: Sora is here?

Zexion: THe Shadow of Darkness, and Ansem remain in your mind, do you wish to see Sora in such a shameful state?

Axel and Marluxia are in this scene

Axel: Sora is the plan to erase the Organization?

Marluxia: Put our betrayer in order.

Vexen being executed

Vexen: You will not have a future.

Lexaeus and Riku, Riku is not shown.

Lexaeus: When light loses sight of the road, the only option is to use the Dark.

Sora vs Axel

Axel: I want to meet an important Existence again.

Sora: This card?

Riku and Zexion

Zexion: Riku...

Riku: This card, will erase the darkness?

Marluxia and Namine

Marluxia: Do you not want to complete the promise you made for Sora?

Larxene and Sora, Sora is not shown.

Larxene: Do you enjoy forgetting in this castle?

Sora vs Larxene

Scene of Hades

Scene of Cloud

Riku vs Zexion

There is a struggle reaching for Sora and Namine as the island is collapsing.

Sora: I wanted to meet you for a long time.

Namine: Having come to meet you was terrible, althogh it was also good. I'm sorry Sora, I wasn't really here.
The text Kingdom Hearts Re: Chan of Memories appears.

Source: Midnight kingdom, and FF13 Vids
The KH2ch board, has managed to post more scans about Kingdom hearts II, featuring clearer image, still not a full scan sadly. However until then we'll keep happy with these!

Scan 1
Scan 2
Scan 3
Scan 4
Scan 5

- THere is new information that have appeared over the net, There is a talk in a white room between Saix, Xehanort, and someone else.

- There is an extra Axel scene, and right after that scene, another scene showing the Roxas battle appears.

- In a more interesting note, there is talk about the mysterious male in the secret ending, by the Organization, they consider him as a "Friend"

- (Completely unsure if this is true) THere is a scene of the mysterious male from the Secret Ending, lying in the basement, and is soon given Armored Restraints!

- In the COM Demo you can either do Halloween Town, Boss battle against Oogie Boogie, and have a chance to play as Riku when fighitng against Vexen.

- You'll be fighting Marluxia in KH2FM!? (UNsure for now) and a reaction command will be brought out when he throws his sickle at you, the reaction command causes Sora to somehow throw the sickle back penetrating Marluxia's body.

The scan where Sora vs Roxas is in the Jump Festa, the move where Roxas is in the air, he uses both of his keyblades to release a terrible power all the lightning being shot down, is just a discharge of the true attack he is preparing.