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Hey guys, remember the different variation of themes we've had for the past day? Well someone managed to finally upload the full and final version with complete SFX Sound effects!!

Source: Gaiamagex on Gamefaqs for the video and SaydeWindsau for helping him with the audio. abd Look a SPace for the download link.

Monkey Edit: Also, Xaldin and I have come together and put together a compilation of all the information from the secret trailer. Not only that, but we have provided names and abreviations for all the new characters. For those that love making theories, sharing opinions, or someone who wants to know what everyone is talking about, click the thumbnail below!

Floor Seven Added + Downloadable Versions of Videos

Hey guys. Here's Floor Seven.

Larxene: First Battle | [player=A49smsLk_6s]WATCH NOW[/player]

And, as promised, here's the downloadable versions of the Re:CoM Intro to Floor Six. Floor Four is still being translated so I haven't put it up yet, but it should be up soon:
Floor One | DOWNLOAD
Floor Two | DOWNLOAD
Floor Three | DOWNLOAD
Floor Five | DOWNLOAD
Floor Six | DOWNLOAD

Stay tuned! I'm going to attempt to finish Re:CoM today, which means a lot of videos coming our way!
Kingdom Hearts II FM+ Hits 100,000 Day 1! + Official Site Update

Hey guys, it seems as though all of the importers global, and people in Japan buying it already took out 1/3rd of the shipment, which was 300,000, also due to some shops being completely out, they switched the Final Mix+ edition, with Kingdom Hearts II.

Also Square-Enix updated their official site with a Desktop Clock, for downloads.

Official Site

Not bad for a first day, although it was release a day earlier then expected. Great job everyone!

Source: FFKH Blog and Tomogirl from for notifying me of the Official Site.

Here's your Reward

Note: Sorry not sure if 4 minute 13 seconds song should be 7 mb x_x
The FF13vids blogger posted some new information regarding Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+ as well as Sora's involvement in Kingdom Hearts III. Sadly we don't get to know the full questions so I will state the points.

Before we start though, for those having trouble with the video with audio you can now view it below:

Edit: Since alot of people wanted both endings mixed together, as well as me being curious, I did so. Here's the result

Both Secret Ending Collaboration

And download it Here thanks to Sephiroth's Heart

- Nomura does not expect anyone to defeat the Knight first try.
- Nomura hasn't even found a way to defeat the Knight yet (Laugh).
- It was the battle of Roxas he wanted mostly added to the game, he set Roxas to be as strong as he could (For Roxas that is) so that no one would feel as though Roxas was too weak.
- The person who appears in the armor, in the battle and secret ending is related to the new series. However the next work will not be known as "Kingdom Hearts III"
- Nomura cannot say yet if Riku and Sora will be in it..
- The reason why Mickey's back is faced towards the camera was because Nomura thought it'd look cool.

Source: FF13vids

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Hey guys, Light in the Chaos updated their site which what appears to be a scan of Marluxia in his final form ^^


Source: Lighti n the Chaos