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Hey guys, FF13vids, and FFAC Reunion updated their sites featuring 4 new scans, from the Vjump magazine!

Scan 1
Scan 2
Scan 3
Scan 4

Also, there has been a new announcement for a "Kingdom Hearts Original Soundtrack" Featuring music from Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, and Kingdom Hearts II. It's unknown how Chain of Memories music will be done, if it will be the Game Boy Advance version, or the new KH:reCOM version.

Edit: For a brief note, none of the information with the pictures are new, however we can confirm Sora's new form is known as the "Limit Form"

Source: FF13 Vids and FFAC Reunion for the scans, and For the OST info.
Sorry, late update on this. I've been working on a lot of re-records and something else that you guys are going to love. Here's the top five.

1. Submitted By: SalZa89 | View Video
Song: I Like The Way (You Move) by BodyRockers

2. Submitted By: TheEndlessAbyss | View Video
Song: Ready, Steady, Go by Paul Oakenfold

3. Submitted By: JadeRhade | View Video
Song: This is How I Disappear by My Chemical Romance

4. Submitted By: Zasuke | View Video
Song: GO!!! by FLOW

5. Submitted By: shawnaxox0691xox | View Video
Song: Diary of Jane by Breaking Benjamin

Hope you enjoy them all, and keep submitting! Maybe your video will show up here next Sunday!

Expect a lot of re-records for KH1 to show up within the next few days.
It's still unknown to if a camera is available or not, however what we do know is that Kingdom Hearts re:COM made yet another appearance there, however it was the same as the Jump Festa 2007, which was basically two demos, playing as Riku against Vexen, and also playing as Sora through Halloween Town, fighting against Oogie Boogie as a boss at the end of that level.

Square-Enix's WHF Event report
The 4th Kingdom Hearts II Novel has just been named, as "Ansem-Meet again / Axel's Last Stand" although there has yet to be a said price, the release date will be the same as the third installment of the Kingdom Hearts Final Mix Manga, "February 22nd."

Source: The Light in Chaos and
A more positive note compared to Darky's. xP

The most recent issue of Electronics Gaming Monthly includes a little tease about Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix+, giving it a release date of Fall 2007. You can view the scan below.


Weather or not you consider EGM to be a valid source or not is completely up to you. This in no way confirms a North American Release for Final Mix, but our chances do seem to be getting higher, because this is not the first magazine to report this!

Thank you .:Mega:. from for pointing this out!