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Hey guys, thought I'd warn this picture might spoil those who were awaiting for re:COM or is playing it right now there fore I will only link to this picture.

Once again this picture contains

Well not major, but it will ruin the surprise for some about the Final Boss.

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Riku Replica Battles + Floors 8&9 + Vexen Battles 3/31/07

Vexen: Second Battle Added and Floor Nine Subbed Re-Added.
Here's Floors Eight and Nine, as well as Riku Replica battles one and two. Also, just added Vexen: First Battle and Second Battle.

Vexen: Second Battle

Vexen: First Battle | [player=QQ7UcTzQzSk]WATCH NOW[/player]
Castle Oblivion: Floor Nine | [player=sk1_h5kp3b0]WATCH NOW[/player]
Castle Oblivion: Floor Eight | [player=ZdjSCfBmgJQ]WATCH NOW[/player]
Riku Replica: First Battle | [player=Y-Z_mFj36Ak]WATCH NOW[/player]
Riku Replica: Second Battle | [player=78lYjhODHP4]WATCH NOW[/player]

I plan to finish this game today guys. Keep a look out for some interesting vids later. I'd also like to make an important note that I play on Proud Mode, for those of you who were wondering.
Hey guys the latest Famitsu Magazine featured a rather interesting cover of Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+. The image is small right now sadly but hopefully we'll get a bigger scan later.

And when I say interesting I mean INTERESTINGLY ODD.


Source: FF&KH Blog

Important Note

For those that did not see Deathspank's request topic please click Here.

Lately, in the process of subbing things, I've been running into lines that even Xaldin couldn't translate. It's now come to my attention and under his suggestion that we get another person to help with the translations. If anyone feels they are skilled in the language of Japanese, please PM me, as we're in need of your assistance. In other news, I will be releasing Floors Eight and Nine late tonight, as well as Riku Replica battles one and two.

=) Self explainable. It's the boss battle against the Enigmatic Soldier.

Sources: Mike from KHN, Redsonic and BurnGriffith.