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Hey guys, although not much we got some more remixes for you today, 4 in total for now.

First thing's first the special video. This video is actually more directed to those that are fans of Axel and/or Roxas. There's really no explanation towards it, however a Downloaded version will be provided tomorrow, as well as the code how to do it. Hope you enjoy!


The first one is an Acoustic Sanctuary done by our forum member AnsemContainer. It's pretty interesting, as it he didn't use any sheet for when doing this~


Another one, is the famous Rising Sun (Hikari/Simple and Clean turned Rock) by none other then CarboHydroM, there's no need to go into detail on this one, it's just a breath taker.


The third one sent directly towards us would be by Evan Gipson An interesting piece indeed, not only did it take off more of a rock feeling then the previous Traverse Town Remix, it gives more of a Traverse Town feel, and even gives a special track at 1:07, I'm sure you'll all recognize that tune easily. He also said he plans on sending us more tracks, can't wait to hear them! Also just like AnsemContainer's one, this one is also Directly Recorded, instead of synthesized.


Our Final Track for today is from Sephfire's "Above the Rising Falls" a beautiful re-arranged, and remixed version of KH1's Hollow Bastion. Unlike the others that focused mainly on giving a Rock feeling, this one takes a step in a different direction, soothing your mind with it's composition, and use of instruments. Another recommended!


Once again, if you have any Fanremixes, Midi's, redone tracks of the game, be sure to e-mail me at
Kingdom Hearts Remix
Hey guys, it seems after a while, I finally got an e-mail of a Kingdom Hearts Remix! Unlike the previous one, which was just a fanmade MP3 version, and midi version. This one is a full remix of a track from Kingdom Hearts I. Known as "A Hearts Resolve" by Darangen.

To put it in a very basic summary without needing to spoil it completely, A Hearts Resolve is best to be described as a "Rock Version of 'Traverse Town'" it is wonderfully done and we highly recommend you listen to it.

If YOU have any re-orchestrated, remixes, or any fan made Music of Kingdom Hearts that you wish to share with the community do e-mail me at

And without further to do.

Download it here!
Every week, I scour the video portal's latest submissions and pick my top five favorites. Just because you don't make it into the top five does not mean that you're video wasn't good. We just have so many good videos that they're hard to choose from! Here's the top five for this week.


This Week's Winner: khfreak87 | View Video
Song: I Climb by Thousand Foot Krutch

2. Submitted By: Doxyc | View Video
Song: Noots by Sum 41

3. Submitted By: kevz2kool | View Video
AMV Worm: Happy Birthday, Deathspank

4. Submitted By: vaizado | View Video
Title: Kingdom Hearts Theatrical Trailer

5. Submitted By: Devrev | View Video
Song: Better Days by Goo Goo Dolls

Hope you enjoy them all, and keep submitting! Maybe your video will show up here next Sunday!
Hey guys, June 8th was a very special day, it was Mamoru Miayno's birthday. Who is Mamoru Miyano? Well for those that don't know, he was the chosen Voice Actor for Riku in Kingdom Hearts I, & II! He has turned 24, and to celebrate his birthday we will have a short biography on him, courtesy of Wikipedia.

Not only that though, the Final Fantasy AND Kingdom Hearts team both went together, to prepare the food~ so you could expect some very interesting food being there, here's a picture of the cake actually that he took!

[​IMG] [​IMG]

Moving on here is what he wrote in his blog during his birthday

- I was only able to sleep for one hour (>_<) because I was told there was going to be an associated meal with the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts team.

- I was really SURPRISED when I saw all the food! (゚o゚)

- I was so happy I could cry (T_T)

- A RIKU CAKE ♪♪♪♪♪♪o(><) o

- I couldn't sleep afterwards at all I was so excited ♪

-I am a very lucky person to have people like my mother, and father, and thank you everyone who attended.

I would be the same as him, if I had that happened, moving on here is a short biography of him from Wikipedia.

[quite]Mamoru Miyano is a male seiyū (Voice Actor). He is represented by Gekidan Himawari.

His blood type is B, while his height is 182cm and his weight is 58kg.

At the first Seiyu Awards, he earned two nominations for portraying Light Yagami in Deathnote: "Best Main Character (male)" and "Best Rookie (male)". Since March of 2007, He officially became a newbie of the Neoromance events held by the Japanese game company Koei, by voicing a new character, Aoi Kaji in Kiniro no Corda 2 PS game. The event was held in Yokohama, Japan, named as Seisou Gakuen Event.[/quote]

Source: 2ch and Wikipedia

Side note: 誕生日おめでとう 宮野 真守!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday, Deathspank! For your special 18th birthday, kevz2kool and a few other members created this AMV for you. Hope you have a special day, and hope your graduation was fantastic! We all want the best for you. For the vid, you can thank kikame, Ienzo, Marlixia55, sorax, and Roxas The Hero, and finally, kevz2kool. They all had a part in this AMV. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Best Wishes,

The Forum Members of

Also Deathspank, this one's from me :):​