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Jeux-France has updated their Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+ Section featuring higher quality, and more views of those scans which were released a while ago. Now we can see Limit Form alot clearer, as well as the battle between Sora and Marluxia!


Source: VideoGamerX
I had to grade close to 100 submissions this week! Here's the top five for week nine.

1. Submitted By: SalZa89 | View Video
Song: Gravity of Love by Enigma

2. Submitted By: Oblivionforthedarkness | View Video
Song: Room of Angel by Akira Yamaoka

3. Submitted By: THEWHITEPERSON | View Video
Song: Breathing by Yellowcard

4. Submitted By: DIEXEMNASDIE | View Video
Song: How to Save A Life by The Fray

5. Submitted By: khfreak87 | View Video
Title: AMV Remix #3

Hope you enjoy them all, and keep submitting! Maybe your video will show up here next Sunday!
The Light in the Chaos managed to type up a great summary of everything in the scan, due to the text being too blurry for us to see.

1. The Organization XIII mushrooms indeed have abilities similar to that of the Organzation XIII members.

2. The former abilities of the other forms, can be used by the Limit Form, and each of Limit Form's special abilities comes with a reaction command that leads to a stronger attack. (Just like Kingdom Hearts I did, just with the triangle button this time)
-Strike Raid leads to Judgement
-Ragnarok leads to Giga Impact
-Dodgeroll leads to a counter offensive, this last one is by speculation. However these moves are more powerful then how they were in Kingdom Hearts 1.

3. The scene where the unknown Organization member is talking to the knight in the Jump Festa trailer is known as the "White Room". It's unknown though if we will actually be visiting this room or not.

4. There is a new area where a new Organization battle is added (Roxas?). The command window is changed with a Nobody mark instead.

5. Marluxia is alot stronger in Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix than he is in Chain of Memories(and possibly Re:CoM).

6. Marluxia VS Sora

7. The reaction command for Marluxia is Ariel Strike --> Rob Scythe.

(More coming soon)
It should be noted that this is probably for Japan only, though we don't know if we'll have the same privilege, however for those in Japan that managed to reserve Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+ will be given a hard cover book known as "Kingdom Hearts - Another Report" It talks about the outline of the visuals of the game, goes into more detailed information about the character, spells, and worlds. In ways the game could not teach us.

Also 3 Higher Quality images, from scans have appeared on the net, in decent size too.

Screen 1
Screen 2
Screen 3

Source: FF7AC Reunion and Famitsu
A new Kingdom Hearts II FM+ Scan has appeared over the net.

Scan 2

Edit: Short Summary

Edit 2: We managed to find the second scan thanks to VideoGamerX!

The Limit Form is able to Dodge Roll, Ragnarök, and the Marluxia Reaction Command is called "Rob Size"

The images that we have seen, including a place called "White Place" are all newly added areas.

Also to add on, Nomura has been thinking about giving a Reservation privilege to those wanting Kingdom Hearts II FM+, as shown in the scan here Short interview

And finally, a Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+ Fan book, is said to be in the making, for those unsure. Fan book does not mean it's made by a fan, but as other games releasing fan books, it's basically information on characters, and things in the game that were never revealed, or were just too obliviously hinted.

Source: FF13vids, FFACreunion and VideogamerX

Note: Upon discussing this with tomo from we have been able to determine the real name of his reaction command being either "Rob Scythe" or "Lob Scythe" Lob meaning smacking the Scythe back and forward as Lob is used in Tennis matches. There will need to me more clerification as to what the reaction command does, since we only know it causes Sora to throw the scythe back at Marluxia.