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Hey guys, thanks to Tomogirl from KHN, scans from the Disney Magazine have appeared over the net, to be fair you can view the scans on their website. However if you just want to view the interview then read this

Source: KHN

Also in saddened news, Square-Enix has let out a list of Square-Enix trailers to show in the Closed Theaters, Kingdom Hearts was not on the list, but who knows, we may be surprised. Though there is a new game called "The 3rd Birthday" so keep a look-out for that in the future. To see the trailers that will be shown, check out the "Side Stories" under this post.

Side Stories
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Hey guys, it seems as though someone from ff13vids posted some information. Though part of it just says there's a new trailer of FF13, and Crisis Core there was an interesting part of their post that was KH related.

KH relation
There has yet to be an announcement of the time of the revealing of the "New Project", in the announcement hall.

Yoko Shimoura is signing CD's and giving handshakes at 15:00 in Japan. (At Japan time of course)

Don't take this the wrong way however, as we do not know if this "New Project" is relation to Kingdom Hearts or not, however we'll try our best to keep you updated ASAP.

Source: FF13vids

Side news
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Hey guys, Square-Enix has released a cover for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts Complete Visual Art Book. For those that don't know, the Kingdom Hearts Complete Visual Art Book is just as it sounds, an art book containing Kingdom Hearts art, however unlike the previous Art book, this one will contain the Kingdom Hearts series, including Final Mix+! The book itself is planned to be released on May 31st, for 1800 yen (Around $15.50)


Finally, the Square-Enix Party has started, and we at KHV! will try to get you all as much information, and images as we can! Here are some topics regarding S.E Party information

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Hey guys thanks to TheWertle, we got a confirmation of the knights names!

The knights names have been officially confirmed by Nomura himself! He has stated in the Interview that the female Knight's name is indeed "Aqua" and the Knight that looks like Roxas is named "Ven", and also states that their names are also references to Water, Wind, and Earth. Hopefully this information will clear up alot of things. It should also be noted that Sora, Riku, and Kairi also share similar elements.


Sora = Sky as Ven = Wind
Kairi has a similar kanji to Umi which = Sea as Water = Aqua
Riku = Land as Earth = ???

Also Nomura has hinted that there may be some relation between Ven and Roxas, and if they were, then that would have to bring Sora into this as well!

Don't worry the interview will be translated soon

Side News

Moving to slightly non KH-related news, for those interested in the new S.E announced games including the FFIV Remake and FFDISSIDIA click Here

Roxas Edit: In even more unrelated news, the Story of the Week entries end tonight. If you haven't entered your story yet, and want to, register for the forum and post your story on the forum for judging.
Jiminy Journal Complete
Hey guys, we at kh-vids finally finished that Jiminy Journal Guide video for KH2, this is to hopefully help those who have yet to get 100% in Kingdom Hearts II, but before we begin on that. I thought I should clarify something.

Earlier this month two Square-Enix game names were announced, just as "The Last Remnant" and "Dissidia" and due to this some people have begun to thought that both of these might have to do with Kingdom Hearts, however they do not. Dissidia is a Final Fantasy game being released for the PSP, and The Last Remnant is a whole new Square-Enix RPG game being done on the "Next Generation".

Final Fantasy Dissidia
The Last Remnant

Twilight Town
Mysterious Tower
Hollow Bastion
Land of Dragons
Beast's castle
Olympus Coliseum
Disney Castle
Timeless River
Port Royal
Halloween Town
Pride Land
Space Paranoid
Hollow Bastion 2
Land of Dragon 2
Port Royal 2
Space Paranoid 2
Twilight Town 2
100 Acre Woods


Twilight Town

Mail Delivery
Cargo Climb
Poster Duty
Bumble Buster
Junk Sweep
The Struggle: Hayner
The Struggle: Setzer
The Struggle: Seifer
SB Street Rave

Hollow Bastion
Meet Sephiroth Part 1
Meet Sephiroth Part 2
The Treasure Hunters

Olympus Coliseum
Phil's Training
Pain and Panic Match
Cerberus Cup
Titan Cup
Goddess of Fate Cup
Pain and Panic Paradox Cup
Cerberus Paradox
Titan Paradox part 1
Titan Paradox Part 2
Hades Cup Part 1
Hades Cup Part 2
Hades Cup Part 3
Hades Cup Part 4
Hades Cup Part 5
Hades Cup Part 6
Hades Cup Part 7
Hades Cup Part 8
Hades Cup Part 9
Hades Cup Part 10

Chasm of Challenges
Magic Carpet
SB Sandslider

100 Acre Woods
A Blustery Rescue
Hunny Slider
Balloon Bounce
The Exposition
The Honey Pot

Swim this Way
Part of Your World
Under the Sea
Ursula's Revenge
A new Day is Dawning

Halloween/Christmas Town
Gift wrapping
SB Workshop Rave

Space Paranoid
Light Cycle

Jiminy Journal Complete

Extra Stuff
Boss Battle against Enigmatic Soldier