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Hey everyone, it seems as though Square-Enix took down the Kingdom Hearts II Short Story Novel, they had planned, which was seen in a previous post, here.

Hopefully we'll have more information as to if this was rescheduled, or just canceled, more then likely rescheduled.

Source: Midnight Kingdom
It seems as though one of the blog users, managed to go to the Symphony of Games 2007 and wrote a report on it, however we're just gonna summaries what happened, since direct translating it will cause a lot of confusion.

- Kingdom Hearts was played, and 5 songs were played, the songs were all played together, and the order of the songs were as followed. "Hikari, "Fragments Of Sorrow", "Dearly Beloved", "Traverse Town", "Hikari"

- The Blog user cried when hearing Traverse Town, because it was so beautiful.

- Shimoura had long black hair, and a pair of trousers, with a blue tunic though the blogger is not entirely sure.

- There was talk about Kingdom Hearts, and something about a story being told. It's also said that same story can be seen in the Kingdom Hearts Ultimania booklet. They used this story to have the tune of the music fit in.

- Kingdom Hearts was the last performance for it.

Sadly no new song was played, it appears as though that was just a rumor, but still hopefully one day an audio of what happened there will be leaked out, after all who wouldn't want to hear these tunes Orchestrated together.

Source: Light in the Chaos and Azure of Silver water and green crystal
Good Quality Screens of Upcoming KH Games (Updated with Translations)

Hey guys, Famitsu updated their website featuring nice quality screenshots of the upcoming games!

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

This game approaches the every day life in Organization XIII
"Roxas, the shadow of Kingdom Hearts II, will be playing the leading part. An RPG where his story in Organization XIII is shown. "Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days" The Multiplayer mode is added, and is the first in the KH Series to have this feature, disney worlds will also be making an appearance. The Series Latest work, what is the whole story??"

"Roxas and Axel are watching the evening sun, on the clock tower of Twilight Town. Roxas is the nobody of Sora, and is the 13th member in the Organization. He has no memory of his past, and wonders why he was chosen to wield the Keyblade."
[​IMG] [​IMG]

Who is behind the hood of the 14th member!?
"Existence of a new member is brought up by the leader of Organization XIII, Xemnas. Who on earth is the 14th member who did not appear in Kingdom Hearts II? The drama before the Organization XIII went after Sora seems to be shown here."
[​IMG] [​IMG]

You can enjoy the Multiplayer mode with 4 or less people!
""Kingdom Hearts" The multiplayer mode is added to the series for the first time. Though Roxas, who is the hero, is one that is being controlled. In Multiplayer mode, you can choose anyone from the Organization XIII and can enjoy fighting with 3 other friends, or less."

Move Organization XIII, as you please!!!
The features, abilities and more seem to change, because of the weapons, and also each character is treated differently. In multiplayer, the co-operation of your friends is a must to survive!
[​IMG] [​IMG]

Birth by Sleep

The Mystery of the Secret Movie "Birth by Sleep"
"An RPG that features the characters that were shown in the secret ending of Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+. "Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep." The companions that were shown in the secret ending are clarified this time. It also introduces the awaiting battle scene!

"One of the three soldiers, who were shown in the secret ending of KH2FM+. The man in the armor, who was known as "Lingering Spirit" may be him. It is also said that the man who looks like Roxas is named Ven. Will the woman with the blue hair be Aqua!? These three people are all companions who study under the same Keyblade Master, and Terra especially, appears to be the leader of the three in this case."

Another Xehanort!?
"Elderly person who will face the apprentice, Terra is called Xehanort. The figure is drawn differently from the Xehanort that was shown in Kingdom Hearts II. Moreover because this game is based on the past of Kingdom Hearts, the age is contradicted. The mystery deepens.
[​IMG] [​IMG]

Battle where new possibilities of a Keyblade is seen!?
"Though the battle system is still in the trial stage. It was recently announced that the gameplay will be close to that of the main series. Of course there will be a new battle system though. It also seems the battles will be different from Sora, due to having a whole new range of abilities."

An exhilarating feel from the previous series!!
It seems a new enemy from the past, that is not a heartless, or a nobody appears.
[​IMG] [​IMG]

Kingdom Hearts Coded

The Hidden truth is finally revealed in the upcoming Adventure!!
"RPG for mobile phones, Kingdom Hearts: Coded, the director being Tetsuya Nomura, and the Co-Director being Hajime Tabata, Final Fantasy XIII Agito's director. It starts at the stage of Kingdom Hearts. The page, closest to those in the events of Chain of Memories is turned into data. Sora is also turned into data, and will solve the mystery behind the data world, where the bug has invaded. The episode of Kingdom Hearts, which was not talked about earlier, will be revealed!"

Sora is turned into data
"Even though Sora is turned into data, the memory, and mind of Sora are faithfully reproduced perfectly."

The Adventure of the Data World Starts!
"Traverse Town, is the world that was first visited in Kingdom Hearts. Mickey visited this world, the exact same day Sora did. Besides this world revisiting Sora's memories in Kingdom Hearts I, it will bring in new, hidden facts about the world. This is an interesting way to develop the story."

What is the truth the King must say?
"The king's existence in Traverse Town was not confirmed in the first game, Kingdom Hearts. What on earth happened...?"
[​IMG] [​IMG]

Fight off the Invasion of the bug!!!
"The Data World, has been invaded by blocks of bugs! Is it possible to find a solution to get rid of the bugs in this world? You must find the most effective method by the use of the debugging system!

Erase the bug!
Heartless in the data world, makes the blocks of bugs appear. You must defeat the heartless before the whole world is covered in bug blocks! [​IMG] [​IMG]

Source: Famitsu
Although not much, Square-Enix updated their TGS Photo website with a couple of images that happened before the TGS was opened to the public.

The first image is of Nomura admiring his own art after the first day of TGS was over, and decided to write his own signature on it.

[​IMG] [​IMG]

The second one is Yoko Shimoura, the composer of Kingdom Hearts, standing right next to the Sora Statue.

[​IMG] [​IMG]

View the other photos they updated at their official website!

Source: TGS Photos: Square-Enix
Hey guys, a preview cover of the latest KH games has popped up recently, and we'll be sure to bring you information about what the magazine will have when it's released!


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