KH-Vids Royale III

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    The following story is standalone and does not consider the events of KH-Vids Royale I and II to be canon.


    1 Lauriam
    2 Mish
    3 Misty
    4 Deathspank
    5 Jinx
    6 Boris the Blade
    7 Darkandroid
    8 no_reality_allowed
    9 Sara
    10 Calxiyn
    11 kitty_mckechnie
    12 Trigger
    13 Yozora
    14 Rosey
    15 Amaury
    16 libregkd
    17 Cia
    18 Cin
    19 Explode
    20 Hissora
    21 Catch the Rain
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    23 Aelin
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    KH-Vids Royale III


    The clock struck midnight.
    Happy New Year!”
    “It’s 2022, baby! Get over here!”
    “Happy New Year, love.”
    “Oh just kiss me, ya little sexpot.”
    Michaella kissed her husband Sam under fountains of champagne and confetti as family and friends broke into Auld Lang Syne. The song was already done before she pulled away to stare into his warm eyes. Our first New Year’s as a married couple, she remembered, the weight of her wedding ring fresh on her finger. Sam leaned in for another kiss.
    Ewww, that’s so gross, Auntie Mishy!”
    Michaella looked down to see her niece Rebecca with a scrunched up face.
    “My teacher said boys have germs and you shouldn’t kiss them.”
    “They do have germs,” Michaella smiled. “But one day you’ll find someone special to share those germs with.”
    Rebecca turned pale. “Ugh - wha - no!”
    “They’re special germs,” Sam added, running his hand through Michaella’s blonde hair. “Germs you should only share with one person.”
    “Well,” Rebecca second-guessed, “I suppose you can’t really get sick if you’re only sharing them with one person.”
    “There’s one person out there for all of us,” Sam smiled. “But it might take some time to find them.”
    Michaella wiped a tear from her eye and nodded. Finding Sam had taken far too long. After years of stumbling through dating both online and in real life, she met Sam two years ago through mutual friends. She was interested after a couple weeks, but previous relationship experience had destroyed her confidence. That’s what made Sam different. He made every effort to show her he loved her. He gave everything. And so she decided to give everything back - even her germs.
    “We’ll have this conversation again in a few years,” she told her niece. “Let’s see how much you care about germs then.”
    Rebecca wasn’t the only one who had something to say to Michaella. As she walked around the room swapping celebrations with family members, she had to dodge questions about when she’d be having a child, when she and Sam would be buying a house, and when she might finally graduate university. She kept a glass of champagne close and before long, she only had an aunt and uncle left to catch up with.
    Samuel pointed to them. “Shall we go see Liv and Derek?”
    “Yes,” giggled Michaella.
    Bzzt, bzzt.
    Michaella’s phone went off in her pocket. She grabbed it and looked at the screen.


    “Oh, one sec, Sam,” she said. “I’ll meet you over there.”
    Sam wandered off for a chat and Michaella went toward the staircase. The noise of the party faded away and she answered the phone.
    “Hi, this is Michaella.”
    She waited.
    “Uh - hello, this is Michaella.”
    There was a short pause before she heard a deep voice.
    “Mish - ella?”
    Whoever was on the other end of the phone chuckled.
    “So… this is really her.”
    “Well, yes, I am me.”
    “No. You’re the Mish.”
    A rising gust of wind sent the chime on the front porch into a frenzy. Michaella felt a lump catch in her throat.
    “Can you elaborate?”
    The voice breathed. “I just needed to know it was you.”
    “W-Who is this?”
    The voice didn’t answer. Michaella heard Sam calling her from the other room.
    Tell me,” she whispered. “Tell me who you are.”
    “Find a quiet place, Mish.”
    Sam was calling her name louder. “I won’t be long babes!” she shouted with her hand over the phone. She jogged to the top of the stairs and found a bathroom. Her clammy fingers fumbled with the lock. Finally, she sat down on the counter.
    “Ok,” she started. “I’m alone.”
    “Good. I’d like to start by saying Happy New Year.”
    What should I say? I’ll start by being polite, I guess.
    “Uh, Happy New Year to you, too.”
    “It’s been a long time, Mish. A very long time.”
    Her heart began to palpitate. This was creepy.
    “I know you remember who I am.”
    “I don’t,” Michaella hissed. “I have no ****ing clue who you are!”
    “You don’t remember me? Your old bestie?”
    This must be one of my crazy ex boyfriends. Someone who’s just found out about Sam and I.
    “Look, I don’t know whether this is Adam, or Ryan, or whoever, but I’m going to report you once I find out. It’s New Year's night, and you want to spend it harassing me? Get a life!”
    “...Adam? ...Ryan?”
    There was a short pause.
    “I’m not a former lover, Mish - well, maybe that isn’t entirely true… but we never dated. In fact, we’ve never even met.”
    “Then who are you, and how do you know who I am!?”
    “Because I remember everything, Mish.”
    “Everything? What’s everything?”
    “Everything. When you walked away. When you wouldn’t hear me say. Please, oh baby, don’t go...”
    Michaella fell to her knees. A hundred memories of a life came and gone rushed back to her. On her wrist was a tiny tattoo - a heart - and it was the only thing that still connected her to the lyrics she’d just heard.
    “I know you’re there, Mish. It’s time.”
    “Time?” she gasped. “For what?”
    “Time to change your life forever. Or a million times over, with the amount of money I have sitting here right now. I’m calling you because I’d like to play a game, Mish. A game that could change everything. But in order to change your future, you must first return to the past.”
    “What does that mean!?” she screamed. “Tell me who you are!”
    “First, open the letter on your doorstep.”
    Michaella jumped to her feet. No, no, please. She was terrified. Don’t let there be a letter.
    “The letter, Mish.”
    She unlocked the bathroom and made her way downstairs. Small dots of snow covered the cobblestone streets on the other side of the glass door. Children were out making their first angels and snowmen of the year and an orange glow from the myriad lamps illuminated the festivities.
    Michaella saw the corner of an envelope on her porch. She crept closer, as if delaying it any longer might make it disappear.
    “Have you found it?”
    She pressed her nose to the glass and looked down. There was a letter pushed up right against the door.
    “...Yes,” she whispered.
    “It was good talking to you, Mish. I can’t wait to see you again.”
    “Hello?” Michaella whispered. There was silence on the other end. The noise of the party came back and she heard Rebecca giggling from the living room. Outside was a serene scene of children playing and people celebrating. She was surrounded by happiness and joy, yet through her cut a nibbling fear. If I want to find out who that was on the phone, I need to open that letter.
    Sam came up behind her and put his arm around her. “You alright?” he wondered. “Not having those digestive issues again, are you?”
    “No,” Michaella said, deadpan.
    “What’s happened?” Sam asked.
    Michaella opened the door and grabbed the letter. As it closed behind her, she gave it to Sam.
    “I need you to read this to me,” she said. “And I don’t want you to ask me any questions until it’s done.”
    “Where’d this come from?” Sam asked incredulously. “Is this what’s upset you?”
    “I’m not upset - I’m just… I’m anxious about what’s inside.”
    Sam opened the top of the envelope with his thumb.
    “It’s okay, love. I’m sure it’s nothing more than a late Christmas letter.” As he pulled it from the envelope, Michaella put a hand on her chest. The card featured a character from a video game named Kingdom Hearts.
    “See, love, it must be one of your internet friends! Isn’t this that Roxas fella from Kingdom Hearts?”
    Michaella gulped.
    “This’ll be lovely,” Sam smiled. “Alright, here we go.”
    “Wait!” Michaella screamed. She heard the noise die down in the back of the house before bubbling back up again. “I don’t want you to read it, Sam. I've changed me mind. Let me do it.”
    Sam handed her the letter. “But, you’ll tell me what’s in it, right?”
    “Yes. Of course,” Mish said. She opened the letter and looked inside. She was only one line in before she knew who it was.

    Dear Mish,

    It’s been almost 15 years, but I’m back.
    And I’m offering the greatest prize of them all.
    One million dollars per player.
    The game? You won’t find out until you arrive.
    Your plane ticket is included.
    I can’t wait to see you again.

    Love, your favorite forum friend,
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    For the record, I don't have digestive issues and I did graduate university - twice! A lot of other liberties about my life have been taken here (still single), but as it's an AU fanction I will let them slide. ;)

    Interested to see who else has made the cut this time!
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    I'm biting my nails in anticipation of how Mish' digestive issues will affect the future chapters.
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    Don't worry Mish, you'll graduate from university...someday.
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    The air is always filthy here, Cin thought, his hand covering his eyes as the automatic doors at Los Angeles Airport opened up. He rifled through his backpack and found a cap he’d brought from Niagara Falls. His silvery black hair shone in the Californian sun before he covered it and he gazed beyond the brim at palm trees and valleys. “Departures from LAX at terminals 2, 3, 4… San Diego, San Antonio, Boston, New York, Kent…”
    Why’d I even come here?
    It was an honest question, but it was hard to turn down a free trip to Los Angeles. When Cin had received the letter from Roxas, he’d almost thrown it away. But it’s not like this is some joke. Only the real Roxas could have sent that letter. And only Roxas could have sent me that album cover.
    Included with the letter was a copy of an album Roxas released in 2009, an album Cin had designed the cover for. Yet it wasn’t truly fun memories and nostalgia that had brought Cin to Los Angeles. If there was one thing in that letter that had convinced him to get on that plane, it was the cash prize.
    What the **** is he thinking? Cin thought. But then he had to ask himself: what am I thinking? Did I let the promise of some dough lead me here? His painting career was going steady. He was firing off commissions and finally earning a living. The coast was clear and the future looked good. So why am I here? Is it to see what’s really going on with Roxas and this letter?
    He remembered he’d brought his paint brush with him on the plane, and his hand dashed to his pocket where it was kept. It was still there, which was fantastic for his mental state, but he still had no paint, a problem he’d have to remedy as soon as he could.
    “Uh, Cin? Is that you?”
    Cin froze. How do they know my KH-Vids name?
    When he turned, he couldn’t believe who he saw. It was the man who’d created KH-Vids and blessed the world with the forum that had consumed the lives of all who frequented it - Deathspank.
    “Death ****ing spank,” Cin smiled. The two shook hands, sharing a moment of bewilderment.
    “I guess it makes sense,” Deathspank began. “When I saw that letter, I should have known I wouldn’t be the only one to show up.”
    “You’re right,” Cin realized aloud. “I wonder who else will be here?”
    A limousine pulled up in front of them. The passenger side window rolled down and a hooded, masked man spoke without turning his head. His voice seemed malformed and engineered.
    “...Get in.”
    Cin glanced at Deathspank, who seemed unperturbed. “Let’s do it,” he grinned.
    The back door opened and Cin and Deathspank threw their suitcases inside. When Cin sat down and looked around, he saw two other people he immediately recognized.
    “Inasuma? And no_reality_allowed?”
    Everyone began laughing as they realized what was happening. For some reason they’d been summoned to Los Angeles to reunite with the members of an old message board - and, as Cin remembered, potentially win some cash.
    “So you got the letter, too?” Inasuma asked.
    “I can’t believe this is happening,” Cin laughed. He still wasn’t sure why he was here, but he was going to enjoy it while it happened.
    “Neither can I - oh, and feel free to call me No Reality,” said no_reality_allowed. “It’ll be easier that way.”
    “Well ****, it’s really nice to meet you guys,” Deathspank said. “Seriously.”
    "One letter, huh? That's all it took for us to be convinced," Inasuma laughed. "And a bit of cash, too - apparently."
    "A million a player? That's already 4 million in this car right now," No Reality explained.
    "And Roxas might play, too," Cin suggested. "That would make 5."
    "Well we could split that prize pot now and I'd be good with it," Deathspank said. "But who knows how many of us he's brought back to play."
    “Yo, what was your name again, Deathspank?” Inasuma asked. “Kyle, or something?”
    A thud came from the front of the car. The divider between the driver and the passengers lowered and Cin finally saw the masked driver up close. His mask was pitch black, a void, though it had the imprint of the Keyblade icon from the Kingdom Hearts games that had brought them together on its face in gray. That’s not odd at all, Cin gulped.
    “You,” the driver said, with a deep, mechanical voice. He pointed at Inasuma. “Do not speak each other's real names.”
    “U-uh,” Inasuma stuttered, looking to Deathspank whose name he’d just uttered. “I’m… sorry? Wait, who do you think you are, anyway?”
    “That is the rule of the game,” the driver said. Cin trembled at the man’s tone.
    “What game?” No Reality asked. “You mean for the money we were just talking about?”
    “Exactly,” the driver answered.
    “Ok, and your point is? We haven’t even seen Roxas yet. We want to catch up, talk a bit.”
    “The game has already begun,” was all the driver said.
    The vibe in the car changed immediately, and Cin felt his muscles tighten in restraint. He liked games, but he didn’t like rules. And it already feels like this game has lots of rules.
    “Well, ok then,” No Reality mumbled. He looked around the car for sympathy.
    “It’s time to depart. You will see Roxas when you arrive.”
    The driver rolled the divider up and Cin felt the engine rumble. He noticed a couple bottles of champagne in the car.
    “Do you think it’s against the rules to drink that?” he asked.
    “Let’s find out,” Deathspank said, and he popped a bottle. They grabbed chilled glasses from a cooler and began drinking and cheering.
    “What a weekend this'll be,” Inasuma said, raising his glass.
    “To a crazy weekend, and a great time!” cheered No Reality.
    They laughed and they drank, and before long they were so buzzed that none of them noticed a pipe point down from the roof of the car or the clouds of white gas it began to emit. As everything began to fade, Cin noticed his glass slowly fall from his hand, but by the time it hit the floor he had already fallen unconscious as his limp body crumpled into its seat.
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    Oho another chapter so quick! So far I'm wondering if the tiny heart wrist tattoo and pocket paint brush are true lol.
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    Misty realized she must have been the first to arrive when she got in the limo and no one else was there. The mysterious driver picked her up at LAX around 9:00 AM before shuttling around the city. She didn’t think twice when she saw the Keyblade symbol on the driver’s mask. She simply thought it was all part of Roxas’s plan. At one point the driver pulled into an In-n-Out parking lot and came back with two meals. Misty sipped a Barq’s and looked at the hills rising around her as they drove back toward the airport. The palm trees were her only company as she ate her burger.
    When the limo pulled up at the terminal again, she had a feeling she knew what was about to happen. All her intuition pointed at something and she didn’t know if she was excited or morbidly terrified for it. She'd felt more relaxed on the way to her ten year high school reunion. If they were back here at the terminal, then someone else from KH-Vids was about to get into this limo - and she had no clue who that person might be.
    The door opened and Misty held her breath. Please be someone nice, she grimaced. Someone I know!
    Nothing could prepare her for the couple that came inside. With that old scar across his left cheek, and with her brown hair and green eyes, Boris the Blade and Sara slid their suitcases into the car and sat down.
    “Misty… is that you?” Boris asked, tilting his big head.
    “Misty!? It’s me, Sara!” Sara said, waving behind her glasses before Misty could answer. The other hand clenched Boris’s.
    “Ugh….” Misty stammered. “I figured. Hi, guys.”
    "Well I'll be damned," Boris muttered. "You were right, Sara. We aren't the only ones from the site who were invited."
    “Do you know what’s happening yet?” Sara asked Misty excitedly. “I'm guessing you got one of these letters, too?”
    “Sure did,” Misty said. She also had Roxas’s letter in her pocket. “So, what are you two up to these days?”
    “I’m a librarian,” Sara replied. “I run one now, actually. That PhD paid off…”
    “And you, Boris?” Misty asked.
    “I’m a butcher,” he said, chewing a piece of gum.
    “He chops meat,” Sara finished. “At the local Walmart.”
    “Oh... cool,” Misty said.
    “And you?” asked Sara.
    “I’m still in school,” Misty answered, shuffling her legs. “Studying law. It’s taking awhile.”
    “Ballsy,” Sara smiled. “I like that, though. Very impressive. Should pay off in the end.”
    “Funny situation, this, isn’t it?” asked Boris. “The old admins… and the new.”
    Misty gulped. He was twice her size.
    “Don’t make it awkward, Boris,” scolded Sara. “We’re here to hang out, undoubtedly. We won't be the only staff members here, ex or otherwise. And I want to make it clear that we wouldn’t have come if the plane tickets weren’t given to us, but hey, we’ve never been to California, so - I mean, we just said ‘why not?’”
    “Yeah, same here,” Misty said. “I still think about KH-Vids though, you know. It seemed like a cool idea. I might have shown up no matter what.”
    “I’m just here for the money,” guffawed Boris. “Aren’t we all wondering what that’s about? A million bucks a "player," I mean what is this kid - high!?”
    “What if it’s real though, honey? Do you really want to be a butcher forever?”
    “I like meat,” he muttered. “But yeah, I’m down to play some dumb game. I'm just wondering how this random guy we used to know on the internet came across all this money.”
    How the hell did these two end up together? Misty wondered. She knew they’d had a thing, but it was when the forum first began almost 17 years ago. On the plane to Los Angeles, she’d wondered who else Roxas might have contacted and Sara was top of the list. She’d been a mother figure to her years ago, and a friend. But - Boris!? Misty thought. Sara, surely you could have done better…
    Her thoughts were interrupted as the door opened once more, and Misty looked eagerly to see who else might be getting in. Someone who isn't scary, she prayed. Someone I know. She saw curly blonde hair and a pair of wide-framed glasses. Staring at her with a backpack and a carry-on was her old friend and podcast co-host Calxiyn.
    “Misty?” asked Calxiyn, stunned.
    The two girls screamed and embraced. It was their first time meeting outside a Discord or FaceTime call.
    "I still read our MSN logs," Calxiyn cried with happiness. "I can't believe we're finally meeting each other!"
    “Hey, what about me?” asked someone with a British accent. Everyone turned to see Darkandroid standing in the car door, his brown hair blowing in the breeze.
    “No way - just no way,” Misty laughed. This is better, she thought. This is getting real good.
    “Staff reunion! Now give me a hug!”
    After pleasantries were exchanged, Calxiyn and Darkandroid sat down and soon the car was off and running. The group spent time updating each other on their personal lives, joking about when they’d last visited the forum and wondering what was to come.
    “I don’t even know Roxas,” Calxiyn said. “But the man did his research if he knew who I was.”
    “True,” Darkandroid agreed. “It looks like it won’t just be oldies and classics showing up. Although this car is chock full of them.” He glanced at Boris, who grumbled in response.
    “Oh, cheer up,” Sara said, patting her husband.
    “I forgot about the site a long time ago,” Boris told her. “This whole thing has an air of cringe.”
    “Well, I’m excited,” Calxiyn said. “Finally, an opportunity to meet all my closest friends from years’ past.”
    “I’m excited to meet Roxas,” Darkandroid smiled. “So cool of him to do this. I wonder if we’ll get a live performance of The KH-Vids Song.”
    “Or a reading of KH-Vids Royale,” Sara grinned. “Especially the chapter where they declare me the winner.”
    ****, Misty thought. Roxas’s music… live? She wasn’t sure her inner fan-girl could handle that.
    “I doubt it’s any of that,” Misty said. “The letter didn’t give me that vibe. It didn’t really feel like a party invitation, did it? It was kind of… cryptic.”
    “Written like an Ansem Report,” Calxiyn nodded.
    “He was always like that,” Darkandroid explained. “Always keeping things mysterious and stringing us along. But hey, it was always a good time, wasn't i-?"
    Darkandroid’s head slumped forward and his words began to slur.
    “W- w- wasn- wasn't it...?”
    "Are you okay, Darkandroid?" Misty asked. Something hit her left shoulder and she turned to see Calxiyn's head resting on it.
    “Wha- goi- on,” Misty tried to say, but her lips couldn’t form the correct syllables. Her vision felt strained, and she could see the shapes of her forum friends start to slump and fall asleep. She saw light plumes of gas shooting out of the corners of the limo’s interior. Roxas... what are you doing, and why?
    “Boris-- Boris…” she called. He was the only one still awake, crawling toward the front of the car where the driver was.
    “H-hey!” he shouted, pushing himself off the ground feebly. “What’s going on?”
    The divider between the passengers and driver opened, and the driver turned with a pistol in his hand. Boris's mouth fell open in shock.
    Wha’s… going... on...
    The last thing Misty saw before she passed out was the gun shoot a dart into Boris’s neck.
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    you paired up boris and sara? l m a o
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    It may not be the most historically accurate story, but it will be the most entertaining.
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    We welcome any creative choices made for entertainment that may or may not lead to murder.
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    Oooh I am definitely intrigued.
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    Jinx woke to the sound of a screaming emo singer and smashing power chords.
    “All the stupid Kingdom Hearts kids, let’s log on to KH-Vids!”
    What the actual ****?
    He rubbed his eyes and began to take in his surroundings. Wherever he was, it was dark. His hands moved to his chest and he felt the plastic of a jumpsuit and the cold track of its zipper. I wasn’t wearing this, he realized, but that only triggered another thought - what happened? Where am I? And where’s my Vivi shirt!? His Adidas shoes were gone too, replaced by generic slip-ons. That's right, the plane landed. I got into that limousine by the airport and then...
    As his ears started to focus on the music, he realized it sounded tinny. This room is big... lots of echoing. It almost sounds like it's coming from an actual record player.
    Jinx sat up and looked around. From what he could make out he saw other beds not too far from him. He began to count them before a voice interrupted him.
    “So we finally meet, Jinx,” it said. Jinx turned to see a figure on the bunk next to his.
    “You know I go by C, now.”
    “Yeah,” Jinx caught himself. C came out of the light, and his blonde hair was all Jinx could see beyond the end of his own nose. C wore a tracksuit as well, with the same slip-ons that looked like Vans ripoffs. What’s that? Jinx wondered, a small patch on C’s chest becoming more visible as his eyes adjusted to the darkness.
    “Look, a number; 25.”
    “You have a number, too,” C replied. Jinx looked down at his own tracksuit. It said 5.
    “I’m the 5th player,” he whispered.
    “And I’m the 25th,” C said. “Which means there’s at least 23 other people here.”
    As Jinx looked around the room, he noticed people slowly waking up on beds of their own. Over the noise of The KH-Vids Song broke murmurs as people stirred and woke. Silhouettes rose from their sheets like dead bodies from the coroner’s table, confused and clueless as to where they were.
    “Kitty… is that you?”
    The names of all the forum members Jinx both remembered and had forgotten filled the void and soon a tidal wave of anxiety took the room by storm. “What’s going on!?” someone screamed. “Where are we!?”
    “Where are my clothes?”
    “Be careful,” C warned. “This ain’t a good mood.”
    And like that, the members of KH-Vids began to panic in the dark. As the noise grew, so did the voice of one person who stood in the corner of the room.
    “Calm down, everyone!” she screamed. “It’s me, Catch the Rain!”
    The noise settled a bit, just in time for the final chorus of The KH-Vids Song to come crashing in: “Cin, I’ve fallen in love with yoooooou.”
    “Turn this damn music off!” screamed Catch.
    A record needle scratched, and the song came to an end. The room was black for one more second, but then there was a magnetic surge as the necessary energy came rushing in to power the giant lights on the ceiling. Jinx covered his eyes in time but he heard the screams of others’ whose pupils must have just been fried. His eyes unseared, he peeked from behind his hands to check the room. It was big, like he’d theorized, with tall tan walls and racks of lights that covered the ceiling like a warehouse. There were beds lining three walls except the northern one, where he saw a giant mechanical door.
    Painted on the walls were fields, mountains, lakes and rivers, and he saw small figures in jumpsuits on each of the terrains holding various items. Wait, he thought. No… no… In each person’s hand wasn't just an item - it was a weapon, and as he turned he noticed all the figures fighting and killing each other, ruining the picturesque landscape with their pools of blood.
    Around him were the same people in those jumpsuits, or so he surmised. As his eyes darted from one bed to the next, he saw faces he recognized like Darkandroid, libregkd and Trigger. He turned around and saw Yozora, Rosey and Cia gathered not far away.
    A blistering alarm blasted and people fell screaming. Jinx turned to the side of the room with no beds - the side with the huge metal door, whose red flashing lights spun as it slowly opened up. Gas spilled from the opening and he saw three figures march into the room. The smoke cleared and they came into focus.
    They’re all dressed like my limo driver, he thought. But this time, they have machine guns!
    “Welcome,” said the driver who stood at the front. “To the game.”
    The room stood still for one moment as the scene was comprehended.
    “We are sure you have many questions, like where you are, where your clothes are, and why you’re even here.”
    I wonder if his beady eyes are staring at us from behind that creepy mask.
    “Let me make this easy for you,” he continued. “You won’t know. And you can’t. It is the first rule of the game.”
    “I don’t like this game,” Rosey said, shaking beneath her brunette curls. “I didn’t think this is what he meant when he said to come… I didn’t want it to be like this… I didn’t want to be gassed…”
    People started whispering.
    “That’s right.”
    “That’s the last thing I remember, too.”
    “Well if you aren’t gonna tell us any of that, then tell us who you are!” screamed GhettoXemnas, getting up and stepping forward. "Tell us why you gassed us!" The two drivers near the metal door cocked their machine guns and pointed them at Ghetto. He slowly stepped back, hands in the air.
    “And that brings me to the second rule,” continued the driver. “We are the Organization. You may not touch us, or you will lose the game.”
    Not a word was spoken.
    “The third rule and final rule of the game you will hear from me is this: the game can have one or more winners.”
    “But what’s the game?” screamed Catch the Rain. “Please! Tell us!”
    “I won't tell you. But he will.”
    "Who?" Catch asked desperately. The Organization said nothing.
    Jinx heard a faint noise from beyond the door.
    Tap… tap… tap…
    A blonde man stepped through the remaining mist and to the front of the Organization. As he raised his head and looked up at the crowd, multiple people screamed. Misty fainted.
    “It’s me,” he said. “Roxas.”
  13. Roxas OG

    Sep 26, 2006
    Cin's basement

    Roxas took his sweet time as he looked at all the KH-Vids kids. Finally, he thought, a tear nearly dotting the inside of his eye. We’re all here. Together.
    The bliss did not last long.
    “What the ****!?” screamed Sara, surging to the front of the crowd. He heard the sound of the Organization’s guns ready behind him but he put up his hand.
    “Are you sure, sir?”
    “Yes,” Roxas replied. His henchmen backed away.
    “I’m sure you all have an expletive or two for me,” he laughed. “Just like Sara here. And I get that. I really do… I mean, you think you’re going on this great, free vacation and then poof, you’re gassed, shipped to an island and forced to play some silly little game. It’s probably not the weekend you had planned.”
    “Forced?” Sara interrupted. “So there’s no way out?”
    “Not anymore,” Roxas answered. “Now that the game’s begun and the rules are in place, you have to play. You signed up when you got on the plane.”
    “I didn’t sign anything,” Sara pointed out. “So I’d like to spend the one chance I’ve had to visit California actually in California, you know? Not playing your stupid, weird little game.”
    “I’m sorry,” Roxas said. “You can’t leave.”
    Sara paused. “Seriously? Are you that lonely? You need all your old forum friends to come here to Los Angeles so you can force them to play with you?”
    “I didn’t force anyone, Sara. You made me do this.”
    Sara stepped back, uncertain. “I did?”
    Roxas said nothing.
    “Come on, babe,” Boris said. “Let’s just hear him out.”
    “No!” shouted Rosey, standing up. “I don’t want to hear anything. You’ve already broken my trust and violated us all with your little gas stunt! Why would anyone here want to stay and spend another moment with you?”
    People mumbled in agreement.
    “I suppose I should get on with more of the rules then,” Roxas began. “The fourth rule. You may not leave. Any attempt to do so and you will lose the game.”
    “We still don’t know what the game is,” shouted a voice from the back of the crowd. Roxas looked and saw Cin walk to the front. “So why don’t you tell us what it is, or can I guess?”
    There you are. “Go on then, Cin. Go ahead and guess.”
    “The Royale,” said Cin, and the room gasped. Someone burst into tears.
    “Indeed,” smiled Roxas. “It’s true. Poetic, really, isn’t it? To finally meet in this way of all ways. Did no one suspect something when they heard from me? Didn’t a free holiday seem suspicious?”
    “I’m here for something else,” said EvilMan_89. “The cash.” A few people nodded in agreement, but Roxas felt the lack of enthusiasm for his game. I have to change this, he thought. They must be roused!
    “There’s so much to share, and so little time - so let me begin, friends. Yes, there is a cash prize. And, as there are thirty of you here right now, the winner will get…”
    He trailed off and raised his hands to the sky. “Activate the piggy bank.”
    The alarm went off, and a piggy bank lowered as mist pulsed from the ceiling. I’m glad I added those fog machines, Roxas thought. So cool.
    The pig stopped and the forum members’ stared at the ceiling in disbelief. A pipe suddenly popped out of the ceiling and wads of cash began to fill the bank. Roxas looked to the crowd, at their eager, greedy eyes. Whose minds will change now? he wondered. Who will play my game?
    It took several minutes for the pig to fill.
    “Thirty million dollars,” Roxas said when it was over. “For thirty players. You’d never work again.”
    “I have a question,” said a girl he didn’t recognize. That must be Calxiyn… or Aelin, Roxas pondered. Who else did I invite from beyond my time…?
    “Who are you?” he asked. “I don’t recognize you.”
    “I’m Aelin,” the girl responded. “And I’m wondering about the third rule.”
    “The third rule?” Roxas asked. “That there may be one or more winners?”
    “Y-yes,” Aelin stuttered. “I thought this was a battle royale. Isn’t there usually only one winner?”
    “Do you really think I’d invite all of you here just to do a repeat of last time?” Roxas chuckled. “Yes, it’s a battle royale. Just like in my fabled story. But I hate being predictable, so this time, it’ll be a battle royale with a twist.”
    Roxas listened as the room filled with gasps and speculation. He let his old friends talk it out before he continued on to the rules.
    “To start, this game has challenges. On any day, at any time I can initiate the challenge. You will be told the rules of the challenge when it begins. There will be losing players in each challenge. Meanwhile, the regular rules of a battle royale apply. You’ll all be given a random weapon and sent out onto the island. After three days, normally, the last person standing wins, but in my game, a final challenge will be initiated when the appropriate number of players are left. Then, potentially, one or more winners could emerge from that challenge to split the prize money.”
    “So let me get this straight,” Cin began. “We kill each other off while we wait for you to play your little games with us? And at the end we get that?" He pointed at the cash.
    “Right,” Roxas said. “And the less people there are at the end, the more you'll win.”
    “That’s the incentive, then, huh?” Boris asked gruffly. “The more people we kill before the end, the less people there are to compete with for that money?”
    “Boris!?” Sara screamed. “Don’t tell me you’re really thinking about that?”
    “Oh, shut up,” Boris scoffed. “You were right. I don’t want to be a butcher anymore.”
    Sara’s mouth hung open as Boris took his hand from around her shoulder. “B-Boris - what!?”
    “You’re either winning that with me, or you aren’t,” he said.
    “Excuse me,” Roxas shouted. “I haven’t finished the rules, and this next one’s important.” He paused. “You all have a microchip in your neck, understand? The whole collars-around-your-neck thing from the original KH-Vids Royale just seemed so cumbersome - and it’s 2022 now, after all, so we went with exploding microchips instead.”
    “No!” screamed Rosey, grabbing her neck. Tears ran down her face. “I don’t want to die!”
    “Then play,” said Roxas. “All of you. Because it’s not just my game that you have to play, but the beautiful game of life itself. And it looks like as of now, I am the victor.”
    Behind him, Organization members came forward with racks filled with duffel bags.
    “Let me remind you what’s in those bags,” Roxas offered. “A map of the island. Water. Food. A compass. A random weapon.”
    His minions came forth with two of the bags to show them off to the crowd.
    “In three days, no matter how many of you are left, the final challenge will begin. You might think you can hide out and wait, but I promise you; not all of you will make it there. This will be a dirty game, I’ll make sure of that.”
    “No it won’t!” Catch the Rain begged. “If we don’t kill each other, we can each walk out of here with a million dollars! That’s amazing, guys, right!?”
    Roxas began to laugh. When he finally stopped, he continued: “Remember, Catch… each challenge will have losing players. You can’t hide forever.”
    Catch the Rain fell to her knees, exasperated and hopeless.
    “Now,” said Roxas. “The game will truly begin. I’m going to do a roll call, and when you hear your name and number, come up here and grab your bag and then head through the door behind me. I’ll be doing this in 5 minute intervals, so you better get going while you still can.”
    He took one last look at the crowd and knew it was the last time he’d see all his old friends together. A tear nearly formed in his eye again, but he held it back - he wouldn’t let them see him that way. Not until the end of the game.
    “Player number one,” began Roxas. “Lauriam."
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  14. Lauriam I hope I didn't keep you waiting...

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    Nonbinary she/he/it?
  15. Aelin Best Waifu

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    British Columbia, Canada
    Should I be worried?
  16. Cia (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*.✧*.✧

    Mar 16, 2007
    Hollow Bastion
    I've never felt so honored to be fearing for my life lol
  17. C This silence is mine

    Sep 30, 2006
    Damn Roxas, good choice adding those fog machines. Special effects are important.
  18. Roxas OG

    Sep 26, 2006
    Cin's basement
    I'm glad someone got a kick out of that lmfao.
  19. Lauriam I hope I didn't keep you waiting...

    Jun 4, 2009
    Nonbinary she/he/it?
    Yeah the fog machine bit made me laugh too. A+ humor
  20. Roxas OG

    Sep 26, 2006
    Cin's basement

    With her hands between her knees and her chin slumped toward the floor in defeat, Catch the Rain watched as Roxas began the game.
    “Player number one, Lauriam,” Roxas said. Lauriam pushed her pink hair back and confidently walked to the front of the room. The Organization members held their machine guns at Lauriam's face, watching cautiously as she approached Roxas.
    “I don’t know you,” Lauriam said. “And I’m glad I never did. This can't be the Roxas people used to fawn over, no... You're a monster.”
    “I am,” smiled Roxas. “A monster you all created. Now go, or I’ll sick them.” The machine guns were suddenly cocked and Catch saw Lauriam jump with fright.
    “Fine - I’m going.”
    Lauriam grabbed one of the duffel bags and looked back at the members of KH-Vids. “Come find me on the northern tip of the island! We can stop this!” She went running through the metal door and disappeared into the depths of the hallway beyond.
    I’m not playing, Catch told herself, rocking back and forth. There has to be a way out. There has to.
    “Player number two, Mish.”
    More shocked noises came from the forum members as Mish made her way through the crowd.
    “It’s really her,” Catch heard Yozora say. “And it’s just like the lyrics said.”
    “Yeah,” said libregkd. “She was way too hot for the site.”
    “Nice to meet you,” Roxas said, but Mish ignored him and walked toward the dufflel bags. “Aren't you excited to finally meet little old me? I thought this would never happen.”
    “I wish it wasn't,” Mish seethed.
    “Well, it is,” Roxas said. “This is the part where you’re supposed to say that it’s a pleasure.”
    “It’ll never be a pleasure. Not anymore.”
    “I’ve dreamed of this day," Roxas told her. “The day we'd finally go from internet friends to... well, friends for realsies. Shame it has to be under these circumstances.”
    “So had I,” Mish said. “A dream I truly regret.”
    “Just go,” Roxas said, looking away. “If you’re lucky, this won’t be the last time you see me.”
    “The next time I see you I'll-” Mish began, but caught herself. Instead, she glared at Roxas, grabbed a bag and ran out of the room.
    Five minutes passed and Catch held her knees to her chest, eyes closed. Two people out there already, she thought. And soon it'll be me, too. She glanced at her jumpsuit - the number 21 was sewn into its patch.
    “Player number three…” Roxas paused. “Misty.”
    Catch looked up to see Misty, an administrator she’d worked with, rise from the floor. They’d been friends back in the day, but maybe if she was lucky she could find Misty once she was out there on the island. N-no, Catch whimpered defensively. No, Catch. Don't think about playing. Don’t convince yourself to do this. It must be illegal, right? There must be something you can do to get out.
    “Hello, Roxas,” Misty said, defiant. Roxas wouldn’t look at her.
    “You think this is funny?” she asked. He didn’t reply. “So you won’t look at me, then?” He couldn't reply to that, either. “Look me in the eye, Roxas.” Catch saw him begin to look up, but then he turned his head.
    “Please, Misty,” he whispered. “Just go.”
    “So there’s still a heart somewhere in that husk,” Misty nodded. “And I’m going to tear it out of you when this game’s over, you shameless piece of ****.”
    “Just… go…” was all he managed to say, and Misty obliged.
    Catch watched several players begin the game over the course of half an hour:
    “Player number four, Deathspank.”
    “Player number five, Jinx.”
    “Player number six, Boris the Blade.”
    “Player number seven, Darkandroid.”
    “Player number eight, no_reality_allowed.”
    The stack of duffel bags began to disappear and soon, another set was rolled out.
    “Player number nine, Sara.”
    Sara pulled her back off the wall, glancing at the disturbing paintings. She strode toward Roxas and when she reached him, she stood right in his face. The Organization members behind him tensed and held their weapons.
    “I’ll play your game,” she began. “But there’s something I need to give you first.”
    “And what’s that?” Roxas asked.
    Sara wound her hand back and slapped him across the face.
    As soon as her hand left his cheek, the Organization members pointed their machine guns at the ceiling and started firing.
    Pop pop, grrrrrrrrt!
    “OH MY GOD!”
    Catch put her hands over her ears and began to cry. It was pure cacophony. Someone fell into her and she sprawled forward, the chaotic screams and ringing gunfire amplified by the cement walls and metal rafters.
    “Enough!” screamed Roxas, and the Organization members put down their weapons. The smoke cleared and Sara stood before him, the blaze of bullets no more than a series of warning shots.
    “You almost broke one of the rules,” Roxas laughed. “No touching the Organization. But that doesn't include me - technically. Just, y’know, don’t slap them, ok?” he reminded her, beckoning toward the Organization members.
    “I earned that slap," she said.
    “Fair,” nodded Roxas, his right cheek blistered and red. “You've got a great slap, Sara. Must get a lot of practice with Boris.”
    “I won’t let you bait me,” Sara claimed, grabbing a duffel bag. “I won your little royale story from back in the day, and I’ll win your real game, too.”
    “Then get on with it,” Roxas waved. “The game won’t play itself.”
    Sara gazed at Roxas with disappointment before she left.
    “Player number ten, Calxiyn.”
    Catch watched her favorite content creator take her bag and leave, a sullen look on her face. Not long until he calls me now, she thought, glancing at her patch again. What should I do? What can I do?
    “Player number eleven, kitty_mckechnie.”
    Wait, this could be a joke, right? Roxas was like that. Always messing with us, being sarcastic and never taking himself too seriously. It’s been almost fifteen years, sure, but how much could he have changed?
    “Player number twelve, Trigger.”
    I know he’s not crazy. Nah, I bet when I open that bag, there’ll be something stupid inside. Or when I reach the end of that hallway, I bet this won’t even be an island. It’ll be a banquet hall, or a hotel, or a big, dumb trick to really get the party started!
    “Player number thirteen, Yozora.”
    Plus, no one’s going to play. No one’s that evil, right?
    “Player number fourteen, Rosey.”
    As Catch watched Rosey leave, she realized how quiet and empty the room had become. People were sprawled out in shock, waiting their name and number to be called, and the electric sizzle of the enormous light that hung above was the only company they had beside each other's shaken breaths. Catch saw Roxas texting on his phone like he didn't even care.
    “Player number fifteen, Amaury.”
    “Player number sixteen, libregkd.”
    “Player number seventeen, Cia.”
    “Player number eighteen, Cin.”
    Catch lifted her head. Cin was Roxas’s best friend. Perhaps he could reason with him. But Catch’s mouth fell open as she watched Cin ignore Roxas and head straight for his bag.
    “Nothing more to say?” Roxas asked. Catch watched Cin begin to turn his head, and his lips pursed as if ready to reply, but he ignored Roxas, slung the bag over his shoulder and kept on walking.
    “Hmm,” Roxas murmured. “He’s moody today.”
    Great, Catch sighed to herself. Thanks for nothing, Cin.
    “Player number nineteen, Explode.”
    It’s nearly time, she thought. She tasted vomit.
    “Player number twenty, Hissora.”
    Meggy, she thought, reaching out toward her artistic, red-haired friend, but soon Hissora had walked through the door as well.
    I'm next, Catch though. I’ll reason with him. I’ll end this. For all of us.
    “Player number twenty-one, Catc-”
    But Roxas couldn’t finish before Catch stood up. “Here!” she said frantically, and ran to the front of the room before she collapsed in front of him.
    "Uh," Roxas stammered.
    “Please!” she begged. “Let me go home. I miss my family, my friends and my baby doggie, Peeko.” Tears ran from her eyes and she reached for his hands, as if grasping them would better convey her broken spirit. But he stepped back and instead she fell forward, landing pathetically on his shoes.
    “No, Catch. No one can leave.”
    “Please,” Catch cried. “I don’t want to play…”
    “There is one alternative. If you don’t want to play, then you can exit the game,” Roxas said. Catch heard a few gasps.
    “Why didn’t you say that earlier?” called cstar, her thick, brown hair pulled back into a ponytail. “I don’t want to play, either.”
    “There are secret rules, too,” Roxas grinned. “I can't give it all away at the start.”
    “Then let me exit the game,” Catch pleaded. “I’ll watch, instead! I don’t care about the money. I don’t care at all!
    “Well, Catch,” Roxas smiled. “I can do that. But once you exit the game, you can’t get back in. Is this your wish?”
    Catch nodded. Thank the heavens, she thought. I’m coming home, Peeko.
    “I just need to make a quick call for you,” Roxas said. He pulled out his iPhone and pressed something, glanced at the phone, then put it back in his pocket. “Ah," he continued. "Your exit is imminent.”
    Beep, beep, beep.
    Catch turned her head. Where’s that beeping coming from? she wondered. But wherever she looked, the volume stayed the same. Is it-?
    She raised her hand to her neck where something vibrated beneath her skin.
    “Everybody pay attention! Now listen!” Roxas jeered. “You can exit the game at any time, ok? But the rules of the game still apply: no one may leave.”
    “Cstar?” asked Catch, turning to see who was there. “Tamale? C? Is there something in my neck? What’s going on!?”
    The buzzing and beeping increased in tempo. Catch ran toward cstar but she screamed and turned away. Her eyes met C's.
    “C, please!” She ran to him, but as she jumped toward him he pushed her back.
    “Don’t touch me!” he screamed. “I don’t want to die, too!"
    Catch clutched her neck and screamed. “Someone! PLEASE!”
    She looked at Roxas, whose vile gleam made her weak at the knees.
    “I hope you enjoyed the game, Catch the Rain.”
    The microchip in Catch’s neck ignited and the last thing she saw before her head exploded like a juicy watermelon was Roxas’s wicked smile.

    29 players remaining
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