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It's like LARPing, but on the internet.

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  1. Kingdom Hearts: Recollect

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  2. A Prayer for Eden

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  3. Kingdom Hearts SoS

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  4. Kingdom Hearts: Light Chaser

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  5. Cosmic Ocean

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  6. RE: Mario's High School Days

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    lmao idk
    Cycle 1 is the Most Nominations!
    Cycle 2 is the Artistic Nominations!
    Cycle 3 is Best/Worst Nominations!
    Cycle 4 is General Nominations!

    And here are the nominees:

    Kingdom Hearts: Recollect

    Ten keyblade wielders wake up in a cave with broken pieces of a machine everywhere. They have no memory of how they got to this place, or where this place is. Some people forget far more and far less than that. While trying to figure things out, a mysterious figure going by the name Ria attempts to kill them all, seeming to know them and a lot more about them. Will the heroes restore their memories and defeat this figure, or will they become as forgotten as their own lives are to them?

    A Prayer for Eden

    Prayer for Eden is a fantasy based Roleplay which takes place in a world created by angels but later abandoned. Without the angels to protect them, demons made their move on the land, trying to take it for themselves. Since magic, given by angels flourished in the land, the demons were having trouble getting a hold in the lands. One of the demon princes made their way in, in secret and set up four offerings. Using his powers the offerings turned into towers that blocked the flow of magic in the world. Without magic now, demons moved in, threatening the royal families, destroying most but three children. After a few years those children started a rebellion and started gathering people to help them free magic and remove the demons from the world

    Kingdom Hearts SoS

    In continuation to the SOS Saga, this takes place when all participating keybladers are thrown into darkness. This arc features the players revisiting their past as well as embarking on the dangerous mark of mastery exam. At this time, Vanitas has sided with Maleficent, Nequa has formed her own Organization XIII, and Aux continues his relentless quest for dark power.

    With the help of new and old friends, Kaida must help her friends prepare themselves for newer, stronger threats. To make matters worse, Hikaru discovers a very shocking revelation that could change everything. All the while, the enigmatic Master No Heart oversees it all, as things are going exactly as the masked master expected. Can the keyblade wielders become masters and find their way back to the light? Or will Aux have other plans for them...?

    Kingdom Hearts: Light Chaser

    Years after the Keyblade War, masters have noticed the disappearance of worlds without a trace. Rumors spread amongst the remaining masters still able to keep contact with each other that there exists a being known as the Light Chaser causing worlds to fall into darkness. In order to keep their students safe and on the move, Masters Atmos and Choma bring their students to investigate a world by the name of Eventide Town. The world is quickly overrun by Heartless and seemingly destroyed by a massive dark entity with the keyblade wielders barely escaping with their lives. Hope to save the worlds from falling seems lost as their power is proven insufficient. That is, unless finding the Light Chaser holds the means to save the Realm of Light.

    Cosmic Ocean

    The Galactic Coalition sends out its newest vessel, the Ouranos, on its maiden voyage three years after their previous flagship, the Elanus, was destroyed in an encounter with an unidentified alien race. To keep tabs on the crew and provide additional information on a need to know basis a survivor of the 'Elanus Incident' ex-Captain Irrin Quint joins the crew at the last minute before the Ouranos departs to deep space. While others believe the threat posed to the Galactic Coalition to be a hostile race, he knows it to be something far worse. A plague.

    RE: Mario's High School Days

    Fifty years ago an object came down from the heavens and onto the Earth known as the N-Force Relic, inturn attracting the entities known as the S-Type who mostly oppose the Relic and its creator to Earth as well. The People of Earth and the S-Types fought one another for years employing the use of the Relic and inturn the Special Techniques to stop the S-Types until the incident from Seven Years prior caused most of them to stop showing up.

    Cut to Present Day Tokyo where the populace live and work their seemingly normal lives within the big city even as the terrorist organization called the Crystal Order attacks the world, Students go to school at the prestigious Nintendo High founded by the father of Peppy Hare and ran by the mysterious Al Mualim. Two students named Mario and Luigi arrive at the school only for them and the whole world to be wrapped in a complicated web of government conspiracies, super-heroism, and ancient legends at work as the S-Types return under the lead of Astral Praenunitus. The fate and destiny of the revolution intertwined within the Relic sitting inside Nintendo High.

    The stage is set in Tokyo, let the Revolution be reborn.