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    The internet! Duh!

    Questions? Comments? Post them here.

    Now that I've got that out of the way... XD; I just decided to make this. Let's face it... Posting in every topic all of my previous fanfics and other things I've done in every new one I make is... Well... A pain. So, I decided to make this directory-type thingy so that I could just post this thread in there, and BAM! Finished! =3

    It's gonna be a pain to get up, but I'm sure It'll make things a LOT easier for me in the future.

    Let's give some props to Eastercat for giving me ze idea!
    =D (You should go check out her fanfics, too! >D)

    Anyways... Um... Just about everything in this thread is in chronicle order. Enjoy, and be sure to check back often! Comments are always appreciated in my threads, too! =D Oh yeah, and, I don't care whether or not you use my ideas in RPs or your stories or anything... As long as ya give me credit. Cuz if ya don't, that's kinda like stealing my idea... ._.

    IMPORTANT UPDATE! (5\14\08)
    Yeah... I pretty much left. *headdesk* Sorry, guys, but... I just don't enjoy this place as much as I used to. >.<; In any case, it's my decision, and I just don't think that there's anything left for me here. ;~; I'll never forget this place as the first place where I got my big break, though. Honestly, guys, I'll love you all forever.

    However, I just want to note that I'm not COMPLETELY dropping the people of KHV, though. I'll always update my stories on here first. You can also find me on MSN at, like, ANY TIME during the day at my new account 2Foxxy4U@live.com. And if you want to see some bonus stuff that probably will never get on KHV, be sure to visit me at Deviantart! ;D He's an example of the extra stuff you'd be able to see! 2Foxxie4U's RP Inventory

    See ya when I see ya!

    Enjoy! ^-^



    What's Xigbar's Age, Again?
    The Original... (What's Xigbar's Age, Again?)
    "What's Xigbar's Age, Again?"

    The Sequel... ( Xigbar Is...? )
    "Xigbar Is...?" (Part 1)
    "Xigbar Is...?" (Part 2)

    Game Nite at Castle Oblivion (GaNACO)
    Part One... ( Truth or Dare? )
    "Truth or Dare?"

    Part Two... ( Revolution )
    "Revolution" (Sect. 1)
    "Revolution" (Sect. 2)
    "Revolution" (Sect. 3)
    "Revolution" (Finale)

    Demyx's Aqua Pistols
    "Demyx's Aqua Pistols" (Part 1)
    "Demyx's Aqua Pistols" (Part 2)

    If Organization XIII Used AIM...
    "If Organization XIII Used AIM..." (Part 1)
    "If Organization XIII Used AIM..." (Part 2)
    "If Organization XIII Used AIM..." (Part 3)
    "If Organization XIII Used AIM..." (Part 4)
    "If Organization XIII Used AIM..." (Part 5)
    "If Organization XIII Used AIM..." (Part 6)
    Behind The Scenes of "If Organization XIII Used AIM..." (Part 6)
    "If Organization XIII Used AIM..." (Part 7)
    "If Organization XIII Used AIM..." (Part 8)
    "If Organization XIII Used AIM..." (Part 9)
    "If Organization XIII Used AIM..." (The Finale)

    Organization AIM - The New Era
    EXTRA! (First)

    Eet Moore Chikkin
    "Eet Moore Chikkin?" (Prologue)
    "Eet Moore Chikkin?" (Part 1)
    "Eet Moore Chikkin?" (Part 2)
    "Eet Moore Chikkin?" Epilogue...

    XIII Six Flags

    "XIII Six Flags" (Part 1)
    "XIII Six Flags" (Part 2)

    Initiating the New Kid
    "Initiating the New Kid" (Part 1)
    "Initiating the New Kid" (Part 2)

    Worst Nightmare
    "Worst Nightmare" (Prologue)

    XIIIth Superior
    "XIIIth Superior" (Prologue)

    "Target Practice!!!"
    Target Practice - "How it all began..."
    Target Practice - "Proposition"

    The Organization XIII Christmas Special
    "The Organization XIII Christmas Special" (Part 1)
    "The Organization XIII Christmas Special" (Part 2)

    The Xilord Series
    "The Birth of Xilord" (Part 1)
    "The Birth of Xilord" (Part 2)
    "The Birth of Xilord" (Part 3)
    "The Birth of Xilord" (Part 3.5)
    "The Birth of Xilord" (Part 4)

    Random Kracktastick Hearts Sketches
    "The Game"
    (Dis)Organization Interview.
    "Why God Created Adam and Eve..."
    "Sign Here, Please..."
    "THAT Time of Month Again..."
    "Entry One" of Luxord's Diary

    More Serious One-Shots.
    "Gentle Giant"
    "The Highwayman"

    (Striked-out stories are probably going to be discontinued.)


    Original Works:

    "Red" (Poem)

    "Cry me a river..." (Discontinued)

    "...A Book by Its Cover..."



    "Victory" (AGH!!! IT BURNZ! XD)
    "How Organization XIII Makes Phone Calls"
    "When Organization XIII Gets Crunk!"
    "If Xigbar Went Turtle..."
    "Xemnas and Saix's Duet"
    "Why TWTNW is no longer a School District..."


    Featured Drawings:

    Birthday Marly! (Part 1)
    Birthday Marly! (Part 2)
    Random Drawing of Axel...
    "What's going on?!" ("Eet Moore Chikkin" preview picture >3)
    Random Namine Sketch
    CRACK: His. (Xilord picture.)


    Coming Soon(er or Later... XD; )...

    "XIII Six Flags" (Part 3) *
    "The Birth of Xilord" *
    "VI Ways To Phail" *
    "The Anti-Organization..." **
    "The Wrong Idea" *
    "Worst Nightmare" **
    "Operation?" *
    "Another Side... Another Story..." *
    "Target Practice!" *
    "Blackmail" *
    "Discovery" *
    "Special Day" *
    "Neophyte Nite..." *
    "Mr. Barkyvonsnouzers" *
    "Roadtrip!" *
    "Room Raiders" *
    "Sleep-Over!" *
    "Demyx's World" *
    "The Organization XIII Christmas Special"
    "The Story of Braig" *
    "The Story of Aïs" *
    "The Story of Myde" *
    "The XIIIth Superior" *

    The green star means that that is the order I plan on completing the stories.
    The black star represents the fact that these are not organized any way. The one at the bottom at the list could be the one that I decide to do first.
    The red star represents the fact that I have no control over when or IF it's finished - whether it be too mature or being made with\by someone else I'm featuring.
    For the new stories, the titles are all you're getting. Trust me - just because you can read 'em, it does NOT mean you know what it's gonna be like. XD Trust me on that.


    Hope ya enjoyed! ^-^

    Lord of the Wings,