Watching threads & forums

How do I watch a forum?

Watching a forum is almost identical to watching a thread. Head over to the section you would like to watch and click Watch Forum.

What does it mean to watch a thread?

Watching a thread means you’ll be notified when someone posts in it. You can choose to receive these notifications by email, on-site alert, or both. You can also watch an entire section, if you so choose.

How can I manage my watched content?

You can manage what threads you’re watching or view a quick rundown of them through your account settings, or by just clicking this link.

How do I watch a thread?

When on a thread, in the top right corner there will be some links. Next to the Thread Tools drop down, there is a Watch Thread link. When you click it, you will be given a variety of options. Follow the prompts and you will now be watching the thread!
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