Pins & Materials

What are materials?

Materials are automatically gained by posting and receiving likes on your content. You can view a full list of all materials here. Do note that materials are awarded every hour—you may not receive them instantly. If, however, you deserve a material and have not received it within a few hours of meeting the criteria, please contact a staff member.

Materials can be used to synthesize new pins. For more information on doing so, please visit our Bulky Medal Pin Emporium.

What are pins?

The pin system is one of KH-Vids’s many features. A member can accumulate pins for completing various tasks, reaching statuses, winning contests, and so on.

There are a variety of pins you can earn, and the staff is constantly adding more. You can view all current pins by visiting this page, which also offers criteria for each pin. If the criteria for a certain pin is unclear, feel free to ask a staff member, but bear in mind that some pins have hidden requirements!
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