Downloading videos

How do I download videos off the site?

Scroll to the top of the page and hover over the Media tab on the navigation bar. A pop-out menu will appear, with Cutscene Archive as one of the sublinks. Each Kingdom Hearts box will be listed into its own individual box—find the one you’d like to download from, and choose from the listed options!

After that, you will be brought to a page that lists the various cutscenes available from the game. Click the Download now… link or image; from there, the download will either launch, or the link will take you to Mediafire.

If you need any assistance at all with downloading cutscenes, feel free to post in our Site Assistance section.

Why don't some of your videos work?

Uh-oh! Sometimes our videos go down, and because we have so many, it’s difficult for us to keep track of them. Please report any of the broken links here or otherwise contact a staff member.
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