The Interesting Case of Caster Semenya

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    Alright, before anything else: Look at this picture:

    Is this person male, or female? First impression, no google.

    She is in fact a female. But her testosterone level according to all tests is as high as a male. She's also competing against females and beating the socks off them.

    I looked at a picture 2/3 years ago and if someone gave me that picture. (I can't seem to find it now.) I would say a 100% that she's a male in every way shape or form. There's complaints and a lot of backlash going on about her competing with such an edge (testosterone levels make males run faster in most cases.) against other females.

    Myself: I do believe she should compete, but not at the female competitor level. I also raise a questioning eyebrow that she is the first black South African to come from the country to try and win a gold medal. South Africa has been rife with many political and race issues lately, many that can't be mentioned in this forum.

    So the question asked: Should she compete? And if so, what gender?
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    She identifies as female, and that's enough for me to say she should compete as a woman. Do we not also allow transgender athletes to compete as the gender they identify as, despite not having the "right" body? Team USA this year has Chris Mosier, a transgender man, competing in the men's duathlon.
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    This thread is a potential disaster waiting to happen, so Im going to delete the three paragraphs I just wrote up.

    That being said I will post one point that I think will not get me attacked by the angry mob.

    One's gender identity has NOTHING to do with their DNA. That generally being the reason why SEXES in contact sports are separated. We can pretend like there are no genetic differences between the male and female sex all day long, but that doesn't mean it is going to be the case.

    Making a move like this (at least in contact sports, and even non contact sports) can potentially hinder the competitive integrity of the sport. Think wrestlers (and no not the effing fake stuff on TV) being put into different weight classes. That 250 pound TANK can identify as a small person all he wants, but his body disagrees with that, and can easily do irreversible damage to the skinny guy he is facing. Of course both parties take the risk of injuring themselves by participating but that doesn't mean we shouldn't actively try to prevent damage from happening.

    Think of that as the safety argument, a lot of people are going to disagree with that.

    That being said, the DNA argument can't exactly be denied, and grouping people unfairly (in terms of balanced competition) is bad for competitive integrity, at least in its current form. If people want to abolish it thats fine by me, but in its current form, this would cause some issues

    I am going to repeat myself. I am FINE with the female SEX (speaking DNA here, not one's Gender Identification) wanting to compete in ONE group, but that means that the system is going to have to radically change, and that means accepting and living with a potential lack of balance, more so than we are already seeing.
  4. Arch Mana Knight

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    Dammit Lux, I identify as a tank and this has me triggered. But seriously, I wanted to say just about the same thing as you.

    I don't care what anyone identifies as. It's as relevant as someone saying they like a certain kind of music. Your body matters more when it comes to these kinds of sports and as long as you have the correct sex for an event your gender identity matters squat. If the rules state that only those of a female sex can enter a competition, then only the female sex should be allowed to. Until rules change and people "accepting a lack of balance" (as Lux says) in their sports that's just how it has to work for now.

    That being said, I actually don't have any rule books in my hands to tell me if its technically allowed for transgendered people to compete in any category they want.