Role Play Idol [Season Three] Challenge #2

Discussion in 'RP Idol Archive' started by Jayn, Apr 11, 2012.

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  1. Arch Mana Knight

    Oct 5, 2007
    Alright, so I won't bother going too deep with individual critiques. This was a team effort so I'll focus on that. An RP is only as good as its weakest link. ...Unless said RP has me in it. B|

    Also, no apologies from me will be given in posting this slightly later than intended. You guys were slow. So now you shall witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational battle-station.

    Tale and Wigglz Mc Figglz
    By what Midnight means with you two being an "exception" with the whole trusting thing is that your situation did not require trust to work out. This was a very human reaction, one person stopping in the face of an immediate danger to save another.

    Tale, you gave a great amount of detail for your posts so I commend you for that. I don't see anything technically wrong or anything completely unreasonable within your posts.

    As for you, Wigglz...Actually, your posts were pretty good for the situation. You have not failed me for the last time because you haven't failed here. Anyways, overall you two worked great together. Much better than I expected actually. No offense. XD There really isn't much to add here. Just improve on depth for your posts and you two will do just fine.

    miaulement and emo flower(flowergothic)
    First things first, I know this is a team effort but don't control anyone else's character. You were beginning to approach a nasty little thing called godmodding. It doesn't have to be extreme for it to still be called that. Saying that both your characters laughed together and then that your character was cut off by another(to force miaulement to say something) isn't a good idea.

    As for everything else, the whole situation was a bit sketchy. The advantage an RP has over real life is that things don't all have to be so mysterious. Especially not in challenges. I like that miaulement tried to build off this with an explanation but the whole elevator thing was a bit (as Jayn said) anti-climactic. There wasn't much going on here really.

    Nights and Master of Keyblades
    Alright, so there was very few posts for this little segment. Realistically speaking, you can't actually pick a lock with a knife. I'll let that slide as that's really just me nitpicking. I know exactly how locks work and how to actually pick them!

    There's very little to say here. MoK's "Good thing I do." comment stuck out for me but other than that I can't remember much else of what's happened in this. Even then, that was something I completely expected so it wasn't anything that either of you thought about very deeply. Maybe it was just a bad pairing? Or maybe you guys were stuck on how to best go about it?

    In either case, you two will be forced into carbonite now and get frozen just like-Okay, I'm done with my Star Wars references. I had very little humor to add to these critiques.

    With all that said, everyone is disqualified. I win by default.

    Not really but you guys need to post faster next time.​
  2. Hyuge ✧ [[ Fairy Queen ]]

    Apr 13, 2009
    Camp Half-Blood
    not going to make excuses for my absence. just saying it won't happen again. although, as both jayn and machina pointed out punctuality is important. if the deadline hadn't been extended, than there would only be one person left and we would already have a winner. congrats to M.o.K. for being the only one to post before the original deadline. also to Tales and Wigglez for being the only pair to finish the scenario.

    Tales and Wiggles
    i really enjoyed your story. it was simple but effective. the two of you work well together and you actually finished your story. you were given a deadline and you accomplished what you set out to do. it was creative and well developed. overall, good job! i really liked it.

    Miaulement and Flowergothic
    as a team you seemed to work well together, but it wasn't finished and that was part of the challenge requirement. Flowergothic: make sure you're watching your spelling/grammar and as machina said be careful of the godmodding. it's a serious problem. nobody likes to have their characters being forced to do something they didn't intend. but started as a creative idea and if it had been finished it would have been a good short story. make sure you try to finish what you start next time.

    Nights and Master of Keyblade
    Master, way to start the posting. good job. now if only you had finished it. or explained a little more at what was going on. i was kind of lost. i got the general idea, that they were captured, but i don't know anything else. where they were headed, why they were stealing information, etc. etc. Master: watch you grammar. a couple times i had to reread what you wrote in order to understand. if the two of you had wrote longer, more detailed posts; or posted more often, i think it would have been a successful.
  3. Jayn

    Sep 30, 2007
    Making a group discussion for the judges, so we can figure out which pair should win, so judges, please keep an eye out. c:

    After that, up goes the voting thread!
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