Lunatic Despair (KHSOS: Luna's Backstory)

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    Link to the RP if you guys wanna check it out!:
    (This is will be about 4 or 5 chapters considering how many ideas I have in my head right now)

    Chapter One: A Painful Curse
    20,000 years ago, a war raged in a distant land. Warriors had clashed and warriors have fallen. They were after a legendary pendant that granted them immortality and ultimate strength. A young girl had participated in the war. She went by the name, Mira. She had raven black hair, eyes red as blood, 5'8", brown boots, black shorts, a grey sleeveless vest covering a white v-neck. Mira was determined to win this war and the pendant itself.
    The war had lasted about 6 years with only one achieving victory and the victor was none other Mira. Mira ran toward the pendant's location with nothing but power running across her mind. With those thoughts, Mira's heart had been immersed in the darkness. When she arrived, she walked up to the pendant and had paced it around her neck smiling a wicked smile. "Finally, immortality and power are mine!!" Mira yelled out and wickedly laughed. Little did she know a dark light was radiating from the pendant.
    She looked upon her pendant and her eyes widen in fear. "W-What's going on!?!?" Another young girl had emerged from the shadows. A girl with dark blonde hair, light brown eyes, and a long white coat with a keyblade summoned from her hand. The girl raised her keyblade toward the pendant and a shining light shone from the tip of her keyblade. The light shot out from her keyblade and toward the pendant. Mira fell to the ground on her knees slowly fading away. "Aelita! Why are you doing this to me?! I thought we were friends!" Mira yelled toward the girl. Aelita had tears streaming down her face as she said, "To save you from the darkness! You will forever be imprisoned in the hearts of every other future generation in my family bloodline!!!" Aelita's keyblade shone brightly which made Mira fade away til all that was left was a shining ball of light.
    Aelita walked up to the ball and held it within her hands. She shed tears of saddness as she saw her close friend turn into a ball of light. "Don't worry Mira, me and my family will return you back to the light." The ball of light faded away into Aelita's body. Aelita fell to the ground on all fours crying out her sorrows. She saw the pendant and held it to her chest continuing to cry out her tears.
    Since that day, Mira's heart had been traveling from one generation to every other generation. Unfortunately, with that spell, came with a curse. The curse had affected the person's emotional state when they are upset and/or angry. When they are in that state, it will trigger part of Mira's heart and cause her to control the person's body. Since that day, Aelita's bloodline never triggered the curse until now. Aelita was part of the Kiatespira bloodline and now Mira's heart has been triggered in the heart of Luna Kiatespira, the princess of Celestial City!
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