KHV's Top 10 Keyblade Wielders

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    KHV's Top 10
    ~Keyblade Wielders~
    As the series progresses, we see that while wielding a keyblade is a rare, the characters who wield are shown to be quite interesting. Their fighting style, storyline, or even just personality, we have our reasons for why we like them. Two weeks ago, KHV was asked which appealed to them most, and here are the results! (On a side note, it saddens me that Master Xehanort did not make the top 10)​
    Graphic banners made possible by the talented Ienzo.​

    #10) Terra
    Votes: 7
    Average Ranking: 6.72
    Terra is the first character in the series to show the effects of how tempting the darkness can be. A classic hero being drawn over to the dark side never gets old to me. Though he is with good intention, Terra has been used by Master Xehanort time and time again, inching him that much closer to be used as his pawn. While he is a slow in combat, Terra is a hard hitter and one of the more powerful keyblade wielders. His time in the spotlight was short, but he still continues as part of the series, leaving fans to question what will happen to his possessed body in the future.​
    #9) Lea
    Votes: 7
    Average Ranking: 5.91
    Lea hasn't been a part of the keyblade crew for very long. We don't even get to see him wield the weapon until the end of Dream, Drop, Distance. (And even then, he only summons it) A very strong, supporting character, his motives and actions have usually been questioned, but his fiery personality has made him a fan favorite. Seeing him first in Chain of Memories, we didn't know much about him, but as the games release one after another, we see his more humane side and his valuable friendship with Roxas. All it took the creators, was to put a keyblade in his hand for fans to love him even more.​
    #8) Vanitas
    Votes: 8
    Average Ranking: 7.44
    The only Antagonist keyblader under 50. (Looking at you, Xehanort) We first got to see this masked boy of darkness in Birth by Sleep, where he is both cruel and cunning. The fights against him are similar to Riku's dark mode, with the exception that most of Vanitas' attacks are more shadow-like, with him constantly shifting from all angles. His voice is a nice change of pace from the past-puberty Haley Joel Osment's voice as Sora. While he appears to be just in his teens, he still manages to pull off a threatening atmosphere. Even with the skirt.​
    #7) Roxas
    Votes: 8
    Average Ranking: 5.03
    A nobody who has made himself well known indeed. The nobody of Sora, Roxas is shown to be more aggressive than his heart owning counterpart. He shares many traits with him, but is more quick-tempered and a very fun opponent. (That Dual wield.) Another fact is that Roxas is the only other character aside from Sora to be the main focus of a Kingdom Hearts game. (358/2 Days) He realizes and accepts his fate, but does so in an honorable manner. You'll find this character is often fan dubbed by our resident reporter; Mike.​
    #6) Ventus
    Votes: 8
    Average Ranking: 4.28
    Call him Ven. If you thought Sora was naive and caring, Ventus was the first to pull it off. First appearing in Birth by Sleep, he confused many a fan with the uncanny resemblance to the nobody; Roxas. (Explained as the game progresses) Having a heart without darkness, this character goes from world to world, doing good and making friends while trying to find and bring his friend; Terra, back home. While he is childish, he is not without a fighting spirit, as shown with his quick paced keyblading style. For such a happy guy, he has one very sad theme.​
    #5) Aqua
    Votes: 8
    Average Ranking: 3.97
    Aqua has the honor of being the first playable female keyblader in the Kingdom Hearts franchise. Not only that, but we also see her reach master in the same game. She not only has a main storyline, but a final chapter, and secret episode to play through afterwords, giving her the most play time in Birth by sleep. A nimble magic user, she is proven to be light on her feet and Nomura himself described her combat style as "Tricky." Responsible and selfless, she has sacrificed a lot for her friends and will do whatever she can do keep them safe.​
    #4) Xion
    Votes: 9
    Average Ranking: 6.38
    One of the more reserved wielders, Xion's time was unfortunately short. She had a quiet personality, with similar fighting style to Roxas. A lot of sympathy goes to Xion for her desire to be happy with Axel and Roxas, but can't, because held back for her constant questioning of her existance. Emotionally fragile, it isn't until the final quarter of the game, where we see some her best moments. Her final moments in 358/2 Days are some of the most touching in the Kingdom hearts franchise.​
    #3) Sora
    Votes: 9
    Average Ranking: 4.99
    What would this "Top 10" list be without the protagonist of the series himself; Sora. From Destiny islands and beyond, we follow the young boy's journey to see new worlds and find his friends. Fairly easy going, Sora is a friend to all he meets. Sadly, his naive and trusting nature is one of his weakest traits. Nevertheless, he a childish and lovable protagonist who we've gotten to see grow in the last 10 years into a... childish and lovable protagonist. Even when all odds are against him, Sora never forgets that his friends are his power!​
    #2) King Mickey
    Votes: 10
    Average Ranking: 6.34
    "It all started with a mouse." But not in this story's case. For a Disney icon, Mickey is quite the quick little slasher. His majesty is a strong and major supporting character who has been with the series every step of the way; From Birth by Sleep to Dream, Drop, distance. He is the only Disney character to wield the weapon, and he's under 3 feet tall! With Donald and Goofy at his command, the lighthearted King is there to lend a hand.​
    #1) Riku
    Votes: 10
    Average Ranking: 2.10
    Recently promoted Keyblade Master, Riku has been shown as one of the most developed characters. Starting off with Sora and Kairi on the islands, Riku wanted more from life. To set sail for new worlds, and see what else is out there. Upon his departure, he recklessly sought out all he could, not fearing the darkness, only to be later enslaved by it. Since then, Riku has not only conquered the darkness, but managed to use it to his advantage. Walking the road to dawn, he has earned his spot as KHV's #1 Keyblade wielder.​

    Want to have your say in the next Top 10?
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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by Krowley, Dec 17, 2012.

    1. Peace and War
      Peace and War
      No Master Xehanort ANYWHERE on this list?!
      I was expecting him first! Ultimate being of darkness that has at some point defeated/corrupted 9 people on this list!
      Pffffft, I call recount! : P

      I love how Lea is in the Top 10 wielders, yet he hasn't even used his yet! XD
    2. Saxima
      Oh, good lord, I knew that Riku was going to be number one - not that it's undeserved. Man, I should have voted, too. Like PaW said, it's funny how Lea is on here even though he hasn't even used his Keyblade, how silly.

      Anyway, the little graphic banners are nice, what a nice job. Can't wait for the next one. ♥
    3. Plums
      XION YES

      Master Xehanort being absent is pretty strange. xD Tho I do think Aqua should have been higher as she is the Kingdom Hearts QUEEN (she don't need no king).

      Looking forward to the next one!
    4. KHRocker8495
      I completely Agree!!! Aqua was by far my favorite. Such a Dynamic character.

      I somehow knew Riku was gonna win. He seems to be becoming the poster boy nowadays. ah well, he is a really well rounded character.
    5. Iskandar
      I was figuring something along the lines of this list, but I was half expecting Kairi to get on there, just because we know she can wield a keyblade as well. Although, I'm not too surprised about Lea being there; kinda wished he was higher on the list though, or in this case "lower on the list".
    6. Cutsceneaddict
      I'm suprised that both Xehanort and Eraqus were absent from the list, both being Keyblade Masters. I'm also suprised that Mickey surpassed Sora for the #2 slot.

      Not at all suprised by Riku though. I figured his popularity would carry him to the top of the list. Seeing all that he went through to obtain the title of Keyblade Master, I think he deserves it, too. :)
    7. Krowley
      I had high hopes for Xehanort, but unfortunately he was beat out.
      The 5 who didn't make the list;

      #11) Kairi
      Votes: 6
      Average Ranking: 8.82

      #12) Xehanort
      Votes: 5
      Average Ranking: 2.13

      #13) Eraqus
      Votes: 3
      Average Ranking: 5.5

      #14) Genie
      Votes: 1
      Average Ranking: 6.00

      #15) Yen Sid
      Votes: 1
      Average Ranking: 8.0
    8. Peace and War
      Peace and War
      For shame, members, for shaaaame.
      If this is ever a thing where Kairi is a better Keyblade Wielder than Xehanort... I'd give up on the series!

      This was fun though, looking forward to the next one.
    9. Chie Satonaka
      Chie Satonaka
      YEAH RIKU'S FIRST!! obviously...
      Mickey's second? AWESOME~~~ Mickey is PRO.

      O__O SINCE WHEN DID LEA USE A KEYBLADE??? (i've played the first one, second, dream drop, recoded, 358days... dream drop i still haven't finished yet...don't kill me! don't yell at me! >A<)
    10. Peace and War
      Peace and War
      *hint, hint*
    11. Iskandar
      Wait, Genie? Why is Genie on the list? He doesn't have a keyblade....right?
    12. Krowley
      He can technically wield one, but only as a summon in Kingdom Hearts 2.
      I suppose it's more mimicry than anything else.
      Here's his keyblade;
    13. Iskandar
      Huh, maybe I should use him more often in KH2.
      But how come young xehanort wasn't counted in the list?
    14. Krowley
      I counted any sent in version of Xehanort as 1 person. And even still, he only received 5 votes.
    15. Misty
      Disappointed that Aqua isn't a bit higher on the list! She's such a terrific badass and y'all are just jelly. v;

      Anyway, nice job Krowley & lovely banners Enzy!
    16. ~Master Xehanort~
      ~Master Xehanort~
      I'm so happy for Xion making it to the top 5 (even if it meant putting her at a higher position than Lea)!!!! I wanna hug her so much right now T_T

      Surprised King Mickey is #2 (but not complaining).

      And I am SO disappointed that MX didn't make the list.

      Genie was one of the choices??????
    17. Railos
      Surprised Eraqus didn't make it to the top 10. The way he fought Terra was awesome. It's also funny how Axel made it to the top 10, when he's barely used his keyblade. I'm also disappointed that Roxas isn't higher up (dual wielding is awesome). Overall, the list is ok.
    18. NightCrisis
      Why's Riku the keyblade master? He was the one who let darkness take over him which isn't a good thing.
    19. Krowley
      As you play out the games or watch the curscenes, the answer is there.