KHV Unboxing: Kingdom Hearts Loot Crate

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  1. T'Challa Wakanda Forever!

    Nov 2, 2011
    *Disclaimer: Keyblade not required to physically open the Loot Crate
    Hey guys! Remember the 'Kingdom Hearts' themed Loot Crate from a month ago? A few members in staff got their hands on it, and we've got pictures to show you the contents of this Loot Crate courtesy of @Heart ❤ :

    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg
    As you can see, the Loot Crate simply included a single KH-themed scarf. Nothing else. As to what those of us in staff who bought the Loot Crate think of it:

    @Heart ❤ :
    @Calxiyn :
    @cstar :
    Did any of you guys purchase the KH-themed Loot Crate as well? If so, be sure to leave us your comments and let us know what you thought of it!
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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by T'Challa, Dec 2, 2016.

    1. Calxiyn
      You guys only had to pay 15?!? I had to pay 25!!! Darn Canadian dollar. Tbh I would be okay if it were 15$ knowing that I had to pay 25$ XD
    2. cstar
      Maybe in your case most of the cost was the shipping?

      In comparison, yeah, I can understand why you were bothered a lot more since 25 dollars is a LOT of money. But I still felt it was hyping up at least two items or four with the way it was presented. And... I don't really wear scarves all that often so it's probably why I'm a bit more disappointed over the 15 dollar thing (though it was a risk I took so). There are worse things you could get for 15 dollars... you could get 3000 jewels and a week of all events unlocked in KHUX for example... but I still expected a bit more than a scarf that would have realistically cost about 5-8 dollars at f.y.e.
    3. Calxiyn
      It probably was the shipping. I totally agree with you tho about there should being one or two more items. I wear scarves a lot (cause it's getting really cold here) which is why 15$ wouldn't bug me, I'd be either good for 15$ and the scarf or 25$ and two items tbh.

      On the brighter side, I have a Kingdom Hearts Ushanka so I'll be double as nerdy this Canadian winter
    4. Day~Dream
      You guys got the scarf too? For one, I thought it would come in a cute little box since the name of the whole thing is loot crate. (it came in a plain sealed bag. Took the fun outta that.)

      I was also disappointed when I saw it was just a scarf. I thought more would be included since it asked for measurements. I thought a shirt or some PJ shorts would be included. )I was also going by the picture it featured)

      Although it did come much earlier than expected since I was told it would arrive around this time (it came mid November)

      Overall, the scarf is soft and warm I will give it that, but not worth the subscription.
    5. Heart ❤
      Heart ❤
      Mine came a bit earlier as well, which was nice and all but I basically agree with what you and everyone else said. Would have rather paid more money to get more KH items if that had been the case. Maybe as Kingdom Hearts 3 comes closer we'll have that opportunity. But I'd probably never get a lootwear crate ever again (unless it's something I adore more than KH, which there isn't much lol)

      Also please excuse my messy dorm room and my face lol
    6. Day~Dream
      Don't worry, we're all there mess-wise with our rooms. And you are working that scarf! ^_^
    7. Mixt
      I've never done the LootWear stuff, although I've done some of the actual crates. But by and large I just didn't care for them. I mean I've gotten I think 5 crates, and have about 3 items I regularly use. Granted there are some items that are amusing if not practical, and several that might be cool if I ever got behind the IP. But yeah. All this reminds me of getting hyped for a crate marked with FMA stuff and it turned out to be a floor mat.
    8. phoenixkh93
      yeah it was kind of disappointing, I had to pay loads of shipping to get it to the UK and I feel like I could have got this for cheaper. it's a nice scarf but won't be doing this again. Be careful that you aren't automatically subscribed for monthly, I had to cancel my subscription even though I only got 1 months worth of lootwear